In Kaluga build car parts plant

April 4 began construction of a factory of German car parts group Continental at the industrial park "Kaluga-South cooperation." According to the leadership group, a favorable investment climate in the Kaluga region contributes to rapid business expansion in the Russian Continental.

A year later, the company will start producing engine control units, fuel system and other electronic automotive components, which will be supplied to car international auto companies, including — Kaluga. The plant will meet the latest environmental requirements. Its construction is expected to invest about 20 million euros. 

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In St. Petersburg, a new industrial park


In the industrial zone opened Kamenka industrial park, which will run auto parts manufacturers from South Korea. At this point in the park are seven production plants.

Experts say that the discovery of the industrial park is appropriate and relevant. In Russia increased the demand for cars. For example, in 2010, sales of passenger cars increased by 28% compared to 2009.

In Leningrad Oblast car factories Ford, General Motors, Hyundai, Nissan, Toyota, for which the appearance of the enterprise for the production of parts nearby is good news: now the production will be more

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Return of the Transfiguration celebrated and Semenov regiment

The names of famous Transfiguration and Semenov regiment will receive the 154th Separate curfew Regiment and the 130th separate brigade, which was created by the former Minister of the connection of the military police. The Defense Ministry assured that on May 9, they will take part in the Victory Parade under new names.

On Tuesday, the Defense Ministry said the decision to assign the two military units honorary names of famous regiments of the past.


"In the Russian army two military units — 154-th separate commandant regiment and the 130th Motorized Rifle

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JSC Askold put into operation metal centers

On the Far Valve Plant OJSC "Askold" (Arseniev, Primorsky Krai) started operation metal centers, upgraded to meet the requirements of modern production. Two processing center IR500PMF4 domestically produced, after upgrading to the machine-tool factory in the city of Ivanovo, set in one of the shops of the Far Eastern valve plant of "Askold". The diagnostic results modernized machines have shown that they brought to the requirements of the new equipment. Completely replaced motors, drive electronics, hydraulic system, control system, etc. Remains the only frame, the main mechanical parts of the machine and appearance. To meet the modern demands of

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Ltd. CHKZCH increases exports

For 2012, exports of specialized trading company LLC "CHKZCH" (CHKZCH part of Machinery & Industrial Group NV) has doubled. In January 2013 it accounted for about 40% of all sales.

Since April, Komatsu will sport a new tracks that are specially designed and manufactured for them by our Cheboksary CHETRA

The main directions of export Ltd. "CHKZCH" were the countries of South-East Asia, CIS, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and Central Europe. The highest rates of growth in demand over the past year found in India, Brazil, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Nigeria, Botswana and Mongolia. Production supplied

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Ha-ha-Arocha article!

Exclusive test drive of the first Russian supercar Marussia B2

… So, let’s see what kind of myths exist about the Russian supercar, and is it possible to consider them true? Myth number 1: "Maroussia" does not exist Lies! In fact, this myth is completely shattered even after the official opening of Marussia car showroom on Tverskaya Street in Moscow this year. Evil tongues, prorochaschie rapid decline of Russian supercar, were irrelevant. Despite all the difficulties and difficult crisis year, the project alive Marussia healthy and continues to grow. Now in the lineup has been two models:

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SSM-Tyazhmash in 2012, has spent over 170 new products


OOO "SSM-Tyazhmash" (engineering asset division "Severstal Russian Steel") in 2012, has mastered more than 170 new products in strategically important industries.

The company has successfully fulfilled orders for the largest companies in the metallurgical, machine-building, oil and gas exploration and gold mining sectors, "the Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant", NGO "Mostovik", OJSC "AK" Transneft ", JSC" FIC "Alel" and others. The specialists of "SSM-Tyazhmash" were first manufactured: part of the converter, details of equipment for heavy lifting equipment enclosures and covers main pumps of the new complex design parts to cool gold-bearing raw materials, as well as

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In the Urals, the production launched robots


Production process at the FSUE "" October " now run by robots.

In the workshop for the production of small parts of body are four robotic complex Finnish company Fastems. The equipment will increase the level of automation and provide machining of parts in a "deserted" production.

Delivery and commissioning of robots in operation the company has carried out "Pumori-engineering invest."

Robotic modules RPC-20 combined in one system four lathes LT 2000 EX Corporation of Japan OKUMA. This system served by a robot (manipulator), which provides automatic operation for

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Agromashholding introduce the world’s first electric harvester

The company "Agromashholding" will present the exhibition "Agrotech Russia 2010" the world’s first electric harvester for all its working parts. Its performance exceeds the rate base model by 20%. Combine "Yenisei-AGROMASH 4000 E" created by designers "Krasnoyarsk PKTI combine harvester" and is produced by specialized manufacturing sites industiralnogo-holding "Concern" Tractor plants ". It is based on the basic model of "Yenisei" produced by the Krasnoyarsk plant harvesters, each working part of which was equipped with a separate electric motor.

In a classic case of the engine is a system of belts and pulley, which are interrelated. Small outage of

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At Bucyrus launched new lathes, CNC

New lathes with computer numerical control (CNC) series EMCOMAT Austrian manufacturer put into production on Yurginsky engineering plant.

The equipment operates in one of the shops of mining production, specializing in the manufacture of hydraulic legs. Machines are equipped with a modern control system, characterized by good ergonomics and high-precision positioning of working bodies. The equipment has all the technical and operational characteristics that are inherent to the modern screw-cutting lathe. The introduction of this equipment will significantly reduce the labor intensity, increase your productivity and improve the quality of manufacturing parts. To work on the new machine specialists,

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