Phil Harris loves Les Paul Standards, but he’s falling in love all over again now that he has his hands on one of the greatest artist-owned examples of all – Peter Green’s ’59 sunburst.

Regular readers of Hooked On Classics will know that I’m a Gibson Les Paul Standard fanatic, and I’m very lucky to now have in my possession what I believe is the greatest Les Paul Standard ever – the 1959 sunburst played by Peter Green, then by Gary Moore, but the guitar forever known as ‘Greeny’.

Meeting Greeny

Me and this guitar go back a long way.


Play like… Les Paul

Far more than just a name on a guitar and a recording pioneer, Les Paul was a skilled player who knew how to please an audience. Douglas Noble examines his style.

It’s no exaggeration to say that Les Paul was a giant in the fields of electric guitar development and multi-track recording – but he was also a virtuoso guitarist with a distinct sound and a daring style, and, uniquely, he used his work in guitar construction and recording techniques to showcase his playing.

Les Paul’s first guitar was an acoustic with a movable bridge. ‘I discovered that moving the

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I’m glad you gave Paul Kossoff the credit he deserved in your cover feature (June 2013). He was my hero growing up and I spent many, many hours learning his parts rather than doing my homework. Every weekend I could make it I would head down to Denmark Street, and my admiration for the man increased tenfold when he turned up in the same shop as me on a couple of occasions. Although he might not have been completely sober, he had a good word for anybody who wanted to talk to him, and he would happily while away the

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Echoes of THE PAST

Paul Brett may love his archaic acoustic blues guitars – his Stellas, Regals, Oahus and Weymanns – but he’s also got another side that displays an equal fascination with the lesser-known electric brands of America and Europe. Lars Mullen listens in.

Some guitar companies – the most famous ones – are so well-documented these days that with the purchase of a couple of books you can attain a level of knowhow that would have been near-impossible to achieve 30 years ago. When it comes to more obscure brands, though, enthusiasts all over the world are still poring over rare catalogues

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Paul Seviarynets free again

Associates and friends gathered around Paul Sevyarinets Baranovichi bullpen, that meet Paul after having served 17 days in jail. When passed some time, and Paul was not all, people have turned to the policemen. They said that Paul in the bullpen not. But they refused to call his whereabouts. Few minutes reverse Seviarynets Paul himself called his friends and said that is Ivatsevichy. Specifically, there he was taken bullpen staff for a few hours before the end of sentence. Paul’s friends went to see him.• Paul Seviarynets sentenced to 17 days and 620 thousand fine, 10.09.2007

Paul was released Seviarynets

An hour after the expiration punishment Seviarynets Paul called his companions and said that even he was taken to NIGHT MODE Ivacevičy temporary detention, and the day released.Seviarynets Paul said, "Freedom", the staff refused bullpen say why it Ivacevičy transported to temporary detention, where people usually keep on which brought criminal cases."Nothing was said. No comments — no matter how often asked. Neither of those I fidgeted in the evening, nor in those who perceive, there was no explanation.I received a transmission. Very grateful to those who passed them to me, especially the Christian Democrats Baranovichi. For sixteen days in

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Malady urged judges to send portraits Sevyarinets

"We begin this action and appeal to all our colleagues with a request also print portrait of Paul Sevyarinets and send to the address in Baranovichi A.D.Kushavay judge that issued the policy last sentence," — reported the press service "Junior Front. "Last time Paul was detained on September 11 in the trial of the youth activist Yaroslav Hryshchenya. Paul Seviarynets received the same day the penalty — a fine of 620 000 rubles and 17 days in jail. Currently Paul Seviarynets serving his sentence in Baranovichi.• On-line conference with Paul Sevyarynets, 05/09/2007

Night Siege — 14 September

The forums portal discussions are statements of Alexander Lukashenko, who believes that a profitable export-oriented companies should make weaker. Introduction of the participants:"I’m afloat, then I hang weight on his feet — he let me on the discharge starts to pull …""Apparently, quite Lukashenko wants to destroy the country’s economy.""What for those who reached the any results and, accordingly, may allow for the future development of themselves, should renounce from this development," helping "the creation of ineffective? Recall situation," chat with acquaintances-koldyrey ":" You earn more — then treat us, give on the bottle. "On the website of the

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Courts and arrests will continue until the end of September

Dennis Sadowski came to meet friends. Denis is the secretary of the organizing committee for the creation of "Belarusian Christian Democracy".September 29 he takes marriage. His wife Tatiana believes that Denis was accused of deliberately small hooliganism to make protestants style bullies."It is very sad for us Christians that we blame the battlefield and mats. Such accusations — absolute heresy. This is the caseetsya intentionally to Protestant Christians make a style bullies, that hurt a Protestant. "After the release of Denis remained behind bars painter Ales Pushkin and the Young Alex Januszewski, who arrived together with a few hundred square

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Tribunal began on Paul Sevyarynets

Tribunal over Paul began with Sevyarynets standard on confidence trial. Seviarynets Paul said he did not trust the court in principle because, in his opinion, the courts in Belarus — is punitive structure. At this hearing was interrupted.Total detainees now made two protocols — participation in an unsanctioned rally and small hooliganism.Pope 2-juvenile detainees — Ivan Shyla and Luba Filyutsich — were not allowed to meet with the children. Protocols were drawn up without their parental role. Both before This time — and 10 hours — remain in the sector. • Baranovichi: paddy detainees in court yard, 10.09.2007 • Baranavichy

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