Mapping Radiation Patterns

Imaging technologies enable detection of frequencies far beyond the visible range of the electromagnetic spectrum. These have radically extended human perception, allowing us to peer deep into our cosmic environment. This photograph of the cosmic microwave background, or CMB, visualizes our primeval origins, what is believed to be radiation shortly after the birth of the universe. It’s a cosmic baby picture, whose patterns represent slight energetic variations that eventually gave rise to quasars, galaxies, stars, planets, and us.

This image appears spherical because it’s a panorama of humanity’s cosmic horizon, taken from the Planck satellite. Because of the limited speed

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Deck the walls Holiday Tree.

This season, celebrate Christmas with a different kind of evergreen—one made from hard woods! Our stylized tree brings together walnut, mahogany, and maple in one, attractive, unified design. Have a bare wall that could use a little perking up? Then try this decoration out for size. Enlarge or downsize our patterns to suit your special needs. For added beauty, consider hanging small ornaments from the boughs.

Make Your Tree One Bough at a Time

Note: We used 5/4 (five-quarter or 1 1/16) stock for this project. You can also go with

3/4, provided that you downsize the dowel rod for

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In the Stavropol region appeared crop circles. Video


31.05.11.Versy as always in such cases, three — aliens, unknown aircraft terrestrial origin, or because farmers attract tourists. But this time there are witnesses.

Five perfect circle — diameter from 6 to 17 meters. Four of them — almost in line. Stalks of wheat gently laid clockwise. The edges of the circles are smooth, and even intricate patterns on the sides. Nothing like the chaotic patterns found in the neighboring Krasnodar region last week — their antics credited wind. Here, obviously someone has worked with the mind.

Agronomist Nicholas Tselik said — the usual wind is not able

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Strange patterns on the field near Krasnodar


24.05.11.Segodnya night when I was driving on the highway from the airport towards Rostov, I was able to capture something unusual, causing a traffic jam on the highway, people rushed out of their cars, climbed into the grass, and let it go to perplexity. Any unusual patterns formed on a huge sown field. Grass height of at least a meter in some areas was pinned to the ground.

Luckily, I managed to climb up to the fire hydrant, used by journalists to capture these patterns. With a height of 26 m patterns, images or characters, I did

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Bioinformatics is used to combat spam




Text: Anatoly Alizar

Technology, originally designed for the analysis of DNA sequences has been applied to filter spam. The new algorithm named Chung-Kwei developed in the bowels of IBM and showed the effectiveness of 97%.

According to the magazine New Scientist, spam filter Chung-Kwei is based on

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History of the Russian mittens

Russian word "glove" comes from the phrase "Varangian glove" may, it is said that this garment was borrowed from the Vikings. Vikings in Russia called people from the Nordic countries.

Another version of the origin of the word — from the ancient verb "cooking", "varovati," ie, "protect", "protect". From what? So cold! But there is a third: the word "Waregem" — from the "cook", ie before knitted woolen mittens brewed in boiling water to become more dense and warm. In different regions of Russia mittens called differently: valyanki, rods, Braids, fagot, messengers — the method of manufacture. Were

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Traditional Russian culture. Clothing

Russian folk costume

This article will talk about the traditional Russian costumes.

In the past, one of the purposes of protection of human clothing was from the adverse effects of the environment. Formerly known clothing clothing. It was believed that spin thread should only women's hands, as the very spinning is hidden action, like childbirth, and therefore only a woman can take over the tow, which is preparing for her man. Weaving, cut, sewing, doing embroidery, mostly women and girls in the winter. Men also had to be able to do it, and in Russia has always

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Changing wind patterns in the Arctic caused a record melting of the ice


Changing wind patterns in the northern hemisphere has become one of the main reasons that the area of sea ice in the Arctic this summer has reached a record low values, the Internet portal LiveScience, citing a study published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters.


By August of this year, according to the National Data Centre for snow and ice (NSIDC) United States, the area of Arctic sea ice on record fell below the record low recorded in 2007, amounting to 4.1 million square kilometers (the lowest level since 1979,

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In DNA recorded fate

November 2, 2012 1:57

— The best personal trainer for us — our DNA — said the Italian molecular biologist Alberto Santini. — In our genetic code data is available on how and how much we have to practice what we have to eat, and even what kind of sports we are physically predisposed. Through the analysis of DNA, we can now know everything.

Scientists believe the genetic profile can suggest menus, recommended for you, as well as "your" sport, writes Test is simple and costs from 150 to 200 euros. Using a sample of saliva swab

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