In 1986, a friend and I were planning a summer tour of America and we both had a list of ‘must-do’ places to visit. These included the USAF museum, the water-bombers of Wyoming and the

Oshkosh airshow. For many years an Air Pass provided a popular, relatively inexpensive way for enthusiasts to travel extensively around the US. Several airlines offered the passes, which varied from a few flights to unlimited travel within a set timeframe, and you had to fly with the carrier across the Atlantic before being entitled to buy them.

Our travel agent said the best deal was


New maps and guides

Three new versions of the guest card in Moscow released a company WowMoscow & Moscow Pass in September 2013.

An updated map of Moscow Pass during the term of its action gives the user the right to a one-time visit 13 museums, bus tours Moscow City Sightseeing (ticket valid for 24 hours), a river cruise on the yachts flotilla «Radisson Royal» (daily flights). In addition, the card offers discounts in more than 100 restaurants, 14 tours and cooking class of traditional Russian cuisine, as well as bicycle rental and car rental, hotel accommodation and other necessary and interesting tourist

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Policemen let pass signatures against repeal of benefits

On the square in the structure are the police, security officers and special forces soldiers president.Head On» Joint civilian party Anatoly Lebedko tried to reach the building to convey a signature, but riot police prevented him.If Lebedko got inside the building, he claimed the book of complaints to lock the facts from the police barriers.

In Minsk going rapporteur Andrea Rigoni

This was said Radio Liberty Co-Chair of the Political Council united democratic Anatoly Lebedko forces. "On this trip sovereign Rigoni read more during our first meeting in the winter of this year. Naturally, it would be wise for him to visit Belarus during Euro march, that in concentrated form could get answers to those questions that it trevozhut. But, of course, the deputies their plans, their routes action. He plans to come across as an official party and the co-chairs of the political council of the United Democratic Forces and representatives civilian society . " • New Rapporteur on Belarus

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Toys missing Madeline will be transferred to orphans in Zhodino and Bobruisk

According to the British "The Mirror", Christmas gifts for inmates Zhodino and Bobruisk orphanages already packed. This is approximately two thousand toys. To each of them attached photo malehankih missing girls.For disk imaging editions action was organized recently made a charitable foundation "Madeline." His goal — to draw attention around the world catastrophic fate of this and encourage girls to find her in the midst of the inhabitants of the most diverse states.After, as recent reports of global media that beheld girlfriend in August in Morocco were incorrect, McCain lost another hope returned daughter. Yet, Gerry and Kate expressed their

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At a demonstration in Warsaw, Lukashenko called for honest counting

Its general secretary, Jan Poplawski is responsible for:"We distributed leaflets to persons who came to the embassy to vote. We want to pass the call to Alexander Lukashenko, the counting of votes took place in a democratic manner. We tried direct attention all the violations that occurred during this campaign. "He also complained that the call for Lukashenko failed to transmit directly embassy staff — a letter was thrown into everyday mailbox, reports

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Day of birth A.Klimau met in remand

In Minsk Detention Centre Klimov sent April 3. Or, as before it stays there?I called the duty of the detention facility on Volodarskogo street to find out where the politician. But on the phone refused to talk to me.Had come to an insulator and a passport to apply to the certificate. I called a relative of the prisoner. Female police confirmed: "Yes, Andrey Klimov still here."I recall more than a month back the Klimov was sentenced to two years in prison, but has not yet sent a colony.Which criteria contain a political prisoner? Duty on this question did not answer.About

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BODY COMPLEX Su-27 has already passed four versions

Fighters Su-27 have already passed 4 severe modification complex onboard equipment, said on Wednesday the chairman’s office «Dry» Misha Pogosyan. Su-27 — a versatile all-weather fighter highly mobile fourth generation, created to win advantages in the air. Developed by JSC «Sukhoi». «Today, aircraft Su-27 — Su-30 went 4 huge modifications on-board equipment. However, these aircraft propulsion system (passed) 2-3 modification «- said Pogosyan, the TV channel» Vesti-24. « Based on the Su-27 created a whole family of military aircraft: combat training Su-27UB, carrier-based fighter Su-33 and its combat training Su-33UB modification, multi-purpose fighter Su-30, Su-27M, Su-35S, frontline bomber Su

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In Bobruisk try to hold the pickets for the liberation A.Kozulin

Under the application have signed former party members Bobruisk presidential candidate Lena Medvedev, Ira Mitsuru and Sergei Adamovich.Pickets will be held August 30 and 31.In June Bobruisk City Council does not allow pickets. Ban authorities motivated by the fact that where had pass pickets, very crowded — and the protesters, allegedly, would prevent passers-by.Bobruisk: pickets for liberation A.Kozulin not allowed 30/06/2007

Belarusian-Latvian border checkpoints will be new

New items will allow more residents crossing the border area to attend religious, cultural and sporting events.About it now House of Representatives chairman of the Committee of Border Troops of Belarus Igor Raczkowski.

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