Hazardous kids

Author: Sergey Kutovyi

Eight-year prodigy Zbyszek Krasovskiy from Poznan prophesies that in 2013 almost all of humanity will perish as a result of a terrible … disaster. Survive only like him …

In the past moved Kashpirovsky, Barabashka and anomalous zones in their flying saucers sad useless green humanoids. Humanity is carried away by the new "incredible" — juvenile geniuses, telepaths and healers, who are seen as the first representatives of a new race and call "Indigo children". This unusual name for these unusual children came up with an American psychic Nancy Ann Teppo. She says she

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Barabashkina children




What to do if your child has exhibited unusual ability Marina Brovkina, Rostov-on-Don Date of publication 28 May 2004

If your child suddenly has learned to be anchored to the substrate itself or Firestarter school diary, resigned to fate — she appointed him a psychic. Word of

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A disabled boy kicked out of school due to illness


4.12.12.Pustoy class in 39 schools in the Krasnodar village Voro — students and their parents are boycotting classes, they have to be excluded from school Misha Rybkin, disabled suffering cerebral palsy and epilepsy. Meanwhile, the boy out of the habit is all first class. Prejudice against the sick child has overcome the whole year.

To monitor the condition of the boy in the classroom is always accompanied by his mother or grandmother. According to the director of the school, problems with classmates, Misha was not, rather it is the parents do not want the class studied disabled. Children took

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Passive smoking

In recent years, there is growing evidence that the so-called passive smoking (Inhalation of air with tobacco smoke) Smoking contributes to the development of diseases peculiar to smokers.

A lit cigarette is the source of the side stream smoke (apart from the main stream, enjoyed smokers) which effect on others.

Passive smoker, being in a room with smoking continuously for one hour inhales a dose of some gaseous constituents of tobacco smoke, which is equivalent to half of cigarettes smoked. However, the dose of respirable particles of solids, including resin and somewhat less than 0.1 corresponds to

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On Akrestin deny the information about the attack anarchists

Society Seven young people of Belarus, who are suspected in the attack on the Russian Embassy on August 30, left the prison in Akrestsin. It was expected that the activists be released on September 6 at 17 pm. Arkrestsina prison for their parents and friends were waiting. However, later, the parents said that the detention of their children allegedly extended for another three days.

Evening of September 6 in the video appeared on the Internet, where it is shown as unknown threw "Molotov cocktails" in Akrestsin jail in solidarity with the detainees. However, the duty detention center znyapravdiv this message,

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Who are they — the children Belarusian independence?

Society, however, this is an important date has another look. Over these 20 years uzgadavalasya new, the very first generation of independent Belarusians.

Their grandparents remember the postwar famine, Belarusian schools and space flight of the first cosmonaut Gagarin. Their parents were afraid of a nuclear world war and survived Chernobyl and perestroika …

In 1990, was born about 140 000 children.

Generation of twentysomethings: Step on the future

Now they are under 20. They will always be peers of the state. Very soon will hold a presidential election in which the first vote by those who were born

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St. Petersburg: Who you a boy or a girl?




What are nuances to consider if you want to have only a boy or a girl alone? Says MD, physician-Reproduction, an assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology # 2 St. Petersburg State Academy. Mechnikov Elena Ostrovsky. It is known that the sex of the child is determined

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In Mogilev will Belarusian-class. In the classroom — a disciple

Society Open class on the basis of the first Mogilev school which is in the city center, close to the town hall. The only student in the class will Yalinka Solovyov. In addition to family Solovievs wishing to gain knowledge in Belarusian in ungraded class was not found.Tomorrow Yalinka Solovyov with parents at nine o'clock in the morning to come to school his first solemn line. Parents today are acquainted with the conditions of training daughters:

"The conditions we have arranged. A separate class will be small. We have identified the teacher. Nearby in the class will be learning the

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Teenage crisis

When it starts and when it ends a teenage crisis?

On average (for the climatic zones of Europe and NorthNorthwest Russian): 11-16 years — and the girls12-18 years — in boys. But in practice it is very individual. As a spice: teenager from Dostoyevsky's novel of the same name — twenty-one years. Not weak, is said by teens, is not it?

In general, the girls teenage crisis occurs in a milder form, occurs earlier and ends faster than boys. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the requirements for self-determination of young men and women in our

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Closed the school — lost village

Society On the eve of the new academic year, the Belarusian authorities to eliminate another 52 schools. And in the past two years the number of educational institutions has decreased by almost 200. The reason officials called malakamplektnasts schools — that is, to them there is a shortage of students and the number of extra teachers and technicians.

Today, the regional correspondent of "Freedom" figuring out where children will learn to work and adults from the public schools?

Gomel Oblast

Superiors — to the south, the students — to the north

The Gomel region this year was no

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