Peel yourself a settle

Twig furniture is experiencing a comeback in popularity. The first chair I found of this type had been exposed to the weather for many years on an open porch in the woods of central Maine. It was grey and weathered, but still comfortable and sturdy. The iron nails pinning the parts together had rusted and stained the wood, but held with firm tenacity. It was there, ready for rest, at the end of each hike.

This was the first chair I had seen like this and I assumed it had been made there. Since then. I’ve found two others so

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Tremolo parts

Strat springs, block and claw

PRICE:$21.95 (springs), $79.95 (block),

$44.95 (claw & screws)

CONTACT: 001 978 473 1323 (USA) or 01206 382224

Killer Guitar Components is a family-run company providing hand-made kit designed for upgrading stock factory parts. The company specialises in trem bridge parts and we’re checking out a milled bridge block and spring claw along with some Raw Vintage springs that are designed to replicate the tension, tone and feel of vintage Fender springs.

Opting to try the springs first, we simply swapped them with the modern repros on one of our Strats. The Killer

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EMSS produces billets for Boeing and Airbus

PJSC "EMSS" Kramatorsk (EMSS, enters the engineering division of Rosatom — AtomEnergoMash) completes the manufacture of parts stamping equipment on request "VSMPO-Avisma."

These parts are for the first time in the company for machining Russian partner. Accessories designed for stamping Boeing and Airbus.

Eight die tooling plates for cutting parts weighing 253 tons have already been sent to the customer. At the final stage are the top two and bottom two punch that pass machining.

The second half order weighing 234 tonnes under the terms of the transaction sent in July 2013.

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CTZ increases exports

Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant ("CTP-Uraltrak", 80% owned by SPC "Uralvagonzavod") has received large orders for the production of spare parts of Eastern Europe and South-East Asia.


Until the end, the party sent tractor-parts found in Romania. Balkan dealer bought them for tractors DET-250, operating at coal mines.

In January 2012, two batches of parts for tractors B-10M and B-170 will receive a sales representative CTZ in Poland — the firm "Gama". In addition, the export flow will not be interrupted and South-East Asia. Earlier this year, South Urals sent to Vietnam several containers of component parts.

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CTZ sends parts for tractors in the Baltic States and Bulgaria

It mounts and parts for tractors of the T-170 and T-10. The cargo is now being formed and prepared for shipment, automobile wagon will leave in November. The head of the ACC and longtime business partner Coit Kuus Another party of similar parts will go to Bulgaria in late November — early December.

Dealer of — regularly takes part not only for middle-class tractor pull, operating in this country, but also for the powerful death metal — diesel-electric machines, working in the coal industry in Bulgaria.

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CHKPZ develops the market of agricultural machinery

On Chelyabinsk Forge-Press Plant found a new niche for the production and marketing of products. The company enters the market of spare parts for agricultural machinery. The first samples are presented in the exhibitions "Agricultural Complex" in Ufa and "UralAgro" held in Grand Istok near Yekaterinburg. The collections of the plant could be seen as a traditional production factory, auto parts, tires for agricultural machinery and special and harrow discs modification of "daisy", rack and leg seeding system "Kuzbass".

To develop new products plant began in late 2010. Today it started serial production of the disc harrow,

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CHETRA opened a service center in the Far North

CHETRA dealer in North-West Company "Uraltehtrans" opened in Usinsk service center, which is going to track and comprehensive service equipment operating in the territory of the Republic of Komi and Nenets Autonomous District.

The opening of the center follows the concept of CHETRA dealer network across Russia, working on the principle of a single window. Equipment dealer, not only supplies machines to customers, but also is responsible for the timely supply of spare parts and the quality of the provided service. Over the past year and a half the company "Uraltehtrans"

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Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant (CTZ) updates equipment


German installation of automated plasma cutting line «Messer» started in the press shop Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant. This setting allows the automatic mode for a given program to keep an accurate cutting of parts from flat metal with simultaneous marking for future operations, — the representative of "CTZ-Uraltrak" Vsevolod Smirnov.

The first such facility was commissioned at the site of blank separation plant in the spring of 2010. In the near future the Chelyabinsk branch of JSC "SPC" Uralvagonzavod "will have modern equipment companies" ABP "," HWS "and" STEM "in the framework of the program of technical

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TSAGI introduces new technology into production

Specialist research and production complex (NPC) TSAGI failed to 2-5 times the performance of machining metal parts in the manufacture of large-scale wind tunnel models of aircraft.

Development along with economic efficiency provides the necessary level of accuracy and quality of processing. In this technology, in particular, have been made sets of wings for aircraft models SSJ and MS-21, the aerodynamic model looking compressors external compression of the project DREAM, as well as large-size model of the wing panel on the project SADE 7th Framework Programme of the European Union.

The result obtained was preceded by many years

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Ha-ha-Arocha article!

Exclusive test drive of the first Russian supercar Marussia B2

… So, let's see what kind of myths exist about the Russian supercar, and is it possible to consider them true? Myth number 1: "Maroussia" does not exist Lies! In fact, this myth is completely shattered even after the official opening of Marussia car showroom on Tverskaya Street in Moscow this year. Evil tongues, prorochaschie rapid decline of Russian supercar, were irrelevant. Despite all the difficulties and difficult crisis year, the project alive Marussia healthy and continues to grow. Now in the lineup has been two models:

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