Indonesian floods again no casualties

Indonesian floods again without victims of natural disasters

May 9, 2012 floodwaters filled volcanic residues, flooded the city in the east of Indonesia, resulting in four people were killed (including 9-year-old boy). According to official figures, 10 people were missing and 15 were injured.

According to the National Emergency Management Agency, 11 villages have been inundated by flood waters in the province of North Maluku in the adjacent areas of the city of Ternate. After a strong nightly showers of volcanic flood ravaged village at 2 am. More than 280 people, or 58 families were evacuated to government

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UFOs have contact?




"Kaliningrad's true," 14.11.2003, Kaliningrad, n228, p.17

_ * The name of Alexander Kuzovkina well known in the art: associate F. Yu Siegel — one of the pioneers of Russian ufology, the author of numerous publications about unidentified flying objects. Unfortunately, Alexander Sergeyevich no longer with us, and

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Tornado in Japan

Tornado Natural Disasters in Japan

May 6, 2012 at 12:46 pm local time in the eastern part of Japan went tornado, destroying dozens of homes and leaving more than 20,000 households without electricity. There were no casualties: the result of the event in the 60 kilometers to the north-east of Tokyo, killed 14-year-old. The cause of death has not been determined, but the boy was among 15 people, brought by rescuers to a hospital immediately after the incident, a tornado. Another 21 people at the scene were given medical aid.

Local authorities report that the number of victims

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Russian biotechnology company Biocad goes to the Brazilian market

February 20 biopharmaceutical company BIOCAD signed with his Brazilian subsidiary — BIOCADBRAZIL PHARMACEUTICA, letter of intent for the transfer of technology production of drugs based on monoclonal antibodies, as well as the right to the registration and sale of these drugs.

The agreement was signed within the framework of the second meeting of the Russian-Brazilian high-level committee chaired by the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev.

"The company BIOCAD one of the first in Russia to export abroad the latest developments in the field of biotechnology. Our expertise in biopharmaceuticals will be the basis

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In Seoul, for an unknown reason shaking skyscraper


© REUTERS / Kim Ju-sung/Yonhap

MOSCOW, July 6 — RIA Novosti. Shopping center TechnoMart height of 39 floors in Seoul, South Korea for some reason began to shake on Tuesday, 300 to 500 people were evacuated from the building, Yonhap news agency reported with reference to the fire service. The building height of 189 meters, "trembling" for about ten minutes. There are up to three thousand people.

The authorities intend to test the shopping center on security.

Experts believe that the incident was not caused by an earthquake, as at the time of the earthquake characteristics were recorded.

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To Argentina hit a powerful storm. Video


27.07.11.Na capital of Argentina — Buenos Aires — the strongest storm hit, leaving some areas literally in ruins. Disaster victims are at least two people. Badly damaged city center: hundreds of homes destroyed, thousands were without electricity. Patchy winds reach speeds of 80 kilometers per hour. In the streets are fallen trees, debris and broken roof car.

In the area of Flores blown away refueling, so that it fell on a parked car, and several people were trapped in their cars.

At this point in the capital and its surroundings, dozens of rescue crews. Local rescuers say that the

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More than 60 Nepalese flood victims

More than 60 Nepalese flood victims Natural Disasters

May 6, 2012 Nepalese rescuers central region reported that survivors are found, and the total number of flood victims will be more than 60 people. The bodies of 17 people have been found and 47 people are still missing, including three Ukrainian tourists. 8 people were rescued in the mountains of Annapurna, popular with tourists and locals.

Annapurna is one of the most dangerous places of the Himalayas, where the constant avalanches. A landslide caused by heavy rains, blocked the river network at the source in a snowy field Himalayas.

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The Russian army is reborn?

Pros and cons of the policy of the new leadership of the Armed Forces of Russia

April 15 edition of the «American Thinker», known in the U.S. as a mouthpiece of the political religion of the Republican Party — "neo-conservatism", published a remarkable article, "The Russian Army and the New Cold War." "In 2013, the U.S. military budget was reduced by 15%, while the military budget of the Putin dictatorship in Russia in the period from 2012 to 2015 has increased by almost 60%," — such an awesome average American figures given in

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In the Komi-Perm district mass death of fish


14.11.12.Tri weeks ago at the village Pronino lowered local pond. Former officials say that it was necessary. Fish at this time you can catch bags. Do not even fishing rods. Pike, carp, ruffs and carp lying on the bottom of the former the former pond. Wear waders and gathering. Easy prey fish, which can simply gather hands went not to the public. People no one say when the water goes. Therefore, a considerable part of the fish just died.

— Horror same — clasping his hands woman — a resident of the village Mazunino Yugov Rice — fish on

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Russian aircraft broke its own record for the transportation of passengers

Russian airlines in 2010 carried nearly 57 million passengers, which is 26.2 percent more than in 2009 (45.1 million passengers). This is stated in a press release Rosaviation. Reuters notes that such Russian airlines have put 18-year-old record for the transportation of passengers. Last year, airlines have increased international traffic by 30.3 per cent (27.7 million), domestic — by 22.6 percent (29.2 million people). The percentage of passenger load factor rose to 78.2 from 74.3 a year earlier.

By far the most successful year in the history of Russian aviation was in 2008, when the services of Russian carriers

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