Haykui typhoon has hit China

Haykui typhoon struck the China Natural Disasters

Three people died and seven were injured after the third week typhoon Haykui paced the eastern Chinese province. Brunt Zheytszyan province south of Shanghai, where the pre-evacuated nearly 2 million people. In the neighboring province of Anhui underwent evacuation 26,000 people.

Rain and wind destroyed 4.4 thousand homes destroyed 185,000 hectares of crops. Damage caused to the elements, is valued at more than $ 1.5 billion in nearly 400 thousands of homes lost electricity. In one village, caught by surprise element group of tourists who had to drink rainwater. they could

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We fly on a broomstick




In the years of the liberal skepticism belief in evil spirits, we have kept a few. Today noticeable improvements

Another fifteen or twenty years ago the inhabitants of the infernal worlds were officially outlawed by hiding underground corners of the collective unconscious. Even the professionals had to

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China is coming to the new typhoon

China is coming to the new typhoon weather and climate

No sooner had the people of eastern China recover from typhoons and Demri Saola how nature has prepared them to another portion of winds and rains in the form of the 11th tropical storm named Haykui.

Typhoon on its way to the north-central part of the province Zheytszyan. It promulgated the "yellow" code of danger, because, having charging from the warm waters of the East China Sea, the typhoon is much stronger and continues to grow. In addition to eastern China under attack once again be on. Taiwan.

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Without Barabashka you — a little bug!




WEATHER twenty-first century. Humanity develops high-tech and seriously thinking about the settlement of the moon and nearby planets. It would seem that the inhabitants of the metropolis, as Moscow does not surprise or "flying saucers" or other anomalschinoy: people live here pragmatic and sensible. However, this does

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How to recover after treatment, magicians, sorcerers




The fame of the center Berestova goes beyond the scope of the city and the whole country. In Moscow Dushepopechitelskogo orthodox center rehabilitation of victims of pseudo-religious organizations and the occult in the name of St. John of Kronstadt is going abroad. This is mainly those who

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Typhoon Saola not leave Taiwan and the Philippines

Typhoon Saola not leave the Philippines, Taiwan and Natural Disasters

According to official data, the number of victims of floods and rains that brought Saola tropical storm in the Philippines has risen to 37 people. 11 of them were children who drowned in the coastal zone of waves coming up. Four people at the moment are on the list of missing persons. Since many deaths could have been avoided, the government has again turned to the citizens to take precautions and rules of conduct during the storm.

The total number of people affected by the typhoon in the

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How not to go crazy on Mars


Once people have conquered the moon, has spoken lots of historical phrases, and astronaut Alan Shepard played golf in the moonlight, the next challenge was to mankind Mars. While the space-faring nations are competing for the right to hoist their flag first on the surface of the Red Planet, real people are getting ready for the flight.

What are the stressful situations they face? Or maybe go mad? And whether there will be people in the full sense of the word?


But why do people suddenly need to go to Mars?

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Pyrrhic victory Riga — …

1. Early celebration of official Riga

At present, the official Riga, and together with it, and most of the indigenous Latvians continued to prevail: a referendum on the Russian language in Latvia is fully expected failure. As you know, on Saturday February 18 in Latvia held a referendum on giving the probable Russian language the status of municipality. The bill, developed by the company "Russian language" and initiated by citizens of the country meant the amendment of article four of the Latvian Constitution. Then referendum participants were asked: "Do you support the adoption of the draft law" Amendments to

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Hong Kong chokes terrible smog

Hong Kong choking on smog terrible Facts

Hong Kong choking on smog strongest, recently recorded in the city. Concentration of hazardous substances has increased so much that the government encouraged people with heart and respiratory problems, the elderly and children to reduce the physical load, and try not to leave their homes to avoid poisoning toxic cloud.

The current level of pollution broke the record in 1999, not including the data of two years ago, when the natural dust storm struck the south of China. According to witnesses, the famous Hong Kong skyline was closed dense cloud of

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Skin parasites

Parasites — creatures living on the nutrients derived from the host. Skin parasites can live both on the skin (head lice), and under the skin (mites).

Lice cause a disease called pediculosis. There are three species of lice that infest in humans: head, pubic and body lice. These insects are easily transmitted from person to person, as well as through infected items — towels, bedding and clothing. The most obvious sign of infestation of lice — itching.

Lice are dangerous not only by themselves, they may transferserious infectious diseases (typhus and relapsing fever).

The most common parasitic disease human

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