KEY ways to increase productivity in beekeeping

Increasing productivity and profitability of agriculture is given importance. With this in all sectors there is great growth. It goes without saying that we, the workers of beekeeping, we can not stand aside from the solution of this important national objective.

In connection with the transfer of on-farm payment any industry collective or state farm must win their right to exist, giving the economy a good profit. In order for the industry was not unprofitable and profitable, it is necessary first of all to ensure a high level of productivity.

Perhaps in no other sector of agriculture there is

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IB in the way of BYOD

Employees of organizations are already using all kinds of mobile gadgets in the workplace. How to protect corporate data leakage and what solutions exist for this? Especially for the magazine Information Security leading market experts to answer the following questions:

1. Is it possible when using the methodology BYOD users to combine the convenience of and compliance with all standards of information security?

2. Are electronic keys, USB-tokens and smart card two-factor, and perhaps three-factor authentication to provide reliable protection for your mobile device or tablet?

3. How effective are the MDM-solutions (Mobile Device Management)?

4. What prevents the

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In a broad sense, adaptation — it is an adaptation to environmental conditions. Human adaptation has two spectra: biological and psychological.

Biological level, common to man and animals, includes adjustment to permanent and changing environmental conditions: temperature, pressure, light, humidity, as well as to changes in the body: disease, changes in the body, control of any functions.

The psychological aspect of adaptation is the adaptation of the individual to the existence in accordance with the requirements of society and their own needs and interests. Social adaptation is done by learning the norms and values of the society

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Siege April 17

On forums portal began discussion on whether to permit the wearing of civilian firearms ordinary persons. The reason for the discussion was the action in the South American state of Virginia, which killed 33 students of the institute."As for carrying guns in the United States. With all the usual procedures for acquiring enough weapons for self-defense, also obtain a permit for concealed carry it, there are some very tough restrictions, one of which is what is strictly forbidden to be with a weapon on district schools (penalty — 10 years bullpen). Unfortunately, for some scumbags have the opportunity to break

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Third path blocked website Alexander Kozulin

Now, on page appeared such text: "Through frequent complaints periodic debris from the web address and a number of other problems of technical support online community" third way "is obliged to temporarily stop the Web site to decision these problems administration website We also remind the administration Web site that the owner of the rights to the domain, software and technology base has an online community of "third way" and wrongdoing with our accessories first impact on us. Garbage just and there is a striking example of such illegal activities. Please administration website contact a representative

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Experimental area of high-speed road ballastless

In December 2010, on the road ferrying Sablino II — Tosno line St. Petersburg — Moscow stowed 1 km pilot area ballastless track. Experimental plot laid by German technology and under the supervision of German experts.

In designs ballastless path element of the permanent way — Ballast — replaced the base plate of concrete, evenly distributing the load. On a plate stacked rails using elastic elements. The main advantage of ballastless way is to significantly reduce the amount of work on the current content. Presentation on Technology

Experience in operating areas with ballastless by Germany and

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S-300 systems to Iran via Belarus?

Publishing on disk imaging, Iran already has several S-300 systems. This complex can immediately track down 100 goals and destroy aircraft at a distance of 120 km.According to Israeli professionals to deploy complex and respective training professionals Iran will need about a year.In turn, Moscow denies the deal with Tehran.Meanwhile, analyst and publisher of the influential British military magazine Janes Air-Launched Weapons Robert Hewson on the pages of the publication writes that the transaction was brokered by Belarus. This allowed the Russian Federation, which has long irritated the West with its nuclear cooperation with Iran, not formally participate in it."Belarus

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Is whether in politics, experience Klimov?

And it is not the best option would be for the emigration of the country’s borders, where capable of business projects Klimov could find application own talent?Andrei Klimov, served three times. In 1998 he was accused of carrying out illegal business activities, the court sentenced him to six years in prison. The politician believes that the real reason for the executions became his signature as a deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the 13th convocation under demanding the impeachment of President Alexander Lukashenko. Parole was released in March 2002.Employee Klimova by the Supreme Council Vladimir Kudinov was also accused of

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The narrow-gauge road m / n Tesovo-1

A group of enthusiasts As far as possible trying to maintain the historical facts and techniques railway peat enterprise "Tesovo-1", which had previously existed as a "Tesovskoe Transport Authority."

250 km from the old ways of only a little over 20, and those running enough. From former large fleet of locomotives and wagons remained little by little.

But most importantly, the narrow-gauge railway was alive, and, with the arrival of new owners, Peat, and with it the very narrow-gauge railway, got a second wind. Contribute to the development of the railway and made intuziasty. An agreement was reached with

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Diagnosis and treatment of atopic dermatitis

The diagnosis of atopic dermatitis sets children's pediatrician or allergist at the examination. He has to ask in detail about the nature of the parents of child nutrition, living conditions, manifestations of the disease. In the future, if the child has a diathesis, must be constantly observed by a doctor for a correct nutrition and the prevention of exacerbations.

Eliminating allergens

The most important thing parents need to do, to try to identify and eliminate possible allergens. Since there are three natural ways of penetration of allergens — food (while eating and drinking), pin (with direct exposure to

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