Homeless people in the U.S.

American homeless: reliable statistics on the number of homeless people do not have

Approximately 3.5 million people (about one hundredth citizen of the country) in the U.S. have the experience of living on the street for a long period, of which 1.35 million — children.


For example, in New York City shelters each night sleeps more than 37 thousand homeless people, of which 16 thousand — children. These conclusions were reached by Research Institute of Urban Urban Institute in 2000. However, these data may be underestimated.

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Racism and Nazism in the U.S. stormed to new heights …

Talking about the ideas of ethnic and religious intolerance, recently we increasingly pay attention either to the state of the Baltic republics with their division into those who are "up to the 40th" and "after the 40th" or the Arab East or Afghanistan where the radical Islamist currents are often placed very real extremist dictatorship.

Often, there are materials and on Russia, which provides information on the situation of xenophobia and religious intolerance in certain groups of the population. In this case, people who identify themselves as domestic "democratic" opposition, has been criticized ever "loyal"

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There is a record: barque Sedov in Hong Kong attended by more than 21 thousand people

The world’s largest four-masted sailing ship "Sedov", circumnavigate the world, during his stay in Hong Kong attended by more than 21 thousand people, which is a new record attendance of the barge, reported RIA "Novosti" the representative of the Federal Agency for Fisheries Love Elkin.

Barque "Sedov" is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s largest sailing ship, its length — 117.5 m, sail area — more than 4 million square meters. In circumnavigation "Sedov" left May 20, 2012 in St. Petersburg, on board — 70 crew and 170 sea cadets Russia.

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In Madrid, demonstrators in clashes and police arrested

45 people, 40 injured

In Madrid during the Spanish police disperse protesters arrested 45 people, according to Reuters.

In clashes with police injured 40 people, including 12 policemen.

The riots began when most of the demonstrators began to disperse to their homes. Protesters set fire to cars, trash cans, breaking shop windows and veranda cafe. Police used batons during arrests and rubber bullets.

In Spain, there were mass demonstrations against austerity measures, aimed at reducing the budget deficit, as well as against government corruption.

In Spain, the growing dissatisfaction with the

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In Russia won misery!


The second year in a row there is no beggars, say experts from the Center for Strategic Research

"In Russia defeated poverty!" — Proclaimed experts of the Center for Strategic Research (CSR). This was accomplished by filling with oil money social budget items parry interviewed "KP" experts. Poverty as a result can not, and poverty remains, and to overcome it will be much more difficult.


Analysts CSR famous for their alarmist statements — that the

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Beggar rich China

We admire China so it’s time to sort out. Immediately agree that the problems in Russia, no less. That’s just the Russian economy is not yet at # 2 in the world and certainly no one admires Russia as China. First official Chinese data. Over the 30 years of reform of the poor quarter billion left 21.48 million people in 2006. But for some reason formally 1,480 thousand villages in the poverty rate was 33% of the total population. These numbers just do not add up. Even if we recognize that all the poor live

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Russian language — as the air

Prepare the new history textbooks without double interpretations, written by a good Russian language, called the president at a meeting of the Council for Inter-Ethnic Relations.

A key theme of the meeting was the strengthening of the Russian language and history lessons in schools. "Our basic goal — to strengthen the harmony and concord in the multinational Russian society that people, regardless of their ethnicity, religion, saw themselves as citizens of a single country," — said Vladimir Putin. In this — the key to successful development of the state, he said.

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21 February — International Mother Language Day

Once people spoke the same language (modern linguists refer to it as Pramirovoy language). For hundreds of years the situation has changed: today, there are about 5-6 thousand languages. Russian language — one of the most common. Today, on International Mother Language Day let us remember what a beautiful and rich language we inherited, and we will try to comply with its purity. Of course, other languages are also interesting and good, but the native language is undoubtedly the most intimate — we are in it we communicate and think.

 The exhibition is dedicated to

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Why spies like scientists

Stumbled on one interview, I wanted to share with you. In a sense, it is also suited to the site — these people have made.

Why spies like scientists


Scout-illegal Andrey Bezrukov, "If you behave like James Bond, you have enough for half a day."

Donald Heathfield owned a consulting company in the United States, was educated at Harvard and raised two children with his wife. He was quite successful American citizen. Hardly anyone of his friends and colleagues could have imagined that Donald Heathfield real name is Andrey Bezrukov and

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At the railway station, Omsk earned new lifts for the disabled and

low mobility of citizens


February 21, on a commuter train station station "Omsk-Passenger" commissioned two elevator type lift for the disabled and people with limited mobility. The devices allow users to go down to the trains from the viaduct either rise to the platform on arrival. At the same time take advantage of the lift can be up to 13 passengers. The construction of elevators provided under an agreement between the Government of the Omsk region and Open Joint Stock Company "Russian Railways" and the long-term regional target program "Accessible Environment". The total cost of the

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