Japanese tradition. Manila

Rukopozhatnye journalists in the subjects of the Japanese constantly extol the extraordinary loyalty to the traditions of the islanders. Well, as long as we do not put this idea into question. Let's talk about the traditions themselves.

Part 3. Manila

Manila — the capital of the Philippines. The city was built by the Spanish in the late 16th century. During World War II, Manila — the residence of the collaborationist government, captured by the Japanese islands.

At the beginning of February 1945 under pressure from the U.S. Army Japanese command decides to leave the city. Army headquarters was moved

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No wonder the car's occupants were killed in a landslide in China

July 30, 2013. Chinese news agencies have distributed video landslide on the car. The incident occurred in Shaanxi province in the center of the country. Fortunately, none of the four people who were in the car, was not injured.

The car was moving along a mountain road when he collapsed right on the mass of earth and stones. The car ehavshaya back, managed to brake and not hit by a landslide. Of the affected cars themselves have got two people, two more later recovered by rescuers.

Strong rains came in Shaanxi Province during the month. It is they who

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Minions of Satan: the Jews — an absolute evil. From the book by Jean Delumeau — Horror in the West.

From the comments to the previous article:

… Good article. The official media bypass the topic of anti-Semitism in medieval Europe side and give the impression that Judeophobia — it's just a brief flash in the history of the West and is associated with a frenzy of individual characters, who headed a particular political system. It's funny, but the Jews themselves have convinced themselves that all matter in Hitler … as you wish, but if I wanted to be a Jew in Europe in the year since the 2038th.

Conclusion. New threat: converts to the faith

Yet the enemy,

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Liner Costa Concordia ran aground on the non-existent rock

January 14. Captain of wrecked off the coast of Tuscany, the Italian cruise liner Costa Concordia Schettino Franco (Franco Schettino) claims that his ship ran into rocks that were not included on the navigation map, local media reported.

Initially it was reported that the ship Costa Concordia, which was carrying more than 4.2 thousand people, including Russian tourists on Saturday night ran aground near the island of Giglio (Giglio) off the coast of Tuscany. As a result of the accident, at least three people were killed and 40 were injured, including two seriously. However, these data are not conclusive:

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America — gilding showered, teeth turn black

According to a study of some dental organizations, U.S. residents are increasingly choosing to treat teeth to the emergency room (Emergency Rooms — ER). The reasons — too expensive medical care, lack of insurance and lack of professional dentists.

If a quarter of a century ago, the Americans were visiting dentists for prevention, but now they do not even pay attention to small problems with the teeth.

In emergency rooms, they are usually treated in the case of extreme pain or bleeding. In most receiving emergency dentists do not work. Therefore, doctors can not provide full assistance to sick

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Alaverdi for the CIA

Recently, on the site of "Military Review" published an article about how the West perceives Russia, its history, culture, geography, industry and the economy. This article was created on the basis of materials from the site of the Central Intelligence Agency, where the most detailed manner described Russia. And the description is done in such a way that any adequate person understands the nature of the information provided by the CIA as calculated on the poorly educated representative of modern Western society, who after reading siih materials should make the "correct" view of the distant snow-covered and certainly Russia.

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Alabama dominated storms

Alabama dominated storms Natural Disasters

According to the Red Cross, storms and a tornado sweeping through the U.S. state of Alabama, caused the destruction of more than two hundred houses. More residential and business premises were damaged. According to preliminary estimates, at least two people were killed in the storm, hundreds more were injured. Throughout the state officially declared state of emergency.

As it turned out, hardest hit Jefferson County, which had come from two of the victims, and it was located in Clay. Wind speed near the city reached 240 km / h Elementary School, the Center

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The research agency Gallup showed that about five million working Americans are not going to file tax returns because of lack of funds.

Some experts predict that the tax season 2010 — 2011 Year his "main duty" before the state will perform a record low number of people in the United States.

The vast majority of "forced defaulters" — the middle class. This social layer is most affected by the economic crisis.

Also, studies have shown that Americans have not experienced before tax office IRS (Internal Revenue Service) that terrible fear, which was still 10 — 15 years ago.

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I can not figure out how to eat less

At a meeting with Senator Tom Harkin (Tom Harkin — Democrat, Iowa), one woman broke down in tears during the debate over President Barack Obama's plan to introduce additional reduction of social security. During this year, the White House considers the project cuts, known as «chained CPI», in which proposed a more stringent test subsistence minimum social security system, which means that older people need to change their buying habits, as some products become more expensive.

Lawyers for the group Social Security Works said, that compared with the current state, a person who enters into

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In China, the earthquake caused a flood: 21 victims

July 27, 2013. At least 21 people were killed and four missing in floods and landslides that struck the Chinese province, where more than 95 people died after the earthquake, state media reported on Saturday.

Floods, landslides and rockfalls were reported Thursday in the northwestern Gansu Province after heavy rains, Xinhua news agency reported, citing the local government.

Several villages and provinces have been blocked, torn power lines due to landslides.

In one village, more than half of the houses were destroyed. The authorities have ordered the evacuation of 30,000 people, as weather forecasters promise heavy rains in the near

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