The nightmare of modern Europe

Interview with a journalist of the newspaper "Today" with Irina Bergseth

IB Misfortune happened six years of my stay in Norway. I did not know anything about their system "Barnevarn." It turns out that in Norway there is a state plan, the quota for the removal of children from their parents. The tutorship even compete for its implementation — a kind of gossorevnovanie. Graphs, charts published each quarter — how many children in any selected area. Recently I got a document — a report Swedes. This is a report about cases of removal of children from families

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Lego toy story

Exciting stories and adventures that are full kits allow kids to enjoy the new game. Playing many scenes with favorite characters, you can play a long time. So parents can safely go about their business, not worrying about what people are doing their child.Lego toy story — A collection, which includes kits for young children. Baby room, was presented with Lego this collection, filled with magical characters in the animated film "Toy Story." The creators know exactly what you can please children once again. This series sets, like all others, is designed to encourage creativity in children and a certain

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Total chipizatsiya under any pretext

In Brazil, the students began to implant chips in clothing as a means of combating strolling lessons.

Chips should notify parents through SMS-messages late. Photo

According, sewn into the uniforms computer chips must notify parents via SMS-messages when children enter school, and to report being late to class. Now chips sewn into the sleeves of about 20 thousand school children of the city of Vitoria da Conquista in Bahia.

"We have noticed that parents bring their children to school, but do not watch, they entered into the building. In adults, this is not always the time,

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Alien civilization control humanity?




The popular movie "Men in Black" and its sequel, which appeared on cinema screens, of course, created a scenario inspired by the real facts. However, the plot of the film — like an inverted reflection of the numerous reports of mysterious visitor is in black, which recently

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In St. Petersburg, crows terrorize kindergarten

Parents are advised to wait for pupils officials thaw and destroy the nest. Every morning kindergarten playgrounds number 51 on the street Demian Poor have cleaned out the debris of branches and feces. Crows chosen trees growing there, under the crash pad. Flock as soon as it gets dark, taking with them their belongings back-breaking labor for the day — the dregs. As dawn — go hunting, throwing crumbs to the ground.

— Even dozens, hundreds of crows — complain to parents of kindergarten students. — Slides, swings all the morning covered with crow droppings. Birds bring waste from the

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Jumble watch online

Well, who among boys and girls, including their parents, refuse to see the humorous joyful kinozarisovok of school life. Russian humorous newsreel "Jumble" is known to all from childhood. Stories in which heroes TV series — ordinary students — are familiar to everyone. The first two, the first children's love, caused by the ancestors of the school, the challenges in school and at home with their parents and that only a small fraction of what you can find out from the short story "Jumble." A distinctive feature of this film chronicles — is his instructive, and an attempt to

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Honey, we’re killing children (Ukraine) Watch online

Another show, "borrowed" from zabugornogo television. We are talking about the English show "Sweetheart, we kill the children, "which is currently based on Ukrainian television. In the center of attention are problematic families in which kids are tormented by the method of their parents, taking over their bad habits and driving is completely unacceptable for kids lifestyle. Parents will be given the opportunity to look into the alleged distant future of their beloved children and how to behold directly impacts caused their heirs incorrect life, they were a child. Next, the family receives at the hands annotation step, following

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From an abandoned basement — room schoolboy

29 December 2012. Even in the times of the Soviet Union in the city ZhEKah in the courts of the city is actively functioning student rooms in which children after school spent their free time under the supervision of qualified teachers, which was largely a help for working parents. However, since such institutions in Nikolaev is almost gone. Help in the revival of the room schoolboy decided to deputy city council, elected by majority district, Maxim Bekaa. It is for him a leading group of parents filed a request to restore the room, which is also used to work,

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The Sleep of Reason. Part 2

You can not cast out the demon from the soul

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