In China, in February of this year, more than 12 million people were affected by various disasters

March 6, 2013. In China, in February of this year, 12.93 million man suffered from a variety natural disasters, the direct economic damage from which totaled 4.92 billion yuan. These data are contained in a report jointly released today by the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the Office of the State Committee for minimizing the effects of natural disasters, that summarizes February this year in the fight against natural disasters.

According to the report, in February, the victims of disaster strikes began 14 man, 5 man unaccounted for to this day, because of natural disasters only 13 thousand man across

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Of the Russian Federation has given a piece of terrain

President Dmitry Medvedev has given Azerbaijan polvodozabora Samur River, one hundred percent owned by the Russian Federation, and the two sat down Magaramkentskogo Russian region of Dagestan with 600 Lezghins, citizens of the Russian Federation.This sets the brand new border between Russia and Azerbaijan.

Started shredding Gorbachev, Shevardnadze allowed pal "differentiate" marine areas in the Bering and Chukchi seas so that the U.S. is run across 200 miles Russian economic zone, 7.7 thousand square kilometers aqua surface and 46.3 thousand square kilometers of continental shelf. Sprawling Soviet Union, Yeltsin did not stand on ceremony with the boundaries …

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In Transcarpathia the heat intensified snake


20.06.11.Ohotniki Carpathian villages and residents, who are often in the woods, we see that in recent years, the region has witnessed a real invasion of snakes. Like, reptiles large nest and behave aggressively …

Nicholas Hunter told website KarpatNews, that each year becomes more and more snakes. "Recently, the rivers, forests and fields, people are more likely to come across large snake nest. Often we see the vipers in the middle of the road. A lot of them also on Onokovskom channel this summer, a few people there already biting snakes. No wonder that so many of them —

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Save the planet by antropoinzhenerii

Save the planet by antropoinzhenerii save the planet

In the fight against global warming, many conventional solutions in the form of government programs and environmentally friendly way of life while give little results. Such radical ways geoengineering as launching into the air large amounts of sulfur, involve a huge risk to the entire planet. But there is another way to overcome the potentially dangerous effects of future climate change. It is necessary to change a person with antropoinzhenerii.

Anthropological engineering can make people less to reduce their energy consumption.

The proposed approach has much less risk than geoengineering, said one

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In southern China river overflows. Video


7.06.11.Ot severe floods have killed at least fourteen people and another 35 are unaccounted for. Under water — the main roadway province Guych-Zhou. People simply have nowhere to go — take all that time to save, and hide on rooftops. Over the past day evacuated more than sixty thousand people. In a rescue operation involving the military. All week in the region was unbearably hot, and then hit showers — they brought flooding.

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Woman Sensor




Wang once confirmed by Svetlana Kuleshov from Sochi really see the internal organs

"Komsomolskaya Pravda" on February 21 announced the congress of people with a unique gift: shine through people and see their internal organs. At the congress, which will take place in our editorial this summer,

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Insect killer attack


6.06.11.Roy mad killer bees, who took out of nowhere, a few hours paralyzed life in the prestigious suburb of Eros is the capital of Namibia, forcing locals tightly "corked" in their expensive mansions. The black cloud of buzzing immense size raced through the streets at the foot of the hills surrounding Windhoek, plastered and stinging all living things — people, animals, and birds.

Drivers of cars and released on the ill-fated hour on an evening stroll citizens, suddenly faced with the flying "aggressors", fled stampede and fast driving.

Reports from Windhoek reports, among the people there were deaths and

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In Turkey, there was a tornado

In Turkey, there was a tornado Natural Disasters

In the eastern Turkish province of Elazig by a tornado that attacked the construction site, killing six people, six more were injured. at the site were recorded considerable damage, strong wind lifted the residential houses of the workers in the air and threw it on a nearby automobiles, which led to the death of four construction workers. Two others died on the way to hospital. The remaining elements of the victim are in health facility until full recovery.

It is reported that in the area adjacent to the construction site suffered several

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Prior to the introduction of UEC remained a fortnight: Perm ready by 50%


13.12.12.No ready to use a universal electronic cards people themselves? This question is given by the Minister of Information Communication government of Perm region.

Prior to the introduction of the Russian regions universal electronic cards (UEC) has less than one month. Starting from January 1, 2013 cards should be issued free of charge to the public.

No Russian region is not yet ready for 100% of the project launch universal electronic cards (UEC). In Perm maturity level is 53.3%. Data of the rating of the plan implementation cards as at 10 December, published on the website of the authorized

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Rainy April 2011 in Ecuador


4.05.11.Okolo 547 people, residents of the province of Imbabura, were forced to leave their homes between 7 and 21 April. This is slightly more than half of the total number of 1041 people, who were evacuated to the national level in the past month. Just in the same province Imbabura from 7 to 15 April, 11 people were killed by landslides. Other provinces of Ecuador suffered as well. All this winter, especially to show their insidious nature, in April, the country killed 32 people, according to statistics from the National Secretariat of Emergency (SNGR).

Bad weather affected the last

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