Paul Seviarynets free again

Associates and friends gathered around Paul Sevyarinets Baranovichi bullpen, that meet Paul after having served 17 days in jail. When passed some time, and Paul was not all, people have turned to the policemen. They said that Paul in the bullpen not. But they refused to call his whereabouts. Few minutes reverse Seviarynets Paul himself called his friends and said that is Ivatsevichy. Specifically, there he was taken bullpen staff for a few hours before the end of sentence. Paul’s friends went to see him.• Paul Seviarynets sentenced to 17 days and 620 thousand fine, 10.09.2007

Paul was released Seviarynets

An hour after the expiration punishment Seviarynets Paul called his companions and said that even he was taken to NIGHT MODE Ivacevičy temporary detention, and the day released.Seviarynets Paul said, "Freedom", the staff refused bullpen say why it Ivacevičy transported to temporary detention, where people usually keep on which brought criminal cases."Nothing was said. No comments — no matter how often asked. Neither of those I fidgeted in the evening, nor in those who perceive, there was no explanation.I received a transmission. Very grateful to those who passed them to me, especially the Christian Democrats Baranovichi. For sixteen days in

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Malady urged judges to send portraits Sevyarinets

"We begin this action and appeal to all our colleagues with a request also print portrait of Paul Sevyarinets and send to the address in Baranovichi A.D.Kushavay judge that issued the policy last sentence," — reported the press service "Junior Front. "Last time Paul was detained on September 11 in the trial of the youth activist Yaroslav Hryshchenya. Paul Seviarynets received the same day the penalty — a fine of 620 000 rubles and 17 days in jail. Currently Paul Seviarynets serving his sentence in Baranovichi.• On-line conference with Paul Sevyarynets, 05/09/2007

Paul Seviarynets released

In an interview with "Freedom," Paul Seviarynets noted that listened Radio Liberty to undertake that was passed from outside Brest Friend."Thanks for the prompt message — says Paul — I was aware of the political situation in Belarus, also knowledge about the persecution of my friends in Brest."Seviarynets Paul said he now wants to be on the courts and in Nyasvizh Saligorsk where cases are considered activists "Junior Front"Anastasia Azarko and Ivan Shyla.Paul Seviarynets was arrested Brest on August 19 during the presentation of his own recent book "Letters from the forest," which was held in a rented building officially

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Tribunal against Pavel Sevyarynets postponed

Recall that Paul Seviarynets also another 28 people were detained in Brest during the presentation of his book "Letters from the forest."Now Paul Seviarynets was delivered to the tribunal of the Metropolitan District of Brest, but the meeting was postponed. According to the official explanation, due to the fact that the work of the court in today was completed. Consideration postponed to tomorrow, August 21. Currently, Paul is in the chamber Seviarynets temporary Office Interior The metropolitan area of Brest.

Paul Seviarynets: At the moment I miss my Small Sitna

At the presentation of the book Paul Sevyarinets were writers and politicians. Among them — Gennady Buraukin, Nyaklyayeu Sergei Zakonnikau, Statkevich, Siuchyk. Many warned speech words, it is worth the heat and need to read shorter. But the speech was delayed more than for an hour, and when people came out of the office, went to Minsk warm rain and a rainbow over the city began. A good symbol for a book that started with bullpen, sentencing and felling in the Belarusian outback. According to the speakers, who attended Paul’s "chemistry", the young politician was for the inhabitants of the

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Paul Seviarynets in Polotsk district

During the meeting in Polotsk and Novopolotsk politician thanked all those who supported him so called "Chemistry". Seviarynets Paul believes that his presence in accommodates punishment — small village Sitna Polotsk district was not in vain. Now the village has offices BNF and TBM, 5 villagers prescribe "The People’s Will"And more than forty people signed in time the letter, in which expressed confidence in the head of the local Election Commission.Views on policy, lead society out of the crisis can only be a Christian-Democratic Movement. By Sevyarinets now created in the regions 40 activities of the group, in Lately will

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Paul continues Seviarynets All-Belarusian trip to Gomel

At meetings of politicians is also his book "The Brother," "The State idea," introduces excerpts coming edition of "Letters from the forest.""I want to visit all three cities and towns of Belarus, where people wrote to me" on the chemistry "in small Sitna. I wish to thank everyone for their support and talk to them about the present and future fate of the country. Mozyr became the 18th city on my way" — said Paul Seviarynets.In the following three plans to visit a day or Seviarynets Rechytsa Svetlogorsk Zhlobin.• Severinets Paul presented his book "Brother", 5.07.2007 • The last political

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Paul presents the latest book Seviarynets Brother

This collection of articles, essays, programs, stories that are written for 10 years — from 1997 to 2007. They were written in various newspapers, magazines and posted on websites. The edition — 220 copies.Introduction to the book Paul wrote Seviarynets spring this year A small village in Sitna, where he was serving "chemistry." According to Paul Sevyarinets his book — this letter to all the brothers and sisters, it is a call to action."After the article published in" Our field "In the year 2000, many asked me:" What is the name of your brother? "On Actually I only have two

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Paul Seviarynets: Europe renounces faith

— Uncommon motto "Belarus to Europe!" At the moment, we have a thousand km common border with the European Union, pro-European slogans, not behold the Belarusian politicians themselves without a Western tradition — Europe now plays quite an important role in Belarusian politics and consciousness.But — there is a paradox in Europe?In my opinion, it is essentially based on faith. Faith in God. Faith in their own strength. Faith in his vocation and his calling.But at the moment Europe refuses massively from the source that gave her essence. When I was in the capital of the European Parliament Strasbourg, there

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