So what makes Moscow?

The head of the presidential administration, Sergei Ivanov did not realize that produces Moscow. And so he said, "What is the residents of Moscow? It janitors, drivers, office plankton, journalists … Officials agree. Service sector and trade. In extreme cases bloggers. There is a specialty. That the 15-20 millionth mass produce? Absolutely nothing. Intellectual property? Question doubtful. Take Novosibirsk, where produce high-tech products, aircraft assemblies for nuclear reactors that are sought after around the world. There produce products with which to pay taxes. What is produced in Moscow, I do not understand. " Rhetorical question Ivanov deserves two answers.

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In the village of Tatar Sugut (Chuvashia) opened a school for 200 people with

kindergarten for 40 people

A new school in the village of Tatar Sugut meets all modern requirements and there instead of the old buildings built in the 1960s and 70s the economic way. Estimated cost — 145,300,000 rubles. The new school year enrollment is 174 students. Annexe to accommodate pre-school groups is designed for 40 people, all of them fully equipped.

Conditions in the new school great: spacious classrooms, a gymnasium with shower and cloakroom, auditorium, workshops, dining room with modern nutrition unit at the main entrance is a ramp for access to people with limited mobility.

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Around 50,000 people took part in the clean bloggers in the CIS

The number of volunteers who participated in the clean bloggers on September 14 in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus has increased over last year by almost a factor of 2 to50,000 people, said Tuesday the mastermind work day, blogger Sergei share.

Just a volunteer this year was attended by 220 cities in Russia from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka, as well as a number of cities in Ukraine and Belarus. In the capital, the volunteers cleaned to five sites, which became the center of the national park "Elk Island". There’s activists have collected more than 800 bags of trash.

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In Perm, a monument to Saint Blessed Peter and Fevronia of Murom

At the opening of the sculpture "Saints Peter and Fevronia" in Perm read Pushkin, sang songs and were married four couples.

And the icon with the relics of Saints Murom, which was brought from Moscow, Perm asked to marital happiness for themselves and their children.

On Saturday, September 28, in Perm, in the square outside the Siberian (next to the Heart Institute) opened a sculpture "Saint blessed Peter and Fevronia of Murom." Peter and Fevronia revered by Orthodox believers as protectors of family and marriage. Their marital union is considered a model

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Syktyvkar gone for new experiences

To the north, Russia go for new experiences, health, knowledge and testing, hunting and fishing trophies. In the Republic of Komi has all the conditions for the development of tourism: the unique historical and cultural monuments, lively festivals and ceremonial traditions, extensive grounds with a variety of landscapes and climatic features.

But the way this neblizok, for large distances in the region, and on the way meets a curious lot. So the best way to travel in the region — on the train.

Is embarking on a journey from the capital of the Komi Republic

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New heroes Empire

"Avoid those who are trying to undermine your self-confidence. This trait is characterized by small people. A great man, by contrast, inspires you the feeling that you can become great. "

(C) Mark Twain

It’s time to stop cultivating the spirit of hopelessness and despair! …

As you know, a great many so-called "Russian media" is now heavily dependent on grants from foreign countries hostile to us. Therefore, they inspire people view his disability, we are stuffed "porn" criminal "seamy side", paintings of decline. In short — kill spiritually. Judging from the news

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For explanation — Kazakh version.

I’ll be brief. It was too good focus at this site. In his explanation of a similar version of the run, but only for the people of Kazakhstan. He called the case (That worthy of pride) Request to the people — on the basis of RLS site and your personal preferences, what advice would you give regarding registration voiced my site. Actually, here is the link

I would be glad of any criticism and suggestions on the articles, the fact that clean and change in design, headings, the basement, the site header, etc. For one

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FT: Portugal emigrate each year more than 100,000 people

The number of immigrants from Portugal rose to 100,000 people annually, writes The Financial Times. "100,000 — a huge wave of emigration to a country of 10 million people," — says sociologist João Peixoto.

A similar level was observed in the country in 1960, but then left the country ill-educated citizens, mostly employees of the agricultural sector. Now emigrate highly skilled professionals from the cities.

Unemployment rate steady at 16.4%, and the percentage of unemployed people under 25 years old is much higher — about 37. The deep economic recession is one of the reasons

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Some figures about the demographics of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

For those who are interested, a little food for thought.


The data below show the magnitude decrease (increase) the natural decline in Russia by months in 2013 compared to 2012 as seen in the general tendency to reduce attrition (attrition write it, as for 2012, we have observed an annual natural decline population).


















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Heroes without gold stars, Salvation Komsomolsk-on-Amur

Recently, the majority of our fellow citizens, responding to a question about whether there are real heroes of our time, show a grin, saying something like this:Yes, some heroes? Some "buy-sell" and "take what is bad" circle. Werewolves in epaulets, corrupt prosecutors, mayors, presidents, judges and others. Heroes in the past.With this judgment can agree, well, just kind of taking into consideration the thesis that "There were people in our time!" Agree with this one hundred percent impossible by definition. The reason is that the TV screens and newspaper pages from the first we more often broadcast on robbery,

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