Heavy snowfall in Afghanistan


16.01.12.Zhertvami heavy snowfall in the north-eastern Afghanistan were 16 people, rescue workers are trying to clear the snow from dozens of homes, according to the British Broadcasting Corporation BBC.

As a result of bad weather in the village Ishkashim avalanche, the exact number of victims is unknown. In Badakhshan province fell to three meters of snow. Authorities say the bad weather led to the deaths of at least 16 people in the region, located near the border with Tajikistan and China.

Local authorities asked for more food, clothing, and medicine, as well as the bulldozers to clear the blocked

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Cold in India. Video


10.01.12. Abnormal cold in India killed more than 140 people. On several states hit unprecedented snowfalls. The city energized, paralyzed rail and air traffic. Local authorities are struggling to deliver food and fuel to people.

The Government of India is not able to respond to such weather conditions. Snow removal is carried out too late — his svozit nowhere. Local weather forecasters have named this very frosty winter in decades.

Source: National TV — Belarus

Japanese authorities have evacuated 400,000 people. Video


14.07.12.Vlasti Japan decided to evacuate 400,000 people south-west of the country. The last three days of Fukuoka Prefecture, Oita, Kumamoto hit by heavy rains. As of today, the dead and missing are listed 29.

Landslides and out of the banks of the rivers more than others threatened residents of Fukuoka Prefecture (north coast of Kyushu), where on Saturday for one hour dropped 11 centimeters of precipitation. The water has destroyed more than 800 houses, demolished the three bridges. Most of the victims — 20 people — in Aso.

In the evacuation of the army involved. People placed in temporary

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In the village the residents Neznanova confiscated and killed all the pigs


In the surrounding villages during the "teachings" animals were not injured, but local residents have a receipt that they will not clog and selling pigs.

28.02.12.Krestyane say that animals have become victims of the disease, and the authorities say about extreme maneuvers

A few days ago, the Ministry of Agriculture on the website it was reported that in Novogrudok and Korelichsky Grodno region on 16-18 February 2012 was followed by regional exercises to simulate an emergency response in case of a disease of cattle.

It would seem unremarkable, exercises are held regularly, and they always invite the

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In Taiwan, the raging typhoon. Video


03.08.12.Zhertvami typhoon "Saola" in Taiwan were 5 people. These are preliminary data. The second struck the island in August brought Hurricane of 1800 mm. rainfall resulted in landslides in many areas, destroyed many homes and left without light 190,000 households. Although to date the typhoon weakened, forecasters warn that rainfall in the coming days will continue.

Typhoon "Saola" hit Taiwan at night. The first hit county Hualyansyulin. Strong rainfall led to the landslide.

"It began at half past three. At first the water flowed gently, I ran to wake people and suddenly — a powerful stream. Only realized

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Weak magnetic fields deform the brain




The impact of weak magnetic fields can be dangerous, warn U.S. researchers. The rats that were exposed to fields similar to those faced by people at home, got DNA damage brain cells. Professor Henry Ley of the University of Washington, warned that people should be cautious about the use of electrical appliances, which hold

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Near Vyborg lightning burned house


Touches such deadly beauties

19.08.11.Skolko Whatever people say that man is the master of the planet, but against the weather people are still powerless. Recently over Vyborg storm raged.

Early in the morning on August sixteenth road at the disaster was an old wooden house in the village of Guards. Struck by lightning, he broke out of cards.

— The nearest fire station is located in Vyborg. — Told "Komsomolskaya Pravda" in the fire department of the city. — Calculation settlement reached in half an hour.

Alas, by the time there was nothing left to put out. The

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The accident left without electricity more than 110 thousand inhabitants in Yekaterinburg


MOSCOW, June 19 — RIA Novosti. Energy promise to soon restore electricity in some districts of Yekaterinburg, where no light left over 110,000 people, said Tuesday the regional GUMCHS. On the eve of a result of disabling the power line "Sverdlovsk — SUGRES-1" will break the four substations conducting electricity to consumers and neighborhoods Uralmash Elmash. At the moment, no electricity is about 116 thousand people.

"Power" Sverdlovenergo "and" EESC "load transfer to a back-up power supply. Reserve power line "Sverdlovsk — SUGRES 2" put under stress. Within an hour of electricity will be restored "- said the dome.

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Residents complain of Saratov region explosions


19.04.12. On April 19, DK Popovka village again, a gathering of people, which brought together people from all surrounding the landfill "Wide Karamysh" settlements.

On the agenda of urgent problem — recovery ammunition expired. Recall that in February 2012, the issue was closed, when, after a broad resonance residents Rybushanskogo municipality heard even the Minister of Defense, and by his order at the site "Wide Karamysh 'disposal was carried out exclusively by incineration, not undermine it.

The initiative group of residents Rybushanskogo MO together with the head of the Saratov region, Sergei Pimenov went to

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Flooding in eastern India. Video


29.06.12.Na East India hit by flooding, which was not seen for 10 years. Element, caused by heavy rains, has already claimed about 30 lives.

Only in the disaster area were 900 thousand people. Many people had to use a temporary shelter. For them, opened more than 150 campsites. Now there are imported food and medicine. Victims evacuated by helicopters. Meanwhile, experts are trying to restore transport links between settlements. Serious damage caused to agriculture.

Source: ONT Belarus

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