PKB 18 members want to fight for parliamentary seats

At the congress of the Party of Communists Belarusian attended by 60 delegates from 63 elected. First heard the information first secretary Sergei Kalyakin PKB about the situation with the formation of election commissions, candidates from the United Democratic Forces. Then he began to open a discussion party delegates prepyadstviya. eventually the Congress PKB was nominated 11 candidates on constituencies (where account structure), and 7 more vpribavok party members — from Congress. Knows the first secretary of the PKB Sergei Kalyakin:

"The method of collecting signatures are all the 18 candidates, 12 men have gathered signatures for today. More on

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BNF prepares for presidential elections

Congress affirmed the decision of 14 June Sojma expelled from the Party.MikhalevichAdopted several resolutions, one of which the BNF said it may end its role in the parliamentary election campaign, when the district commissions will not include representatives of the BNF."The conflict around Michalevic associated with future presidential campaign"At the congress were registered 64 delegates, with all this, only 12 of them were regional structures that are almost completely in favor of restoring the party Mikhalevich.In his report, the Chairman of the BPF Lavon Barshcheuski outlined the political situation, where, in his opinion, and Alexander Milinkevich and Sergei Kalyakin almost

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Anatoly Lewkowicz

Meetings held on June 24sNOT nrezidythmin Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada). Prezidthm decided to convene HII extraordinary party congress on Sunday On August 3. At the congress of the party will be allocated candidates nBoard representatives natsyyanalnaga withstroke, also made changes and additions to the charter of the party.

BCD has found room for Congress

Society "Our primary goal — to determine the strategy of our campaign. For example, forbehaves Party, if Lukashenko does not register me presidential candidate"- Said" Freedom "is one of the leaders of the BCD Vitaly Rymashevski.

At the end of the Congress to the Justice Ministry will be re-submitted for registration of the party.

Previously, most of the organizations to which the BCD has requested to lease a hall for the Congress party refused.



Irina Veshtard — the new head of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada)

Society XIII (re) congress of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada) on June 5 in Minsk elected party leader Irina Veshtard. She voted for 77 people in one voice "against", and seven abstentions.

Veshtard the election said it intends to keep the unity of the party, not to interfere with its operations, "as did Former party chairman Anatoly Lewkowicz. "

She also said that, if not justify the hopes of the party members, "no doubt will leave his post."

The Congress also made adjustments to the party's constitution in order to submit the documents to the Ministry of Justice.


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