Floods and landslides in Central America

Floods and landslides in Central America, Natural Disasters

Heavy rains have passed over Central America. Over the past week 80 people were killed by floods and landslides, destroyed bridges and flooded roads. Since there is no sign that the rain will subside, local authorities announced the alarm in the mountainous regions, where about 42 million.

On Monday, October 17 President of El Salvador said that the country's state of emergency. 32 people were killed and three were missing, about 32 thousand people were evacuated. In Guatemala, 29 people died, 13 — in Honduras, 8 — in Nicaragua. However, these figures

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Rumba was held in China

July 4, 2013. Tropical storm "Rumba" reached the coast of China and is moving from the south to the north-west. This is the sixth tropical storm in China this year, with his victims over the weekend were already 39 people, at least 13 people in the nine most affected areas so far unaccounted for.

Among the affected regions, where torrential rains caused landslides, flooding of rivers and as a result, large-scale flooding, were the south-western province of Sichuan and Inner Mongolia in the north, as well as the coastal provinces of Guangdong, Hainan and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

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Rolling, rolling blue car


On the night of May 6, 2013 a train from the Netherlands crashed in Belgium. Several tank cars derailed and lay down on his side. Of the tanks caught fire and resulted highly toxic substance containing cyanide, bombings. Were evacuated nearly 2,000 people. Chemicals fell into the sewer, because of this, about 50 people are still unable to return to their homes. Train driver admitted that he twice exceeded the allowed on this stretch of road speed.


July 6, 2013 was a train wreck in Canada. The composition of carrying 73

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Flooding in China: 11 dead

July 3, 2013. 11 people have died from flooding caused by torrential rains in the south-western province of China — Sichuan. Four more reported missing. Millions of people were injured in the disaster.

The precipitation in the city of Suining County exceeded 620 millimeters — the highest rate since 1951, according to ITAR-TASS.

In the 42 counties in the province affected 2.55 million people. More than 127,000 of them were evacuated to safe areas.

Destroyed about 6.6 thousand houses, destroyed crops on 119,000 hectares of fields. Especially dangerous is overflowing reservoir. According to the Province, 13 reservoirs have been

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Activation of the pyramids of the Earth



The obvious question is whether people tools that can protect them and to remove the threat of impending disaster? The answer is clear: yes, there is. The first and most effective way to protect — is to increase the spirituality of the people to raise the level of vibration fields that automatically ensure a smooth transition to higher dimensions without disasters and passing phases of physical death. For such scenarios require spiritual readiness of at least 50% of the inhabitants

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Disappearing behind pillars


The long-term familiarity with the testimony of witnesses who had the experience of being inside the so-called "Zhiguli mirages," inevitably raises the question — just a "mirage" inherently education of some passages between the various spaces — our and some others still, the location of which is still unknown?

Detailed analysis of the messages that we have carefully recorded and stored, no matter how strange they may seem at first to have produced results.

There was another reason which has induced us to search for such phenomena in the testimony of witnesses, seemingly unrelated

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The number of homeless people in Britain increased over the year by 23%

Charitable foundations of Britain reported that the number of people sleeping in the open in 2011 increased by almost a quarter from 1768 to 2181. The conclusions drawn on the basis of counting the British vagrants on the head. In London, an open-air falls asleep every day about 400 people.

In the United States as a result of shooting at a rap concert injured 13 people.

In the state of Arizona, USA, as a result of the shooting incident at a rap concert injuring 13 people. The incident occurred in front of a night club in g.Tempe, where he was to perform a concert Los Angeles rapper INPI Hassli.

Around midnight local time (morning of March 3 MSK) in the parking lot of the club shots rang out, followed by eye-witnesses saw two black men fleeing the scene. The suspects are wanted, the Associated Press reports citing police g.Tempe.

Of the 13 injured, two were hospitalized in serious condition. The police also did

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85 signs that you may be a terrorist

Lati publishes a list of 85 characteristics for which the FBI can bring you to the list of people requiring special attention and observation:

1) You are using the Google, to find their way in an unfamiliar city.

2) You are using Google Maps to view photos of stadiums.

3) On your PC you have installed the software for online data protection.

4) Are you trying to hide your computer screen from the looks of strangers.

5) You have shaved his beard or hair colored or changed your way of dressing.

6) You are sweating.

7) You avoid eye

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Overview of the situation in Europe

Consequences of snow on the road in Germany. Photo © AFP

Europe again experienced all the delights of snow and frost

Thermophilic Europe, despite the supposed onset of almost the middle of winter, still can not get used to the snow, frost and other customary for us manifestations of the coldest time of the year. The regular snowfalls and frosts in the beginning of 2010 set Europe on the brink of traffic jams, and had to stay longer and almost two thousand Russians planned to return to work after a holiday in the French Alps. Last

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