Peel yourself a settle

Twig furniture is experiencing a comeback in popularity. The first chair I found of this type had been exposed to the weather for many years on an open porch in the woods of central Maine. It was grey and weathered, but still comfortable and sturdy. The iron nails pinning the parts together had rusted and stained the wood, but held with firm tenacity. It was there, ready for rest, at the end of each hike.

This was the first chair I had seen like this and I assumed it had been made there. Since then. I’ve found two others so

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Try exotic

Read more about the features and useful properties of overseas fruit, not to get lost in front with an exotic layout.


Longan is considered the motherland China, and the name of the fruit in Chinese means «dragon’s eye.» Like its close relative of lychees, longan has a light translucent pulp and large dense bone. The skin is thin and easy to clean, not crimson and yellowish-brown. This small-sized fruit, a huge number of useful properties. This tasty treat is not only a real storehouse of vitamins and minerals, but also possesses medicinal properties. Longan improves memory and activates

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Types of peeling

Peeling — way to remove the stratum corneum of the skin cells and protect the young growing cells. Most often used for exfoliating scrubs, creams and gels for the body, containing small particles of dense vegetation and artificial origin. In addition to exfoliating effect, scrubs have astringent and refreshing effect.

Oily skin with a scrub brush once a week, dry — once every 2 weeks. It is much more likely to use scrubs, elbows, knees, soles and other places subject to keratinization. All of these tools are mild exfoliation, which can be done at home. However, in the

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Bobruisk: police beat Ales Chyhir and Igor Khodko

After beating activists policemen carried about five hundred copies of "Freedom." Any documents that would allow them to these acts, the police did not show, said A.Chigirya.By Ales Chyhir, to help the two policemen, who first broke into the house, police pulled outfit of about 10 people. Policemen immediately tried to put out of the house printed materials."We sat on the floor in front of the door to prevent the police. Those rushed initially distract us, and later began to peel. Thrashed hands and batons. I broke his nose, Khodko lost consciousness. Currently lying on the couch. I called an

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In the bullpen in Akrestsin — 23 Protester

Staff agreed to the remand from relatives only warm clothes and personal hygiene items. Food does not pass any of those arrested.In the midst of those arrested — a favorite of the United civilian Party Anatoly Lebedko favorite business associations "Perspective" Anatoly Shumchanka businessman Vladimir Shiloh, youth activists Alyaksandr Barazenka, Ivan Mikhailov, Sergei Klyuyev, Artem Dubskiy and others.

Misha curves in court

5 people were in jail with injuries. Among them — Misha Kryvau. He said, "Radio Liberty" that all beaten in the "paddy wagon":"I was detained on Independence Avenue, dragged into a" paddy ", thrown on the floor. Spetsnaz

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American cars will eat oranges

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