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Oleg Vereshchagin

Marvelous, brothers, cases prosecutors.

They will trace in folk embroidery Nazi symbols. That alienated some of the prosecutors is that the people giggle, "And you, in blue uniforms …" Then announce the promotion of nationalism … Pushkin’s poems. Then be charged with the whole city of xenophobia. In general, does not know she got tired in the zeal of the affairs of the people. Is that wolves and foxes — as in the Middle Ages — not yet officially judged.

But the focus of the prosecutor’s office last steep as Mount Ararat. Even for her, my homeland. [Cut]

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As the melted Rossiyanka (mind blowing video)

When you read that on the construction of the complex NLMK blast furnace number 7 (Russia’s) daily were employed to 5,000 people — the brain refuses to accept the scale of numbers. When in front of the eyes — picture dokfilma about "Russian woman", filmed by the federal TV channel Russia-24, the story finally scaled:

After watching a truly sparkling film is not superfluous to fix all the details of the project in an interview with "Metal Supply and Sales" NLMK CEO Igor Anisimov and senior executive vice president of the company Paul Wurth Andre Kremer.


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At the Kemerovo district built a new bridge

The bridge over the river was opened in the village Novopodikovo.

 Photo source:sibnovosti.ru

Previous bridge for 10 years was in a dangerous condition. Temporary crossing on spring river overflowing demolished each year.

Total population in the village of 103 people, 68 of them — vacationers. At the grand event were not only locals but also people from neighboring villages.

"We need to sustain the life of small villages, — said the head of the district Ilya Seredyuk. — Once people live here, do not go anywhere — so they need help. In our district, there are villages

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Ostriches. Oleg Vereshchagin

Police revealed details of the operation, during which the Yekaterinburg was detained by a group of pimps who traded child, frame-real time images were shocking proof of guilt — in front of the detention of men spent their time in the company of naked children, and the operation itself was preceded by a test purchases, where the product was 15 year-old child, and he asked for 30,000 rubles.

The footage, taken a few minutes after the arrest of suspects, it is clear that in the apartment, except for adult males are still seven children. All — boys aged 9 to

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How are liberal myths

The recipe is simple: a little manipulation, lies and a little more emotion. And — another "duck" of Russia is ready. After the conversation was about information warfare, not bad deal in the kitchen stryapaniya liberal myths about our country. Lie is always several steps.

Step One: "Reckless quote."

Radio "Echo of Moscow", Saturday, 1/15/2011, the program «Dura Lex»

In the studio, Michael Barshcheuski and Chairman of the Audit Chamber Sergei Stepashin. Nice talking with each other Happy New Year congratulations. http://echo.msk.ru/programs/lex/741179-echo/

Sergei Stepashin feel relaxed and comfortable. And he said the following words in a

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SOS button for the veteran

For several months, the program works in Moscow "panic buttons." While it covers only 400 elderly subscribers, but by year’s end emergency communications with the control station will provide 15 thousand veterans. Pressure, heart, leaking faucet or just razduharilis young people under the windows — the operators of the new call-center are equally sensitive to any signals.

 Photo source:rosbalt.ru

Moscow House of veterans of wars and armed forces. Here, in one of the rooms, turned the main headquarters of the social controllers. It is thanks to them that the elderly no longer have to keep in mind with

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At times, or even a few dozen times

 Photo source:primamedia.ru

After the exercise "Vigilant Eagle 2011" at the far east, Guard Air Force Lt. Col. Sergei Pokhilenko commented on the current state of the flight training of pilots:

"If you compare with the nineties, at times, or even a few dozen times fly more and more. Not only do we fly, and more young people come — young people are preparing. With that very intense. "

Look into the hole

In the Russian space exploration has begun a new era. After launching into space observatory "Radioastron", which will be considered with unprecedented accuracy black holes and tunnels in the search for other worlds, we went back to the most advanced positions in science. Launching a satellite into orbit, Russia has created the world’s largest telescope. Together with the ground stations of its size — 330 000 kilometers. For the realization of this project took twenty-five years "Zenith" was launched on July 18 at 8:00 31 minutes, local time, or at 6.31 Moscow time. The rocket went quietly into an

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Seliger towing vessel was launched on the

Ship "Seliger" project 11982: length — 59.7 m, width — 10.8 m, displacement — about 1,117 tons, speed — 13 knots, range — 1,000 miles, the crew — 16 people and 9 people expedition.

In Kaliningrad, on the Shipyard "Yantar" launched the unique research vessel "Seliger". This is the first-born of vessels intended for testing new techniques and research gubokovodnoy bottom of the ocean.

On board the "Seliger" will be based most modern rescue equipment and deep. Already tested two manned vehicle "Rus" and "The Consul," which is not inferior to the famous bathyscaphe "The

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In the Krasnoyarsk region opened another FLC

July 30, the Sharypovo the opening of a fitness center (FOC) "Siberia", timed to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the city.

Fitness center was built as part of regional departmental target program "Development of physical culture and sports in the Krasnoyarsk Territory in 2011-2013.".

In Fox will have two gyms: universal game room of 27.0 x 45.0 m, where you can play football, volleyball, basketball, rugby and other sports. For viewers equipped stands at 200 people. The second hall — fitness — an area 12.0 x6, 0 m

The entrance to the complex is equipped

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