Konstantin Leontiev. What and how our liberalism is bad? 1880.

In one of the latest issues of "Voices" published an article by Mr. Alexander Gradovsky under the title "Time of Troubles".

This article is dedicated to the protection of the "liberals" against people who accuse them of pandering to "revolutionary atrocities."

G. Gradovsky asks: "Is there, however, the basis for such a charge? Investigated whether not only the question of "complicity" of this mysterious "liberal" with the attackers, but even more simple question: what a Russian liberal?"

"Let's see what's up, shall find this mysterious liberal, which introduces such trouble truly poor in our

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Current Classics: Fyodor Dostovevsky

Between these … brought to Moscow Slavic children have, say, one child, a girl of about eight or nine, which often falls into a swoon, and for which particular care. She falls into a swoon at the memory: she, with my own eyes, I saw this summer, with both her father had been skinned Circassians and skin — all stripped. This memory at her relentlessly, and is likely to remain forever, maybe, over the years, in attenuated form, although, however, do not know whether there may be relaxed look. About civilization! About Europe, which is so hurt to their

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From the book by NN Insurance: The struggle with the West in our literature. Herzen 1882.


The era in which his views took shape Herzen was the most flourishing era of Westerners in Russian literature. It was the end of the thirties and early forties, while Stankevich, Granovsky, Belinsky, etc. Judging by the internal forces, the depth and consistency with which the minds imbued with a certain mood of thought, then we must admit Herzen's the biggest star in the galaxy of this initial Westerners. In a sense, Herzen was not just Westerners, that is not just a fan and imitator of the West, it was a Western man, which merged with the whole soul

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Geomagnetic storms for the Earth Natural Disaster

June 16, 2013. The participants of the international conference on the effects of space weather on the Earth, which took place last week, warned the international community that space weather can be a factor in a much more dangerous for the global economy than the economic recession, financial crises and even natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes.

A sudden geomagnetic storm caused by the solar wind and its interaction with the Earth's magnetosphere, can lead to disastrous consequences. This has already happened in modern history more than once. For example, in 1859, when the Earth has gone through

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Poverty in Britain

These British Department of Work and Pensions show that in 2010, an additional 900,000 people dropped below the poverty line, it was the first year in power, the government Cameron. Earlier this year, Oxfam said that currently in the UK more than 500,000 people rely on emergency food donations. Hence the conclusion — the doctrine of austerity does not benefit the community in Britain and around the world.

"The shocking reality is that hundreds of thousands of Britons are turning to food aid. Reducing social security gone too far, leading to poverty, deprivation and starvation

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Japan finishes heat wave

July 17, 2013. Heat over the past week in Japan claimed the lives of 16 people, from the beginning of July with heat stroke were admitted to hospital more than 13.6 thousand people, such data are released in Japan Fire Department, in charge of the ambulance service.

In just the first half of July from the heat 19 people died.

According to the data released earlier in June, heat stroke in the hospital received more than 4.2 thousand people. It is more than 2 times higher than in June last year. In June the average temperature across the country was

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I — German. Educate Yourself Russian

Yuri Kofner — Russian German. Convinced Eurasian. Born in Munich in 1988 graduated Klostergymnasium Schaftlarn in Bavaria and Clifton College in England. Moved to Russia in 2006, graduate of MGIMO (University) of the MFA of the Russian Federation, where he founded and headed the Eurasian debating club. The leader of the Eurasian Youth Movement "YOUNG afraid" and head of the Center for Eurasian, European co-operation at the Institute of Community. Expert INION. Area of interest: philosophy of Eurasia, Eurasian integration, the problems of socio-economic modernization project "Wider Europe"."I know one thing, and tell you a secret that,

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Major disasters in China.

Major disasters in China. It is interesting

Many of the most numerous disasters of modern times occurred in China.

China's great earthquake in China January 23, 1556. Underground talk paralyzed almost all of China, killing 830 thousand people, most of whom were killed by landslides of loess caves or under the mudslide. Some areas of China were depopulated by 60%. The number of victims who died from deprivation, disease and the effects of this earthquake is unknown, but it holds the leadership of the earthquake on the number of known victims. His power show surviving ancient walls, sometimes deposited in

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Record-high tides flooded the Marshall Islands

June 28, 2013. Tiny Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean flooded record tides that swept the capital city of Majuro and forced the government to welcome the U.S. rescue team with the words "welcome to the global warming."

The strong storm waves combined with high tides flooded the runway in Majuro.

With a warmer the water level in the oceans rise. An increase in temperature also means a stronger storm surges.

"From drought to floods — my people are suffering from the effects of climate change," — said the Minister of Marshall Islands Tony de Brum.

"Thousands of

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America becomes a country, working part-time

In other words, the actual employment agency with enhanced powers! The growth of the number of employees world-renowned company Kelly Services suggests that America becomes a country, working part-time or temporary. This, according to some experts — even more dangerous than chronic unemployment, since escape from the yoke of work on the side is more difficult than to look for a new position.   The unemployment rate is marking time: gain in the form of 195,000 new jobs were immediately "eaten" the continuing layoffs — as a result, the unemployment rate in June, the month was 7.6%,

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