In Bryansk opened a new Center for Rehabilitation of the Disabled


The head of the Bryansk city administration Sergey Smirnov attends the opening of the Rehabilitation Center for Persons with Disabilities Fokinskiy district.

Strictly speaking, this facility was not closed. Functioned only one part of which was leased disabled entrepreneurs. But in recent years, this room is almost fallen into disrepair. So those are the changes that have taken place in the Center, it can be regarded as a new birth.

In the summer of this year, the head of the administration was in the building, he saw what was going on, and promised to give

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In Dagestan, 10 disabled people were handed the keys to new car

November 24 in Makhachkala 10 disabled people who were injured at work in violation of the musculoskeletal system, was presented with the keys to the new car — the 7th model of "Lada".

Four people with disorders of the musculoskeletal system of Makhachkala, the rest of Khasavyurt, Buynaksk, Kaytag, Magaramkentskogo, Levashinskogo and Hunzahskogo areas. According to the deputy manager of the Regional Branch of the Social Insurance Fund under RA Sharabudina Darishmagomedova in the first half of this year has been issued 20 such as motor vehicles and 3 recoverable value, ie disabled people themselves have acquired them, was

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Europe from the inside. Part 2

On the men

Who is best to assess a man, not as a woman! Many of our compatriots want to marry a Western "rich man." Not all of then are in fact the rich, but it’s not about that. In the evaluation of Western men are all agreed then: stupid and greedy. Our women at first surprised, then annoyed that a spouse is nothing to talk about — anything that does not apply to his work, he was not interested.   Yet it is not clear why our women are absolutely nothing they can do with their

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Caterpillar Tosno opened a new line for the production of axles for heavy-duty trucks

On our site already available information to start production in Russia dump trucks "Caterpillar".

In addition, on November 3 at the company, "Caterpillar Tosno" officially opened a new assembly line for the production of axles for heavy-duty trucks.

During his ten years in the Leningrad region of the component production facility was transferred to the production technology. For the region, this investment and more jobs. In connection with the expansion of the number of jobs in the company was increased to 100 people. Today Tosno produce two models of excavators and parts for large machines. Began production of off-road dump

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Water iron removal plant opened in Odintsov

In Odintsov open water iron removal plant. This event waited for many years the people of the city, the apartments are a long time out of the taps flowing yellow-orange water.

As the General Director Vitaly Ivanov Odintsovsky water utility, the station was built in a short time, for two months. For its construction have spent 12 million rubles. Commissioning of the new facility will improve the quality of water in people’s homes Odintsov.

In Yalutorovsk (Tyumen region) opened Atlanta Stadium

November 26, 2011. The spacious two-story building located facilities for training in boxing, shaping, acrobatics, gymnastics, universal gym, bleachers that can hold more than 550 people. In addition, the sports complex is equipped with a large number of simulators and adapted for people with disabilities.

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Evgrafovich Mikhail Saltykov-Shchedrin. Liberal

In some countries, there lived a liberal, and, moreover, such a frank, no one word is not rumor, and he will shout at the top of his voice: "Ah, gentlemen, gentlemen! what you do! because you are ruining yourself! "And none of it is not angry, but, on the contrary, everyone said," Let warned — we are still better! "- Three factors — he said — should be at the basis of every community: freedom, security and self-activity. If society is deprived of his liberty, it means that they live without ideals, without burning thoughts, having no basis for

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American reality

Our main fundamental right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are attacked. And our enemy — "The great wealth" and not "big government", as we are assured conservatives. Judge for yourself.

Life. The gap in life expectancy between the richest Americans and middle-income countries is growing.

Freedom. Corporations operating in the field of information technology, stormed our privacy. While banks plunge us into debt, and those under contractual almost draw us into slavery. All the decreasing number of working Americans are robbed in their basic freedoms.

The pursuit of happiness. "Social elevator" in the United States is

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In Nigeria, there was a great flood

August 30, 2013. Torrential rains have caused floods in some parts of Nigeria. As a result of checking the readiness of the country was subjected to emergency situations.

The floods affected 35,000 people in five states of Nigeria. About 600 people were left homeless. At least one person was killed. In the state of Katsina in the north of the country flooded 55 farms, the newspaper writes, "The Guardian".

A large number of casualties could be avoided by the early warning system, people quickly moved to a safe area. This system was created after serious flooding in 2012,

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100 facts about Germany

1) High feast. On the table, among others — nearly empty bottle of wine. You take it and ask everyone: "Well, who the last drop?" Here you have a bottle angrily grabs the hand of the guy who claims, "I do not blame you, sorry, but the bottle — mine, and I decide to whom and when will this last drop ".

2) Head: "You are as translated for payment of their private conversations with a working phone? Four stamps? And in the account is 4.02! I had to pay extra for you 2 pfennig, lend. I hope that this

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