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In many areas of Xinjiang air temperature dropped below 40 degrees. Photo from

5.01.11.Nastupivshy year has brought many disasters to China. In addition to several earthquakes and drought in some areas, there is a strong decrease of temperature and freezing rain.


As reported by forecasters located in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Jan. 4 in the cities of Urumqi, Shihezi, Chuguchak and other thermometer dropped to below 40 ° C. The lowest temperature recorded in the village Turhun, it was — 49 ° C. This is the bitter cold for the last 42 years.

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Asian cities under threat of natural disasters

Asian cities under threat of natural disasters Natural Disasters

Global warming leads to such storms, droughts and heat shock, and in some places and floods that people of the world it's time to have in stock plan in the event of another natural disaster before met destructive power. Particularly worth to be on guard zones with high population density, poor regions of the planet, though from natural disturbances are not perfect, the new tropical cyclones, floods and drought threaten all from Mumbai to Miami.

The impact of rising temperatures and sea levels annually bring the world economy damage in 80

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7.1 Earthquake in Chile


3.01.11.Moschnoe earthquake in central Chile on Sunday evening. According to U.S. seismologists his power reached 7.1 on the Richter scale. Seismologists initially identified 7.2 points.

The epicenter was located at a distance of 70 km from the city of Temuco at a depth of 17 km. According to this information tsunami is not expected. In spite of this, hundreds of people fled from the possible tsunami in the upstream areas. The possibility of damage or casualties information yet.

Chile is often shaken by earth tremors. So, at the end of February 2010 there was an earthquake

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The dilemma for Earth Hour

The dilemma of Earth Hour to save the planet

Environmentalists are turning to social networks to encourage people to participate in the campaign for the Earth Hour. On this day, the light is turned off for an hour to express excitement about the observed global warming.

But the paradox is that each sent out an e-mail message on Twitter, viewed videos on YouTube or with "like" a Facebook only exacerbates the problem, they are trying to solve. Every time we turn on the computer, there is an allocation of carbon dioxide from fuel needed to supply power to our computers

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Where they were flying?




Chinese chroniclers of the first millennium reported as Lu Gong, surnamed Wen-ching, with the servant and the servant were looking for healing means between the ridges. Suddenly he saw three people in the valley. Turning to Lyuyu, they said: "We are immortal celestial beings of the chambers

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Avalanche in the Indian glacier proved fatal

Avalanche in the Indian glacier proved fatal Natural Disasters

As a result of the avalanche came down to the border of India and Pakistan to altitude Siachen Glacier, killing at least six people. All of them were Indian soldiers, and were killed when their military camp drifted snow stream. Once on the scene were sent rescuers with sniffer dogs, have found the bodies of six people. The fate of another soldier in this camp is not known. His quest continues. In the higher areas of Siachen announced warning of a possible gathering of new avalanches.

In April this

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By the 25 century, climate change could take away the life of 184 million people

By the 25 century, climate change could take away the life of 184 million people is fun

One of the Kenyan teachers John Govan Nvangi estimated that climate change could take the life of 184 million to the 25 century, the majority of which will be the people of Africa.

These data have been officially unveiled during the 17th annual conference of the agricultural development in Nigeria. The professor explained that this is due to the number of victims of natural disasters. He also said that at the moment it is Africa is the most vulnerable continent, as African governments

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Russian passenger traffic is growing airports

The international airport in Kaliningrad "Hrabrovo" in January-June 2013 increased ridership of 8.91% compared to the same period in 2012 — up to 568 thousand 612 people, the company said.

Internal air lines (DAL) benefited 465 thousand 842 people — an increase of relative index of the first half of last year, 10.42%. Passengers of international air services (MVL) were 102 thousand 770 people (up 2.57%).


The increase in passenger traffic on international flights "Hrabrovo" associated with the development of charter programs. "The dynamics of performance growth was an increase in demand

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In search Vyatkian leshego

"Vyatskiy edge", 29.11.2002, Kirov, n219

Recently in our field expedition visited the famous Moscow ufologist Vadim Chernobrov. Together with experts of scientific and public association "Kosmopoisk" in Verhoshizhemsky area in search of Bigfoot, avdoshki, or Bigfoot, and went kirovchanin Anton Goldfinches.

In the wake of avdoshki

— Why such a strange, unearthly name from the association "Kosmopoisk"? — I asked in Shcheglova. — Yes, because the ufologists are studying the most incredible phenomena that can not be explained by mainstream science. No wonder the logo "Kosmopoisk" — our galaxy, where billions of stars like a grain of sand

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Racism and Nazism in the U.S. stormed to new heights …

Talking about the ideas of ethnic and religious intolerance, recently we increasingly pay attention either to the state of the Baltic republics with their division into those who are "up to the 40th" and "after the 40th" or the Arab East or Afghanistan where the radical Islamist currents are often placed very real extremist dictatorship.

Often, there are materials and on Russia, which provides information on the situation of xenophobia and religious intolerance in certain groups of the population. In this case, people who identify themselves as domestic "democratic" opposition, has been criticized ever

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