In the southern part of Colombia landslide

July 19, 2013. The landslide came down from the hilly area on the roadway in the southern Colombian department of Huila, caused the death of six people. Except for the people below the soil surface were two houses situated by the road linking the city Suazo, Huila, and the city of Florencia Caquetá department, as well as an ambulance and a truck.

Dozens of local residents, which was quickly removed from the struck a hill, in a matter of urgency to the hospitals and Garzuna Suazo department of Huila. Survived a further 26 Colombians caught in the dam

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River Urca, in the Amur region, residents left homeless by the whole village

July 21, 2013. Rescuers had to the Amur region on an emergency basis evacuate whole village. Due to heavy rains left the shores of the river Urca. Within a few hours the water level rose by half a meter. Flooded all homes. The village is cut off from the world. Not only affected local school — it is located in an elevated position. There have placed part of the evacuees. The others were taken to nearby towns.

Residents from the flooded village Ivanivka evacuated by helicopters. Sent E-26 — one of the most spacious cars — or simply

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American teenagers do not want to live

The number of suicides among teenagers in the United States reached a record high — according to data of the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — CDC), which have already been reported this year that depression, drug and alcohol passion, penchant for sadism and sexual aggression can be considered as the characteristic features of today's young people aged 13 to 19 years.

One in five American teenager in an anonymous survey admitted that he seriously contemplated suicide. And many could not even name the reason for this decision.

"This world is not

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To realize the dragon

In Russia — the war. She recalls a fight with the hydra, which instead of a severed head grow two new ones. The more successful special operations, the more terrorist attacks and the new special operations — if the math does not lie, then at some point, such a fight ends in a hydra. Usually this happens when not fighting the enemy sees something in their own head. The experience of successful wars of mankind gives a hint that it's time to save the power of the mind to connect. The correspondent of "PP" went into Dagestan, to test

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Nearly 6,000 people are still missing after the floods in India

July 23, 2013. On Monday, the Indian authorities released figures on the number of people who are still missing after the large-scale flooding in the north of the country. This number is 5748 people.

According to the chief minister of the state of Uttarakhand Vijay Bahuguna, the families of people reported missing, may be eligible for financial assistance from the state. In addition to compensation from the federal government, the state government will pay each family that lost people, in 150,000 rupees (2.5 thousand U.S. dollars), according to Reuters.

With more than 4.6 thousand of those that were

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With the addition. Fertility in Moscow broke the record

According to city officials, the birth rate in Moscow this year, compared with 2009 increased by 16 thousand people. For example, in 2009 in Moscow hospitals appeared 116 thousand babies in 2010 — 123 thousand, in 2011 — 125 thousand. 2012 broke all records demographics: about 132 thousand newborns appeared in the families of Muscovites.

At the same mortality rates as compared to the previous years has greatly decreased. In 2009 and 2011 they were 120 thousand, in 2010 — 126 thousand, and in 2012 — 112.5 thousand people. These data allowed us to talk about the natural

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America! You have something to fear

During times of forced lies, confusion and silly diversions our "fourth power" narrowed down to the fifth column of corporate government. Americans are well informed regarding celebrities, entertainment, sports, and weather, but when it comes to the awareness of the people needed to make an informed vote, understanding that there is actually a corporate government, or the understanding of environmental issues, corporate media is hardly more than means of promoting special interests. And when it comes to complex relations with the states and their citizens rest of the world, inhabited by 95% of people who are not Americans …

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Flooding in India claimed thousands of lives

July 17, 2013. In India, the floods about 6,000 people are still missing. Indian authorities believe that the majority of people still ranking in this mournful list, apparently dead.

According to the official statistics, the current floods in India, killing about 800 people.

Recall that the heavy rainfall in the period from June 14 to 17 resulted in severe river flooding, landslides and floods Rescue services have speculated that the number of victims of the disaster can be increased by 10 times.

It should be noted that there continues rescue work. Local authorities have promised that the families of

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The number of victims of the earthquake in China is approaching 50

July 22, 2013. At least 47 people were killed in a powerful earthquake in Gansu Province in northwest China, the number of detected injured. Only serious wounded about 300 people, local media reported with reference to the data of the provincial government.

The basis earthquake hit came in the county Minsyan where completely destroyed 20% of homes, and 60% of the buildings sustained substantial damage.

The earthquake of magnitude 6.6 was recorded at 07:45 local time (3:45 MSK) on Monday at the border counties and Minsyan Chzhansyan.



Earthquake in China: The death toll grows

July 22,

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Americans rob and kill each other for the sake of fashion gadgets

Since the beginning of the year in the United States has increased dramatically the number of crimes, the main reason that became fashionable device from the company Apple — Phones iPhone, iPad tablet and your iPod. For the possession of these electronic devices (cost — from $ 100 to $ 700), the criminals are willing to cheat, beating, torture, rape and even murder.

Historical precedents happening forensic psychologists can not find. However, some experts say is taken seriously: the producers of electronics fashion "to turbidity reason tens of thousands of Americans."

Some see the reason is that Apple products

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