Floods in Romania caused the emergency evacuation

September 13, 2013. In the eastern region of Romania, Galati, there was a sudden flood of the rivers, which provoked a flood, which resulted in the deaths of eight people, including a minor child of Kudalbi. The boy drowned slipped from the hands of a parent, is trying as quickly as possible to get out of flooded homes.

Water crept so close to homes that arose an urgent need to evacuate the population. According to preliminary estimates, there are about 500 houses in Kudalbi flooded and uninhabitable, for the region, this figure is closer to 700. About 400

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Gone with the wind

America worships success and remains deaf to the pleas in distress. 9 months after Hurricane Sandy thousands of residents east coast of the United States remain without a roof over their heads. Lucky ones — have found shelter with relatives and friends, and the rest are crammed into shelters. They are no longer waiting for the promised widely publicized by the authorities — one hopes only on themselves. Or do not have hoped for anything.

In the last two days of October last year, the coastal areas of New York and New Jersey took over

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Death of the West. Part 9. Most frightened

Why are Christians allowed to have their faith and their God banished from their own churches? Why are they so little resistance? Napoleon claimed that God is on the side of superior forces. In America, Christians are still the majority, then God must be on their side. However, they are inferior — and infantry, and cavalry, and even Dragoons. In his book "The Long March" by Roger Kimball, editor of the "New Kraytirion" cultural front break ties with the weakening of the Conservatives:

"The long march of the American Cultural Revolution ended with success, which dared to dream that

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Soldiers unrighteousness

Timeworn America was once again shocked when I went on the internet photos of U.S. soldiers posing with the dismembered bodies of their slain Afghans.

Start gave the newspaper "Los Angeles Times", which placed shot a soldier with a severed hand on the shoulder of Taliban. Of signatures indicated that the military belongs to the 82nd Air Division of the United States, located in Afghanistan. Then, on the website of the newspaper there is another picture of a soldier who was holding a severed leg of his enemy. In the third photo, two soldiers posing with severed hand Taliban,

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The epidemic of insanity in the United States

USA covered the epidemic of mental illness. At least 10% of adults have a serious mental disorder, 25% of college students are depressed. The rapid plunge the nation into a frenzy was one of the causes of the economic crisis

In recent years, the decline of the U.S. has become a fashionable topic of discussion among economists and political scientists. But experts usually emphasize the economic indicators, ignoring a very important trend — the country is growing inexorably and without a high incidence of severe mental disorders.

The number of people suffering from

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Welder with Sergey Sevmash

Naval photographer Oleg Kuleshov talks about the new faces of the defense enterprises of Severodvinsk.

I will tell you not only about the boats, but also about people. Those who make and repair ships.Here is my first hero Sergei 21 years. 4 years working on the "Sevmash" welder and is currently production foreman. Here's what he told me about himself:— On the "Sevmash" I was very simple: he entered the "Sevmashvtuz." Now it is a branch of the Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after MV Lomonosov, where I study on plant-technical college system. This is when you learn to six

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Afghan flood ended in death of 4 people

September 12, 2013. A series of floods in north-eastern Afghanistan continues. This time, the target of the disaster became Zibak district of Badakhshan province, where, after a lengthy rain was flooded village Askitol. As often happens during a flood in one of the mountain slopes in the village formed a landslide, the consequences of which were fatal.

In Askitole 4 people died, the whereabouts of another 20 residents still do not have any information. It is reported that among the missing may have several children. The element of time to bring and property damage estimates by 34 foundations huts.

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The scientist says that vaccines are changing the traditional orientation of people



70-year-old Italian scholar, journalist and opponent of vaccination Jean Paolo Vanoli firmly believes that vaccines are able to change the traditional to non-traditional sexual orientation. This is a pernicious process Vanoli explains: "The vaccine is injected into the child, the child is growing and trying to find and understand their own personality. But the vaccine contains various substances that depressing effect on people if it enters the brain, and he lost the challenge of selecting and become gay. "

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The secret of the mysterious hum of British cities is not disclosed?



The mysterious buzzing sound is heard and recorded in such places on our planet, as Bristol (England), Bondi (Australia), Taos (New Mexico) and Lars (Scotland). These persistent, droning sounds distinctly heard at night in a completely different and far apart regions of our planet.

Despite a number of research still remains a mystery — why is this "noise" affects only a small percentage of the population? Complaints from the public about the annoying, low-frequency sounds began to come back

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The reset of Russia is more dangerous than open hostility

Interview with Director General of Foreign Policy Research Institute and initiatives Veronica Jurevna Krasheninnikova

— Veronica Yu, "non-standard diplomacy" of the new U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul has already made his newsmaker in our press. He recently said he is shocked by the extent of anti-Americanism in this country. I suppose that under anti-Americanism, he understands the criticisms of Moscow to Washington in funding opposition NGOs. Plus, our reluctance to believe in the United States declared peaceful purposes placing a missile defense system in Europe. Yes, probably, and more. But it is not a diplomat. Tell me, anti-Americanism

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