In partnership with nature.

The Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) were created by the Indian Government with the aim of identifying the brightest intellectual talent available in the student community of India and training it in the best management techniques available in the world, to ultimately create a pool of elite managers to lead the various sections of the Indian economy. IIMs play a leadership role in the nations managerial manpower development and carry out research in emerging areas. These Institutes are recognized as premier management institutions, comparable to the best in the world for teaching, research and interaction with industries.

IIM Udaipur, the

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UK and Norway will serve TOGETHER F-35

England and Norway will examine the ability of cooperation on joint logistics and maintenance training for purchased fighter fifth generation F-35, Defense News reported on September 6.   Statement about the ability of cooperation was made by the heads of the military departments of the two countries on September 5. According to a statement, the union of efforts in this area will significantly increase the effectiveness of aircraft in Europe. The latest example of this kind of cooperation was 60 years ago, during the adopting fighter Vampire. Norwegians want to take part, namely, the maintenance of engines Pratt & Whitney

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GAI will fight tragedies prayer and holy water

First responded to the request of the state inspection Father Nicholas Church of the Intercession of the Virgin, in the Mogilev region. He consecrated the stretch of road that stands avaryynastsyu overpriced.Mogilev State avtainspektsyi management has not yet commented cooperation with Orthodox Church. There notice that it has only just begun. Rector of the church of the Holy Virgin on a business trip.Midst of Mogilev drivers no specific position regarding cooperation and GAI Orthodox Church. Here are two relevant responses.Driver with ten years considers that such cooperation does not prevent:"I rate it positively. Those drivers who are aware of the

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Belarus to Iran — more a friend than a partner

Tumazh Tabaz believes that Iran does not need any special economic benefits of cooperation with Belarus. Tabaz "Iran finds itself for partners everywhere — it can be either Venesuela Belarus, China, or our homeland. Iran wants to prove that he has friends that he is not alone in the world. Though what is now a partner in at least some part of the world is important for Iran since he lost friends and partners, who foundReferring next door, also in Europe and America. Iran’s closest friend is someone who has the same prepyadstviya like him. Iran is the birthplace of

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Van der Linden, defended the Young

Recall that at the 5 youth activists — Boris Goretskogo, Dmitriy Fedoruk, Aleh Korban, Anastasia and Alexei Palazhanka Yanushevski — opened criminal case. They are accused of activity on behalf of unregistered organization (Article 193-1 of the Criminal Code). Young people subject to a penalty imprisonment up to 2 years."I sincerely hope that the Belarusian Government to send to jail to finish those who freely expresses only just their worldview and participating in demonstrations. This would be a good signal of willingness to cooperate, "- said the head of the PACE.Another sign of eagerness "to get closer to European structures

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Military-technical cooperation between Russia and Ukraine to keep or give up?

As a result, the events of recent months, the case of Russia and Ukraine significantly worsened. Made and continue to appear different unfriendly statements and received a variety of solutions. Entirely possible scenarios can be considered probable termination of cooperation 2-countries in the economic sphere. First in this case should end military-technical cooperation, in recent decades tight contact 2-industry states. Indeed, the danger of complete military-technical cooperation may prove comfortable inventory adjacent to pressure the government, but the gap is such mutually beneficial cooperation will have implications for both sides.

Military-technical cooperation between Russia and Ukraine: save or abandon?

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Van der Linden: I do not shed cooperation with Minsk

Van der Linden: "On my eyes, The first step should be to Lukashenko allowed international professionals to come to Belarus to see if there political prisoners. We believe that they are, the official Minsk — no. It will be on» specific specialists, we have for this very great mechanisms. This would assist both sides to make the first steps and whereupon to resume the dialogue. "Freedom to question whether whereupon start cooperation with Lukashenko Europe, Van der Linden said:Van der Linden: "I do not shed cooperation with the government, on the contrary — if they are willing to go in

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Minsk received homework Commission

During a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Andrei Kobyakov Hugo Mingarelli noted that his visit was in line with the decisions of the Council of the European Union on October 13. He said that the EU within the next 6 months will continue unchanged dialogue with official Minsk to open a discussion of media freedom issues, development of non-governmental organizations, improvement of electoral legislation and legislation in the field of labor, freedom of speech. According Mingarelli holding democratic configurations in these areas will help Belarus become vsepolnotsennym participant in the European Neighbourhood Policy. According Mingarelli, enhanced cooperation between

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What came to Minsk Hugo Chavez?

A one-day visit of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. How to influence the bilateral affairs adnatypnasts political regimes? What are the prospects for economic cooperation has a 2-states? How will the military-technical ties?Ideology or pragmatism?Valery Karbalevich"Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is the third year in a row arrives in Belarus. Previous year and Lukashenko visited the answer. If you look at the expression 2-heads, is grounds for cooperation in the political, ideological plane.’s Chavez has once again declared about "the fall of the South American imperialism." Kinship, adnatypnasts political regimes and political leadership, anti-Americanism became the basis of friendship.Many professionals talk about

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Housing difficulties Mogilev solve Yuhua

This anticipates a day or signed on a letter of intent on cooperation with the Chinese construction company "Yuhua". According to the protocol, the Chinese are taken once a year to hand over 100 thousand square meters of housing. Or cheaper housing in Mogilev with the arrival of Chinese in the local real estate market? Do take into account all Mogilev authorities first such cooperation?Construction company "Yuhua" according to officials — one of the largest in the Chinese province of Henan. She is ready to dispatch in Mogilev 500 own builders and ensures that once a year will pass 100

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