Let the American dream

According to the latest Census Bureau, in the United States, there are over 19 million empty houses and apartments. This is an absolute record in the history of the country

Virtually the entire Blank Real Estate — selected for the debts, put up for sale, abandoned houses and apartments. The concept of empty homes implies that inside objects nobody lives, their doors and windows boarded up, and electricity and water access off utilities.

Experts have estimated that the vacant property (from large condominiums for several families to tiny studio for one person) could easily fit 60 million people

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American doctors tended, planted drugs on the elderly

Residents of the United States over age 50 are much more likely to use drugs and potent drugs that are highly addictive. This is the conclusion reached by experts Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration — SAMHSA) and authoritative center Hanley (Hanley Center).

The main reason for drug addiction adults and the elderly is considered ambitions pharmaceutical corporations, which from year to year sales increase of opium preparations, as well as deficiencies in the national health care. It's no secret that quite often people become addicts because of the doctors who are

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In Colombia, there was another landslide

In Colombia, there was another landslide Natural Disasters

Extensive landslides occurred in the northeast of the Colombian province of Norte de Santader. The landslide was the result of heavy rains that contributed to the descent of an avalanche near the settlement Teorama. According to preliminary data, the debris may be about 20 — 30 residents of the settlement. Another 50 people in one way or another affected by the sudden shift of the earth formation.

As visibility is reduced in the region due to the ongoing rains, ground rescue operations are temporarily unable to continue. In the area

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Living underground


In the beliefs of almost all the nations present underground and cave dwellers. European gnomes, Zetta Norwegian, Irish seeds, Lapland chakli, Nenets sihirtya … In the Altai, in the 30-ies of the last century, members of the expedition Roerich told of strange people coming out of the caves and is paying the old coins, showed the ground littered with inputs, "which went Chud."

Legends of the kameneyuschih the sun dwarfs the inhabitants of the underworld of the great magicians and wise men recorded even in Polynesia and Australia! Myths and legends whether it's about actually existed, but

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U.S. students fell into debt slavery

American students and college graduates were again in the spotlight thanks to a few joyless financial news.

First, the total amount of debt banks outperformed students of ordinary users with credit cards. They owed more than a trillion dollars. Causes: high unemployment, low demand for newly minted professionals, as well as a large number of "college-by-night" who do not give a good education, and young people are driven into debt.

One of the former students in the state of California has admitted that he could not find a job even with three diplomas.

"Today is my duty for education

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Japan: Dogs and Demons. Foreword to the book.

The name «Dogs and Demons» is taken from an ancient Chinese legend. Chinese emperor asked the artist — who just draw, but someone is difficult, and the artist replied that just draw a demon and difficult — a dog. The reason, of course, is that the demon exists only in the mind of the artist and that he would not draw whatever bright colors and intricate lines are not used — it will all be good, right demon. And the dogs we see every day, so we draw a similar dog is not easy. The only answer to the

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Self-organization in the village of shots of the Arkhangelsk region

In the village of shots (Pinezhsky District of the Arkhangelsk region) live 450 people. It is located on a high bank of the beautiful Pinega. Earlier this village was the manor farm, it had all the necessary to live and work infrastructure. When the farm is gone, everything has fallen into decay.

Shots (Arkhangelsk Oblast)

Villagers at a general gathering decided and organized territorial self-government (TOC) in the interests of the community service projects in their village. To participate in the contest "Rural Initiative 2003" CBT has developed the first and most ambitious project, called "The Road to the Temple."

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UN News Centre: In 2010, there were more than 370 natural disasters

In 2010, there were more than 370 natural disasters, which killed 300,000 people. In general, from earthquakes, hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters in the last year in one way or another affected over 210 million people. Economic losses totaled 110 billion U.S. dollars.

It is reported by the inter-agency secretariat of the UN International Strategy for Disaster Reduction.

The devastating earthquake in Haiti killed 222,500 people. As a result of the summer heat and wildfires in Russia killed an estimated 56,000 people.

In February 2011, the General Assembly will hold a special thematic session on disaster reduction. It will

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To South America has fallen snow

July 26, 2013. Natural anomaly observed in the Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay. Snow in those countries did not drop more than 20 years, reports "Uralinformbjuro."

The air temperature dropped to minus 10 degrees, while the norm at this time of year is a plus 3. Cold wave, which covered South America, came from Antarctica.

Approximately 11,000 homeless people in Sao Paulo were urgently evacuated to temporary shelters. Total in Brazil from the cold killed nine people in Argentina — six of them, write federal media.

In Brazil, closed several roads, including federal. Doctors have recorded growth of

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Religious tolerance in Hebrew

The girl in a bathing suit, Tofi, offers monkey talk about the crucifixion of Jesus and claims that he was an enemy of the Jewish people

Screen Saver: A lesson on the history of a Tofi and Goriloy. Tofi: Shalom, you still waited for a history lesson with Tofi and Goriloy Monkey: grimacing nods Tofi: I xochu talk to you about some of the key moments of the history of the Jewish people — from drevnix times to the present Monkey: according moos Tofi: Today we tell about the crucifixion Eshuya. Have you ever heard of Eshuya?

Monkey: I

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