Black belt in strength of materials

This is one of the slogans of today's march, which took place in the park to them. Gorky. Marsh peaceful, cheerful, youth. In their "professional" holiday Kharkov students of higher educational institutions came to the park with posters about the benefits of exercise. The city was "the first march and zauchek nerds."





About 300 people gathered at the main entrance to the Gorky Park. To explain, celebrate, and at the same time tell the world that "the chemistry — it is fashionable and prestigious."

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Defenders of the Minsk KGB park shooting

The inhabitants of the district demand that the authorities had finished cutting the park — the only greenish zone district.

First meeting people tried to speak into the microphone, but the chairman of the Executive Committee stated that it would accept only written appeal. Only a few people had the opportunity to speak."You, Nicholas, pronounced, which is unrealistic to implement park. All can be realized! In 1996 sold several acres of parkland under the church" Gethsemane. "Through two years sold under the ring road. Later sold under some luxury homes in which planned to live behind a fence and which

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Kupala park willing to reincarnate into a building site

Belarusian Society for the Protection of Monuments of History and Culture, concerned about the danger of destruction of a unique park ensemble in the center of Minsk, is launching a campaign to inform the public and regulators. Director of the Museum of Yanka Kupala Matevossian Lena does not know about the probable proximity to public supply Fri. By the prospects of construction applies to the givens — the territory belongs to the town park and museum employees permission for its development should not ask:"I beheld no solution, I do not know. At least, we have yet no building is not

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The installation of solar panels in the nature park Nalychevsky successfully completed

Translation cordons Nalychevo natural park to solar power is complete. September 1 was launched solar-energy unit that will meet the needs of the central part of the park in Nalychevo electricity. By the end of the first decade of September solar modules have been installed at the cordon "Avachinskiy pass."According to the deputy director of the park Radmir Korenevo, energy production via solar panels will be able to, among other things, to increase the attractiveness of a recreational site as KGBU "Natural Park" Volcanoes of Kamchatka "- the first natural park in Russia, who decided to refuse the use of

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Indian summer in Paris

During the official visit to Paris, I found a watch, to walk around the local parks and squares. From that temptation could not turn away, because at first the 20 days of October in Paris was a true Indian summer, or as they say French "Indian summer." Land in Paris is very expensive, because every park and square or kept, sorting, untainted, topped with pieces of art, adapted to the recreational needs of the people.

Prostakutnyya the trees in the garden Lyuksemburgskim

Park in the Campus Martius. Relax on the grass

Symbol in the park in the Campus

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Grodno police controlled the park in the center of town

On the spot already waiting police truck was enclosed with a tent for the transportation of personnel. The policemen warned the audience about the responsibility for his role in an unsanctioned rally.Activists congratulated each other Congratulations and left the park. They laid flowers to the memorial plaque rebels Constantine Kalinowski at the railway station and to the rebels Tadeusz Kosciuszko Signs on the wall of the New Castle. Policemen this time continued to look for the activists. Tags: BNR anniversary, 90th

In Orel industrial park has its first resident

Leaders of the industrial park "Green Grove" has agreed with a group of agro-industrial companies to build a major plant for buckwheat.

Under the arrangement, the park, which is established by the provincial government, will be the first resident. Investor promises to build a processing plant with capacity of 120 tons of buckwheat grain per day. There will also be constructed elevator with a capacity of storage of 15-20 million tons of grain, cereal plant and filling and logistics center. It is planned to create about 300 jobs. Construction is scheduled to begin in September this year, the start

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Trolleybus park of Volgograd received 50 new machines

Volgograd MUP "Metroelectrotrans" received today the completion of a trolley park. Keys to the shiny new paint company cars drivers handed the head of Sergei Bozhenov.Trolley park regional center in dire need of updating. Get 50 cars at once was possible thanks to the federal program "Environmentally friendly transportation." But not everything went smoothly. Initially, under this program the company had to come 12 trolley buses, but thanks to the intervention of the governor, the number rose to 50.

Now 25 comfortable cars transferred to the depot number one and the same in the depot number 4.

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Technopark information technology has opened in Penza

High Technology "apple" worth 348.9 million rubles was opened in Penza on Friday, a spokesman management innovation policy of the Penza region.

"Apple" — the first industrial park in the region, created with co-financing from the federal budget by the Ministry of Economic Development. The federal budget allocated to this project 278,1 million rubles, the regional budget — 70.8 million rubles.

Specialty industrial park — information technology, precision engineering, materials science. Residents of the industrial park will be small innovative enterprises, including those created with the participation of universities, as well as growing up in regional business incubators.

In the

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Construction of the resort Park Inn Imeretinskaya entering the home stretch

Construction of the largest Park Inn resort Imeretinskaya Imereti Valley in Sochi is coming to its final stage of construction.

At the moment, The apartment complex 3-star and shopping and entertainment area Park Inn resort Imeretinskaya maintained interior finishing work is completed installation of communication. Building facades are fully glazed and painted, it remains to fencing on the balconies.

Developer: GC KORTROS (former "Renova Story Group") The architectural concept, project: AukettFitzroyVostok


The apartments are in the form of residential buildings of different heights, grouped horseshoe type, thereby creating an internal courtyard

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