Sleeping child

Every night your child, carefully collecting all the toys, and parents wishing to have a good night, obediently went to her bed and sleeps in it until the morning in the arms of a teddy bear? Then you can safely turn over the page, the section — not for you. If you put your little fidget not easy, read on.

The first thing that parents are interested in why baby trouble sleeping at night? Perhaps the reason lies in the excessive lability of the nervous system of the baby, or that he had a sore tummy or teething? Or

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Parenting styles and their impact on the child

In every family there are certain objective, not always conscious parents educational system. Refers to the aims and methods. On this basis, there are four tactics training, which correspond to the four types of family relationships: diktat, guardianship, non-interference and cooperation.


The dictates of the family is shown in the systematic suppression of some members of the family (mostly older) initiative and self-esteem of others. This does not mean that parents should not make any claim to the child. However, those who prefer to order throughout and violence faced resistance child which responds to pressure, coercion, threats

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Meet, my parents! watch online

CTC is a new show "Meet, These are my ancestors! ". This is an extraordinary project in which a woman or a man lead his beloved or lover in the family and introduced to the family. The joke is that these ancestors and relatives — shell, specially invited by the actors! Their one task — to organize a reception for unsweetened or future son-in-law. The whole entourage obmyslen planned: mounted family photos, amazing stories of youth and unusual "family tradition." In the end, the exciting moment of the first meeting with the parents own the second half is converted

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In Russia they want to legalize surrogacy

The State Duma of the Russian Federation offered to fix by law the concept of "surrogate motherhood" and the rights of the genetic parents. In particular, it is proposed to legislate responsibility of surrogate mother to give the child a biological (genetic) parents that she was not allowed to leave the baby himself.

"It is necessary to consolidate the concept of" biological parent ", — said the first deputy head of the faction" United Russia ", member of the Duma Committee on Health Tatyana Yakovleva at the regional conference on reproductive health held in Ivanovo.

She drew attention to

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Alarming child

Anxiety — Is an individual psychological feature, which consists in an increased tendency to experience anxiety in a variety of situations, including when there is no cause for concern.

State of anxiety — is a set of emotions, one of which is fear.

At 2, children often are afraid of something specific — for example, a doctor's office. From about the age of three, the number of specific fears reduced, but are replaced by fears symbolic — for example, fear of darkness and loneliness. In 6-7 years, becoming the leading fear own death, in 7-8 years —

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The little girl eats glass and bricks

December 19, 2011 0:06

Rare disease, which affects a girl so young, called pica or pikatsizm

A strange and deadly attraction to eating non-food items, which affects young American from Indiana, has turned her life into a nightmare parents, because every day they have held in a constant struggle with attempts daughter "bite" anything unusual. The three-year resident of Terre Haute Natalie Heyherst constantly hungry, but her choice often instead of candy and cookies falls on rocks, sticks, plastic and other non-food items. While baking and pastry she loves.

Several months ago, doctors miraculously managed to save her

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New people — who are they?

September 19, 2012 9:25

Nancy Ann Teppo — American clairvoyant, able to recognize the human aura. In the late 70's, she has conducted research at the State University in San Diego, working with the aura of children. The results of these studies not only stunned Nancy, and all the world's psychologists — some children had seen an unusual aura of dark blue, indigo, while most of the children golden aura. When scientists began to study the characteristics of these children, we found a lot of other distinctive features. First, their immune system is much stronger than that of ordinary

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Adopting a Russian kids U.S. citizens: with things on the way out …

November 1, 2012 valid perceives the agreement between the Russian Federation and the United States, which is aimed at regulating the activities of adoption kids. The contract itself to adopt such an agreement was signed in the summer of last year in the U.S. capital, and now with 2 between states will operate a special environment on the basis of which is planned to be improved protection against possible infringements kids on their lives and health of by foreign adoptive parents.

The necessity of signing such a document has long been overdue. The fact that the number of acts of

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Supernyanya watch online

Your attention offered Russian version of the entertaining talk show "Supernanny", is popular in the middle of the audience the United States, France and Britain. The transfer will first be exciting for couples who are raising malehankih kids, especially those who have experienced for themselves all the difficulties accompanying this process. Each issue introduces us to the family, in which the ancestors of desperate cope with his descendants without the help of others, and require the assistance of Prof. psychologists. Then in the family for some time comes Supernyanya, task to understand the dilemmas that families and assist them

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The sisters, who were born during the first 9 months are not triplets


By a strange coincidence, the British Charlton were born three girls, the eldest of whom was born just three months ahead of its sester.40-year-old resident of Charlton Tessa Singh after passing incomplete stage of pregnancy gave birth to a daughter named Kara.

But the woman decided not to stop "progress" and with the active participation of its "insatiable" husband Dane Singh almost immediately became pregnant a second time. But fate decreed contrary to the expectations of young parents, and after only 28 weeks of pregnancy, a woman gave birth to a premature girls — twins, Laura and

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