Mid-Life Crisis

This crisis experienced by people in the 40-45 years: it is the re-evaluation of all that was accomplished in his life at this time. The man often denies or destroys something sought for years, what to invest a lot of effort. Or man becomes acutely experience the inconsistency: as a rule, to forty years realized the difference between dreams and goals in life of man and his real position. And if twenty people is seen as a promising, then forty years — is the performance of the promises made long ago.

The severity of this crisis depends on several

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Medvedev laid near Kazan innovative city for 155 thousand people


KAZAN, June 9 — RIA Novosti. Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev and President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov laid the capsule in the foundation of the future Innopolis, innovative city designed for 155,000 people.

In the afternoon the Prime Minister went to Verkhneuslonsky region of Tatarstan, which is 40 kilometers from Kazan, on the right bank of the Volga launched construction on the area of 1.2 thousand hectares. Here, a village on the IT-20 000 experts in the field of information technology.

"Today launched a large project. After a few years it will work and live 155

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Russian parachutists set a new world record

In the skies over Kolomna near Moscow, parachutists from the team, "Treasures of Russia" set a new world record by jumping in big formations, surpassing his own achievement in 2012. More than 100 gathered parachutists in the sky a beautiful and complex figure, which was the absolute achievement in the classroom "large formation."

Records in the women's formations historically belonged to Russians: the figures of 38, 53, 70 participants were collected efforts of Russian parachutists. But in 2011, a record compiled Germans living design: the judges have recorded a figure of 84 people.


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The crisis thirty years

At about the age of thirty man experiencing a crisis, a turning point in the development associated with the fact that his view of life that have developed between 20 and 30 years, are no longer satisfied him.

Analyzing the distance traveled, its achievements and failures, one finds that when the already established and seemingly happy life his personality is flawed, that much time is wasted, that he had done little in comparison with what might be his youthful ideals arguable.

In other words, there is a reassessment of values, a critical review of the "I". Man

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European summer again will take thousands of lives




This summer, Europe will cover the same terrible heat, as in the past year. And it is possible that it will take back tens of thousands of Europeans.

According to data presented by researchers from the University of Fribourg (Switzerland), in the summer of 2004, the average temperature in

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Frost takes life. Video


3.02.12.Silneyshie frosts in Europe claimed the lives of 163 people. In Romania and Poland, the temperature in the last days fell to -32. A similar situation in Italy, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Latvia and Lithuania. Extreme cold will be detained there for at least another day. In Ukraine, 63 people froze to death, according to the latest rescue services. The main risk group — the homeless.

Source: Rentvchannel

People! It’s all real! What to do then we?


Today I got here is a letter from a man who deeply trust. The woman, a teacher of high school. Here is what she wrote:

Good day! Something I was not overwhelmed by very cheerful thought … I decided to share with you — or dispel or confirm the in the right direction, "thinking".)) 1. Few people think: from 01.09 this year are still in Moscow and voluntarily, 2015 — everywhere and always "chipizatsiya" schoolchildren. Ostensibly for security reasons. For parents to know where their children are. All anything, but a good excuse pushed deal explicitly rejected by society.

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About 20% of healers — a mental disorder




In recent years, the renewed interest of people to the practice of traditional healing. However, most of the science community to seriously investigate this phenomenon in a hurry. Perhaps the only scientist who investigates the deep and long-healers, the former Soviet Union remains MD Karagodina Elena, Head

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In Indonesian on. Java landslide

March 26, 2013. List of Indonesian landslide season in 2013 added a new episode. At this time the rains triggered a collapse and slide into the reservoir of soil in the village Chililin, located near the town of West Bandung in Indonesia's West Java province.

Landslide caused the death of eight man, Five of the dead were children. In the disaster area were organized rescue and search activities as well as the location of 11 man not yet known. Rescuers do not exclude that lost a lot more man. In their search for the help of approximately 100 volunteers.

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Pakistan and India in the hot loop

Pakistan and India in the hot loop Weather and Climate

Despite the fact that since the last sharp rise in temperature was already a whole week, and the cool monsoon season calendar for a long time has come, the Indian subcontinent is still covered by a zone of high pressure and abnormally high temperatures. For several days, the temperature in the northern and central India does not fall below +43 .. +45 ° C. The temperature of about +45 ° C reported in the Pakistani provinces of Punjab and Sindh. The absolute record for the region was recorded in Shriganganadare

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