Heat decimated hundreds of people

July 18, 2013. This week in the UK and Northern Ireland established a record hot weather. In some places, the thermometer rose to the level of +30 ° C. Residents of Albion, who are accustomed to the cold and rainy summer season is very hard to bear the tropical heat. The victims of weather anomalies were several hundred people, according to BBC. "With the coming nine days ago in the tropical heat, only in England to seven people died," — said at the London School of Hygiene.

Anomalous temperature established and overseas. In New York and Washington red-hot air to

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In the United States because of errors investigation were sentenced to death 27 people

FBI conducts unprecedented scale revision of old criminal cases. Experts have found that over the past 40 years as a result of errors of forensic experts to death were sentenced 27 people.

Official results of the federal test are not yet available, so the number of wrongly sentenced to death, people can grow, writes The Washington Post. The investigation is ongoing and is expected, its results will be announced in late August.

The newspaper said the FBI experts have already learned about 21.7 thousand cases and found them more than 120 errors

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In Indonesia experienced severe floods, there are victims

July 19, 2013. Two residents of the Indonesian province of South East Sulawesi were killed and almost 30,000 have been made homeless as a result of severe floods, said Friday the newspaper Jakarta Post.

"Two of the victims were residents of the colony and subdistricts Laeyya", — said the head of the district administration Konave South Imran (Imran). Almost continuous rain for the past few days has led to the fact that the area was under water for almost 80% of its territory, he added.

Total in South Konave flood inundated 227 villages completely destroyed 447 homes, damaged four bridges

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Of England, as anti-human public education in the history of mankind

The British Empire — one of the most bloodthirsty public entities in the history of mankind.

Just a few examples of the British bloodlust

"Fencing" — British elite to large-scale international crimes actually spent genocide of his people, eliminating much of the peasantry as a class of England, this process has been called the "fencing". Although people, this word does not carry negative charge — against evicted from their lands by peasants turned into vagabonds, beggars, adopted the so-called "Bloody legislation." These were the laws against vagrants and beggars, published in England in the late XV-XVI

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Herzens syndrome

In 1847, Alexander Herzen emigrated from Russia, because he believed his homeland focus of evil, a sort of "climax" of which he had seen in the execution of five participants in the uprising on December 14. He could not know that from 1775 (the suppression of the Pugachev rebellion and the execution of six of its leaders), and until 1847 the first — that is nearly 75 years old — was punishment Decembristsonlypenalty in Russia. Yet he refused to live in a country where this would unheard of cruelty.

However, less than one and a half years

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Japanese tradition. Nanking

Rukopozhatnye journalists in the subjects of the Japanese constantly extol the extraordinary loyalty to the traditions of the islanders. Well, as long as we do not put this idea into question. Let's talk about the traditions themselves.

Part 1. Nanjing. In December of 1937 under the impact of the Japanese Army troops left the Chinese Kuomintang capital — Nanjing. 6th and 16th Japanese Division entered the city. For the next six weeks, Japan had implemented its popular policy of "three clean of all" — "burn clean of all", "kill all clean of all", "steal clean

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Without electricity

The impact of weather on humanity constantly getting stronger and stronger. Winter 2009-2010. Thousands … hundreds of thousands of people remain without electricity due to severe frosts, snow and gale-force winds. Let's look at the situation in the world in more detail. The news weekly reflect the situation from February 8-14.


Snowfall and strong winds left without electricity for more than a thousand communities in Ukraine.

As of 7:00 (8:00 MSK) due to severe weather conditions in 12 regions of Ukraine 1000 41 de-energized town: in Mykolaiv (region) — 341, Odessa — 221 Vinnitsa — 141

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Trafficking in human organs in the U.S.

Waking up on the table for organ

A woman named Colleen Burns (Colleen Burns) recently opened her eyes and found herself on the operating table in a hospital in Syracuse (New York). Looking around, she noticed that the operations are performed on it. It was found that the doctors were going to cut her organs and send them to other surgeons, already waiting for their transplant patients.

This is not fiction. ReportedABC Newsand other news channels. It really happened.

And how did it happen? Doctors falsely declared her dead, they said

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Following the floods in northern India evacuated 110,000 people

July 3, 2013. In the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand after landslides and floods evacuated more than 110,000 people, according to local media.

The evacuation was carried out mainly by air. Also, the Indian military had to manually restore the flood washed away the bridge over which stuck in the flooded area residents were evacuated to safe areas. Large-scale operation to rescue people codenamed "Solar storm".

Last Tuesday near a Hindu temple Badrinath managed to save 150 pilgrims. According to the Army Staff of India, as a result of the disaster killed 830 people. According to other reports, the death

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How to survive in a magnetic storm?

Magnetic storm — It's quick and drastic changes in the magnetic field of the Earth, resulting in a period of high solar activity. Such changes will not have consequences for the inhabitants of the planet: a magnetic storm disrupts the function cardiovascular and digestive systems, the slow response of the central nervous system, reduces efficiency.

For example, the number of deteriorating health of coronary heart disease in the days of magnetic storms on50-55% More than on ordinary days. Of these, 25-27% Angina occurs on the eve of unfavorable days, the same — in the next day. Some weather-sensitive

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