Tiny but strong-willed island

When the Union was dissolved, in Vologda was a rumor that the island [Christ Stone, Lake. Kubenskoe] settled people. They did not understand that if the watchman. Just watch out there? Stones, and the sky above your head … Because reporters learned that a man named Pligin it your own — Vologda. Up to 40 years there was a man like everyone else, was a good engineer … He is married and has three children. And suddenly dropped everything and went to the island.

By one person in a complex 90 the restoration of the monastery on the island. In

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New pool opened in Pskov and Tatarstan

About 60 people at a time can take PskovGU pool, built in the framework of the "500 pools." This was announced by Vice-rector for administrative work and social development PskovGU Vladimir Moiseev at a press conference on December 20 on the opening of the pool.

Pool length "University students" is 25 meters, width — 16, maximum depth — 180 cm, and pool deck has six tracks.

In the region of Tatarstan Drozhzhanovsky opened two socially significant objects — swimming pool "Akcharlak" and multi-center.

The new pool is the only major sports facility in the area. There was an opportunity

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Employment and unemployment in Russia in November 2012

Rosstat summed up the sample survey on employment as of the second week of November 2012.

The economically active population aged 15-72 years (employed + unemployed) in November 2012. amounted to 75.5 million people, or more than 53% of the total population of the country.

In the economically active population of 71.5 million people were classified as engaged in economic activity and 4.1 million people — as unemployed using the ILO criteria (ie, had no job or gainful employment, looking for work and were ready to start surveyed in week).

The unemployment rate (the

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Ambulance Maritime and disabled the Tambov region. got new cars

Transfer of the first 13 cars "first aid" UAZ today, December 20, had been sent to health facilities Primorye. The remaining 27 cars will be given until the end of the week.The first 13 cars get Arsenyev City Hospital, Dalnegorsky City Central Hospital, Dalnerechensky City Central Hospital, Lesozavodskaya City Central Hospital, Anuchinskaya Central Regional Hospital, Dalnerechensky Central Regional Hospital, Kavalerovsky central district hospital.

The remaining 27 cars "first aid" will go to health care Primorye until the end of the week.It should be noted, on the basis of UAZ cars are ideal for use in off-road conditions,

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Flotilla Ship Repair Center asterisk enriched modern tug

On Sunday, December 16 to the area of "Sprockets" entered tug "Alexander sighted people." The path length of three thousand nautical miles from the building to the home port, which runs through the five seas, the new tug yagrinskoy shipyard went for ten days.

The tug was built at the shipyard of "Leningrad Shipyard" Pella "in 2012. Its main feature is the use of an engine full-circle rudder propellers and higher in comparison with other tows "Sprockets" power of the main engines. These qualities of the new tug will conduct ship’s shifting and tilting the ship without additional

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Orange mercenaries from the ashes

The Russian "orange", as you know, are positioning themselves as champions of the people’s happiness, "defenders of democratic rights and freedoms of citizens." Thus, in opposition to the authorities — "corrupt officials and bureaucrats" who "do not care at all." Position, admittedly, a very good and successful in all respects. After all, to defend some abstract "freedom" the generous "zabugornye" grants is much easier and more fun than provide specific, targeted assistance to those in need. But this summer, the blue, both for the authorities and for their opponents is the moment of truth. Since mid-July, in the Central region

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Modern science breaks down stereotypes and myths Russophobe

Recent joint study Russian, British and Estonian geneticists and put a big fat cross on obihozhem Russophobian myth for decades into the consciousness of the people? they say, "Scratch the Russian and you will definitely find a Tartar." The results of a large-scale experiment, published in the scientific journal «The American Journal of Human Genetics» [1] unequivocally say that "despite the popular belief of a strong Tatar and Mongolian Russian impurities in the blood, inherited by their ancestors in the days of the Mongol-Tatar invasion, Haplogroup Turkic peoples and other Asian ethnic groups left little trace on the population of

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In Berdsk opened sports club for people with disabilities (video)

For them, it is not only a chance to engage in daily exercise and sport under the guidance of experts, but also a way to return to an active life. For these people the sport — no medals, prizes and certificates. Physical Education — is synonymous with fulfilling life.

Create a club is not easy. The hardest part — to find specialists. The coach must be a sports coach and a doctor, and most importantly — a psychologist. Today, the club came the first two dozen people. This is a big step forward, say the organizers.


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His most needed: in Pskov fewer workers

In Pskov Committee on Labor in 2013 expected to nearly 5 million foreign workers. However, local employers are increasingly preferred by Russian specialists, considering them more qualified employees and not relying on cheap rabsilu from neighboring states.

In the North-West region of the number of work permits for migrant workers in the lead Petersburg — will come there 154,088 people, followed by the Leningrad region — 54 239, Kaliningrad — 11814, Novgorod — 4012, Karelia — 2403, and in the Arkhangelsk region — 1232 people .

The example of the agricultural firm "Blue Nicola" in Krasnogorodskaya District. A few years

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In Karachay-Cherkessia, construction of all-season resort Arhiz

All-season mountain resort "Arhiz" will be located in the mountain area Arhiz Karachay-Cherkess Republic (northern slopes of the Greater Caucasus mountain range) over an area of 16 hectares and will consist of four tourist complexes, townships by 25 thousand people. The project for the construction of the mountain resort sells ZAO Sinara Group (Ekaterinburg).

Total funding from the budget for the 2008-2012 period. $ 2.2 billion. Public funding is directed to the following construction of infrastructure facilities of the complex: The road "Arhiz-area mountain Dukka" (14.1 km) The gas line "Zelenchuk — Arhiz — Dukka" (68 km) The system of

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