Early elections in Poland will be held October 21

"So makarom approved a law in parliament dissolution Rechipospolitoy ", — said the speaker of the Sejm Ludwik Dorn, after for the reduction of the term of the parliament voted overwhelming majority of deputies, including and now the ruling party "Law and Justice".Dissolve parliament — a consequence of the political crisis, which began in July, when the coalition government left the party and Self Defense League of Polish Families. Cabinet Jaroslaw Kaczynski lost most in the Diet, the right to effective work."It will be a good lesson for voters who are I think, started a very critical look at the

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Elections in Russia: the configurations are not expected

These Duma elections will be held for the first time only in the proportional system. 450 mandates will compete only political parties. More past the 2003 elections were held under a mixed system, half of the deputies elected on party lists, half — by the majority system, which operates, for example, at the moment in Belarus. Now the Ministry of Justice has published a list of 15 parties, eligible participate in the elections. In Russia rather stringent conditions for registration of parties: must more than 50 thousand people, more than 500 members in more than 45 regions of the country.

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Poland announced premature elections

What was the prerequisite datermnovyh elections? It first, split in the coalition government. A few days back the coalition came one of the 3-coalition parties — the Party "Self Defense" and such makarom ruling party "Law and Justice" is not a majority in parliament needed for normal operation of their own government.Former coalition members currently abvinavachyvyuts each other unethical in conservation, and the pursuit of so on, and the chances of the latest coalition as they say policy, no. In such sytatsyi favorite naikrupneyshim opposition party "platform civilian" Donald Tusk met with the president to assure him of the rightness

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N. Lazavik: Games do not get popularity

"On present day significant impact on the solution of socio-political and even more so pressing domestic problems people our country they have no effect. Likely, then played the role of the President of the designation Republic of Belarus organizers of the election, in order to give way to all political tendencies — and those who support the policy of the government, and those who aggressively and from time to time and constructively criticize her. And I think, that local authorities, which forms the county commission, listen to this advice. " More members of the electoral commissions has the Communist Party

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End quote: 07.06.2008 — 13.06.2008

"Bilateral meetings were not specifically cooperated. Presidents talked among themselves, but briefly."Paul Light, managing the presidential press service — contacts Alexander Lukashenko and Dmitry Medvedev during the informal CIS summit in St. Petersburg."I’m going through the Ministry or the regional council of the Interior render thanks police for practical help in revealing the theme of the meeting. We discussed how true citizen to behave during a search, personal search and interrogation. Parish police was a good addition to the theory."Leonid Sudalenka lawyer — about the search in the office of Homel regional UCP organization during the seminar "Society and investigation.""Our

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Whos who in the presidential race. Interview

It is not so not much time left before the elections to the Municipal Duma. As has been the habit of our people is in a kind of confusion that goes into the equally indignant, and in the worst cases, alcoholism. To put down all the points in places and show people the real picture of the situation, this article was written. So ..

7 parties will compete in the elections of 2011 and in the State Duma of the 6th convocation of the presence of 4-5 games planned, but with the committees and factions. All of this

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BCD: Presidential elections can not be considered legitimate

Society Emergency Organizing Committee is pleased to party "Belarusian Christian Democracy" made a statement regarding the events of December 19, 2010:

"The presidential elections held on December 19 2010, can not be considered legitimate. The pressure on the members of the initiative group while collecting signatures for Vital Rymasheuski presidential candidate in the course of the campaign, forced early voting, the massive fraud during the voting and counting forcing us to say: the election can not be considered fair and transparent. This confirms the rigid and inadequate response by the authorities for a peaceful demonstration, which was held in Minsk

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The results of the parliamentary elections in Ukraine — a weighty reason to think

Just any couple of years back a wave of Ukraine true revolution in support of the "orange power" with all the necessary attributes — tents in the square, tea from a thermos and a huge number of visitors from the adjacent republics, which was a pity not to waste their money on a trip to Kiev only for the sake of our eyes behold everything. Since that time the situation was a little stabilize. But, as demonstrated by the actions of the immediate future, someone obviously wants to continue the show.

The result of the elections to the Verkhovna

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Should Zyuganov leave and make way for the young?

Since the collapse or, as they say many, the collapse of the Russian Union passed almost 20 years. Has had time to grow up a generation that is only from the stories of older relatives, the lessons of history and of the television knows that more completely so long dreamed of building their homeland of communism. But neither communism nor socialism with unhappy in a human face to build and did not work, despite all the appeals and solemn promises from the stands of numerous party congresses. Despite the almost complete lack of support for the Communist Party not only

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Center and West of Ukraine looking for new leaders

The Company on 31 October in Ukraine held elections to local authorities. According to the exit poll, conducted by GFK, a three-percent barrier was overcome by six political forces.

The leaders of the race were controlled by the prime minister Mykola Azarov Party of Regions (36.2%), "Fatherland" Yulia Tymoshenko (13.1%) and "Front of Changes" Arseniy Yatseniuk (6.8%). Communist Party gained 5.9%, 5.1% — nationalist party "Svoboda" Oleg Tyagnibok, 4.3% — "Strong Ukraine" Sergei Tigipko.

The results of the local elections in Ukraine, we were asked to comment on the political analyst Vitaly Portnikava.

Portnikov: Preliminary results are

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