Indonesia is once again facing an earthquake

Indonesia is once again facing earthquakes Natural Disasters

A series of aftershocks, which lasted several hours, took place April 21, 2012 in Indonesia. Feeble attempts to evacuate people found unavailability country to large-scale events: no tsunami warning system, and the existing shelters are not designed for tens of thousands of people.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, for 4 hours on the western coast of North Sumatra earthquake happened 4 from 5.2 to 5.7. The strongest impetus that took place not far from the island of Papua New Guinea, has the power 6.6, and after him, followed by an earthquake

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Where have gone the Australian land

Reading about a prosperous Australia, it is unrealistic to believe that this is actually a hassle-free continent evoked a nightmare on the people of British Isles and was listed as a propane place. Bimbo Holland … In 1644, Abel Tasman, a Dutch traveler, referred to as open land in the South Pacific. Almost 150 years in the world have used this title.

In 1688, William Dampier, a British pirate, writer and painter, the case came to the West Coast newest Holland. Returning home, he published a note about this trip. The British government became interested in the new lands.

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China is experiencing the strongest drought in 100 years

March 19, 2013. North-western and southern provinces of China were in a difficult situation. Rains were not here not for several months. In some places have not seen a drop of rain since half a year. According to old-timers, such a large-scale drought in these parts do not have at least a hundred years.

In the provinces of Guizhou, Hebei, Yunnan, Shanxi, Sichuan, Guangxi and Gansu in November 2012 marked the most low amount of precipitation over a hundred years. There are about fifty million man. Third from They are not the first month of experiencing an acute shortage of

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The bees attacked the Turks: there are victims


1.08.11.Pcheliny swarm attacked the Turks, leaving six people were hospitalized.

According to the Turkish newspaper "Milliyet", the incident occurred in the village district Kyzylkaya Geyve Sakarya province of Turkey. 72-year-old beekeeper Enver Cakmak outside his house was attacked own bees, at the time when he gave them sugar water.

Chalmak tried to defend himself from an attack of bees, hiding at home, but a swarm of bees flew after the beekeeper's house, and was stung for 5 people.

All the victims were hospitalized.



Bees death zakusali resident of Latvia


(Riga, 26 July, "Tatar-Inform", Dmitry Rodionov). In the central part of Latvia — Vidzeme — 26 July from bee stings woman died.

She worked near the beehives, and several insect bite her — a woman became ill. Be with her people were trying to help, so the doctors summoned immediately. When the ambulance arrived at the scene, the woman was already dead, writes

Deaths from bee stings, unfortunately, is not so rare. To bee stings, people react differently. For most it is just a small annoyance, but some may experience severe allergic reactions.

Doctors advise people who know

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Urgent! Rogun dam on a crack


Photo from:

22.07.11.Zemletryasenie that occurred on the night of 19 to 20 July, many by surprise, including the people of Tajikistan. In the city of Isfara in Sughd sudden tremors destroyed 17 homes. Killed at least three people. On the walls of 8 residential apartment buildings in the town of Kim, a large crack.

The devastating effects of the element was in the village Chorkuh where the quake destroyed 34 houses, the ruins of homes left four families — a total of 11 people.

In Vorukh enclave was destroyed 50 private houses, members of four families (16

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The floods in Ghana killed five people


PRETORIA, July 25. / ITAR-TASS /. The floods in the West African Ghana killed five people, about one hundred thousand residents were evacuated.

On this day the official said emergency services. The flood hit the eastern region of the state, where the cocoa plantations and factories for processing. About 10 percent of the total amount of cocoa produced in the country, it is necessary on this area of the country.

Flooded with a large number of houses, farms and destroyed large sections of highways. Several hundred people from the most heavily impacted area Atiwa were evacuated after the river

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Taiwan suffers from floods and landslides. Video


20.07.11.Tayvan affected by floods and landslides. Of the affected areas were evacuated hundreds of people. Difficult situation in Kao-hsiung.

There element destroyed houses and washed away roads. No casualties and victims are still unknown. Only today have moved into temporary camps near the thousands of local residents. According to forecasts, rainfall, causing landslides, prolonged for several days.

Lifeguard: "Harder with children and pensioners. They can not stay on the rope, so they are extracted by excavators. "

Lifeguard: "The rain did not stop, and it is a very complicated situation. Roads washed out, and sometimes — destroyed by the

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SOS Save the River


14.09.12.Odna of the major rivers of Zhambyl oblast — Talas — rapidly grows shallow eyes.

Experts explain this weather and a sharp decrease in water discharge from the Kirov reservoir. Now water from the neighboring region of Kyrgyzstan comes in several times less than in the previous year. Than it threatens Kazakhs?

Shore abundance

This situation is no good for the villagers, who, at this dry season had problems with irrigation water. However, if this problem is known to local officials, here are the other remains clearly seen. Alarm sounding commuter villages.

— Unfortunately, the environmental side in

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Flooding in Kenya

April 2, 2013. The floods, which came to Kenya after long rains, had a negative impact on the lives of the administrative district Kadzhado in particular areas Nkoroi, Magali and Kiserian.

In withdrawn from the shores of the river Kandizi flowing in Nkoroi, drowned two person. As it turned out, the dead were traveling together from one village to another in the dark and could not cope with them pouring streams of the river water. Along the ill-fated road now wielded by search teams, as there are suggestions that some of the groups of travelers could stay alive. Mangled

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