Puffs «Pears» with frangipani

Poached pears stuffed with almond franzhipana in the shell of puff pastry will eclipse any other treat on your desk. Crisp perfectly contrasts with the soft core of fruit and nut cream.


The confectionery business frangipani called almond cream with butter. His exquisite nutty flavor goes well with aromatic pears and turns pretty simple dessert and special holiday treat. Franzhipan this recipe can be prepared not only from almonds, roasted and ground hazelnuts, cashews or Brazil nuts. If desired, lemon zest, orange or lime, replace, or use ground spices — cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg.

How to wrap PEAR

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Xenia Chudinov: «Frankly, I do not like cats»

Xenia Chudinov — one of the brightest representatives of contemporary journalism. In her work, we can see genuine interest to many important cultural phenomena of social life in Russia. She indifferent to the problems of pets in our country, which knows firsthand: at the very lives at home cat Pear.

When meeting with Xenia and her cat for the hundredth time I am convinced that pets are like owners: Pear slender, graceful, natural. For the media to communicate both are ready, with the interview begins Pear. Good, she looks into his eyes and meowing with careful articulation that I

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As simmered pears and cook franzhipan

Put the pears upright in a pan, sprinkle with lemon juice, pour water, add sugar and vanilla pod. Bring to a boil over low heat, stirring occasionally syrup to sugar evenly dissolved. Pripuskayut pears about 8 minutes, occasionally basting with syrup (see. «Board»). Leave to cool fruit in syrup.

2To franzhipana mash the butter and sugar in the cream. Whisking, enter one egg podsypaya every bit of ground almonds.

How to wrap the dough and bake pears

5Raskatayte pripylennoy dough on floured surface into a rectangle measuring 60 x 18 cm and grease yolk. Knife, trim the sharp edges

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Mr. Pear: The nuclear power plant — it’s like a monument to the victims of Chernobyl

General question about our activitiesReporter: "Gennady, now the day you meet on the phone at Liberty questions from the audience. What are your memories from the current conversation? Were there any questions that you amazed or confused?"Pear: "The main memory is as conscious still your radio listeners. As they readied to speak on a variety of topics. Occasionally happens to me, that so many intelligent, knowledgeable people approached me and talked to the principal theme. Thanks for you. "Reporter: "You lead a public company in which a significant part of the work — it’s garbage kids abroad for recuperation. Last

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Gennady Pear — Guest on Freedom

Gennady Pear was born in 1950 in Minsk. He graduated from the Philosophy Faculty of the Belarusian State University, PhD. One of the organizers and active participants of the Belarusian Popular Front. Deputy Supreme Council 12 and 13 convocations. 1989 founder and longtime chairman of the Belarusian Charitable public organizations "Children of Chernobyl". During its own activities by assisting over two million inhabitants of Belarus, about 200 thousand babies were focused on the rehabilitation and improvement of many countries. — The most exciting topic in Belarus now — says Gennady Pear — this refusal of the authorities from the social

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In Klecka fined opposition

The official excuse — accommodation in Klecka without registration.Sergey Ponomarev said "Freedom": "I’m debated Kletsk police station chief Mike Pear. First it is interested, I’m not hung March 25 in Klecka white-red-white flags at the structure of the local executive committee, communication center and home life. Misha also Pear probed about the spread in the regional center of the newspaper "Narodnaya Volya". Policeman promised to present the latest confirmation of my guilt in this."

Belarusian flags in Klecka. March 25Sergey Ponomarev — businessman, publisher and editor-independent newsletter "Courageous Kleck." In This year was fined twice by police. In dumpling Sergey

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Defense will count on Russian drones

The new management of the Defense Ministry will most likely prefer Russian developments in the field of unmanned aircraft short-range actions, several of Russian developments can be taken into service of the Russian army in 2013, says a leading Russian professional in the field of unmanned aircraft, the chief editor of the magazine "Unmanned aviation"Denis Fedutinov.

Recently the manager of the Department of the Air Force, "Rosoboronexport" Sergei Kornev said in an interview with RIA announcements that fraction Russian UAVs the global arms market by 2022 could reach 5%. He noted that the Russian Federation has already made drones

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The fleet was unmanned Russian complex Pear

On the Baltic fleet put new reconnaissance unmanned systems, "Pear", which made for a GRU Concern "Izhmash". Exploration of the fleet with the help of their intended inspect Preserving the probable enemy assault force immediately before planting. According to developers, system Russia is much cheaper in comparison to zabugornom counterparts. However, based on the data of the General Staff, said the UAV is unable to be used long-term, particularly in the military criteria.

According to the newspaper "Izvestia", referring to the statement by the representative of the agency, "Pear" can only transmit images without reference to the terrain.

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The woman raised Europes largest butterfly


Saturnia pear, great nightlife Peacock Saturnia or pear — as they call giant butterfly, which has a wingspan of up to 16 (!) Centimeters. They are found in South and Central Europe, in Asia Minor, Iran, and … in the village of Glinsk Zdolbuniv district of Rivne region. — Autumn in the garden on a pear found two large orange caterpillar — says 64-year-old Valentina Yakubchik. — On the street it was already cool, so put them in a crock covered with a cloth on top, was carried into the house and … forgot.

In May of

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