North China fights with snowfall

North China fights with snowfall Weather and Climate

Despite the fact that the heavy snowfalls are not considered rare in the northern part of China, but the storm that swept the region for several days in mid-November of this really worth considering. As the Weather Service, Heilongjiang Province, one morning in Hegane formed a layer of snow as thick as 50 cm, which has not happened for about 50 years in a row.

Of course, such a heavy snowfall could not help but reflect on the work of local highways, in many communities were broken under the weight

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Photos from the

Soufriere Hills volcano erupted on the Caribbean island of Montserrat. (AP Photo / Wayne Fenton)

This photographic images of various parts of the world, which records the abnormal weather phenomena. Many of them have received press attention, some were mentioned in the slide, either intentionally or by accident we do not know. Looking integrity of the post can imagine what is happening on the planet. The main thing is that the fact remains — it happened and it continues.

Pictures are clickable.

A man and a dog sitting on the steps of

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In London you do not want

Then I saw people wrote below pros London. Now a little about the cons. I happen to live there, too, and learn.

1) There is no central heating system, as we have. That is in the house served only cold water, and electricity. So, if you live in central London it is usually worth burzhuyka in the house, it periodically buy a gas cylinder with a dear dear Gazkom from Gazprom itself and heated. Water tap and batteries is the same. That is podbavil Gazkom, it was warm in the room, went down to wash all the water warmed

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Flooding occurs: Thousands of Russians caught in the disaster zone

August 9, 2013. Over the past day flooded regions on the map of Russia became even more. To distress the Far East and the Urals Volga added. In Bashkiria in the flood zone were more than 500 homes, hundreds of people were evacuated.

After heavy rains washed away roads, the traffic at 11 sites completely blocked. In one district of Bashkortostan, where once flooded 10 settlements, declared a state of emergency. The critical situation is in the Chelyabinsk region, where in the last day, according to weather forecasters, has dropped more than two months of normal rainfall.


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The history of the American West told by Indians

Their manners are decent and worthy of praise

Where now the Pequot? Where Narragansett, Mohicans, pokanokety and many other powerful tribes of our people? They absorbed the greed and oppression of the white man, as snow absorbs the rays of the summer sun. We will give in turn to destroy itself without a fight, leaving our home country bequeathed to us by the Great Spirit, the graves of our ancestors and all that we hold dear and sacred? I know you shout with me: "No, never!" Tecumseh of the Shawnee

So it has been with Christopher Columbus, who called

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Information war against Putin — the war against the great Russia

Information and intellectual attack on Putin both domestically and abroad continues after his taking office. 29 May in the pages of Financial Times published on its monstrous bias, rudeness and falsehood article two fairly well-known figures in the West: Ian Bremmer, president of the group "Eurasia", and Nouriel Roubini, chairman of Roubini Global Economics Monitor. The essence of the article the newspaper "Vedomosti" sums up as follows: "Neither the political nor an economic point of view, Russia can not be considered as one of the leading countries, and its participation in the G8 and BRIC does not make sense.

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Flooding in Haiti

Flooding in Haiti, Natural disasters

In the city of Cap-Haitien on the north coast of Haiti Islands was a flood, which killed about 16 people, three of them were children. Flooding occurred suddenly, and many dead were not able to withstand the gushing water on the streets unsettled poor suburb of the capital of the Northern Department of Haiti. Due to flooding at the same time killed four people, who were members of the same family. The corpses of some islanders floated in the streets. Rescuers estimated water damage is extremely difficult, because there were all flooded residential neighborhoods of

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Photo: Flood in the Amur region — the peak is not passed

The water level in the rivers Amur and Zeya, at the confluence of Blagoveshchensk, which is the administrative center of Amur Oblast, has already reached eight meters. According to the MOE, in 15 districts of the Amur region flooded 62 settlements. Photo report Ivan Belozerova.

August 14, 2013.

Because of the flood of the river Zeya in Blagoveshchensk almost completely flooded the nearby village Volodymyrivka.

The floods caused by unusually heavy rains continued in the Far East for three weeks. Ministry of Emergency Situations reports that their peak has not

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Earthquake in Myanmar

Earthquake in Myanmar Natural Disasters

In the mountainous region of northern Myanmar, an earthquake, a magnitude of which was originally identified as a 7.0 magnitude, but later reduced to 6.8 points. Depth shock, recorded only 186 km from the city of Mandalay, was 9.8 km. According to local media reports, the death toll was at least 5 people. All of them at the time of death were near collapsing bridge, which run through the Irrawaddy River, the bridge was built by 80%.

In areas of the country, close to the epicenter, there have been numerous destruction, people received

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Echo Musqueam — Reserve not frightened liberoidov.

Today, dear lovers of wildlife, we'll visit a nature reserve protected by the state liberoidov and observe their behavior in their natural habitat. Careful not to scare liberoidov, do not talk, and light lanterns. The animals can not tolerate human speech and of God's light. Be patient, soon your eyes adjust to the darkness …

Minute, and you can already see these extraordinary creatures. Here they are, pressed their backs against the cold damp caves, arches homes. Whistling, which you hear — it's not the sound of wind, it is never — so talk to each other very clever individual

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