Bulgaria. In the Black Sea afraid of a sea dragon


14.08.11.Kak reports Snews.bg, biologists are alarmed previously harmless fish under the formidable name of "Sea Dragon" suddenly become poisonous to people, just a shot of spines on its back.

The more it is dangerous because of its population in the Black Sea over the last few years has increased by 10 times.

On the Bulgarian coast for the summer season were about 100 cases of destruction of people by sea dragon. In Burgas was a case where the hospital brought the British teenager vacationing in Sunny Beach, which was swollen with numb hands and feet, unable to speak,

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In Buryatia, more than 70 000 people were left without electricity


1.11.11.Iz due bad weather in the three regions of the country there was a power failure. Because of Buryatia cyclone struck three districts remained without electricity — Barguzinsky, Kurumkansky and Baikal.

According to preliminary estimates, the population of the area was off more than 70 thousand people. We are carrying out emergency repair work.

— The cause of the accident was a power outage on the the line Kotokel — Turk due to heavy snowfall, squally wind gusts of about 20 meters per second — told Life News, the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the

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In July, China’s lightning killed 60 people


Beijing, July 31 / Xinhua / — According to information from the Department of Disaster Management Ministry of Civil Affairs of China, July 1, in most parts of China due to hail, gales, storms and other disasters are injured and killed, as well as damage to property . According to statistics from the Chinese Commission to reduce losses from disasters, to 15:00 on July 31 in 27 provinces / autonomous regions and municipalities, /, 179 cities / regions, autonomous districts, aimag /, 680 counties / cities, districts, khoshun / parts Xinjiang Production units PLA compounds in the disaster area

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Hurricane in the southern U.S.. Video


24.01.12.Uragany in the south killed two residents of Alabama, about 100 people were travmy.Silnye storms attacked the southern regions of the United States on Monday. The storm swept across from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico, threatening tornado.

The most affected village of Oak Grove near the largest city of Alabama — Birmingham. The wind tore the glass of the cars, tore roofs off houses, completely bore flimsy wooden buildings.

— Rescuers went into the house, screaming people, checked, was not blocked anyone. As a result, 200 people complained of various injuries. Two died.

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Dog named Naich that can treat cancer




This story is little known, though it (the story) is not over yet. About her one much mention in the media. The Internet — not a word. At some transfer on local television was a short story, and even then not in the first person, and so

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After the earthquake in Bulgaria crows attack people



22.05.12.Kak said "scandalous", living in Western Bulgaria and Sofia is a strange phenomenon.

After the earthquake of crows suddenly began to attack people, causing significant injury. And it is not in a particular area, but in different places, as a flock of birds moving quickly.

Doctors Hospital of Infectious warning people to be careful when going out, and immediately asked for help, if crows are attacked, because birds may be carriers of infectious diseases.

Some residents in a panic. They argue that the recent floods due to heavy rains, strong earthquake swarms and attack birds resemble

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Three days to 185 tornadoes hit America


17.04.11.Za three days in America hit a total of 185 tornadoes, according to weather channel The Weather Channel16 April. According to the channel, on Saturday in the United States there were 63 tornadoes, Friday — 100, and on Thursday — 22.

Tornado hit the southern, central and eastern parts of the U.S..

According to Associated Press, the last three days as a result of a tornado killed at least 17 people. Seven people were killed in Alabama. Three more people — in the state of North Carolina.

Disaster victims are also seven residents of Arkansas. Most died from injuries

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The Government of Ecuador has declared an alarm due to the eruption of the volcano Tungurahua.


17/12/2012, 5:20:30 Quito in the Ecuadorian provinces of Tungurahua and Chimborazo declared high — "orange" level of volcanic hazard. In the management of civil defense began preparation for action in the event of a large-scale early Tungurahua volcano, reports France 24. The height of the volcano Tungurahua (translated from the Quechua language — "throat of fire") is a little over five thousand meters It is located 135 km south of the capital, Quito, and is part of the most active volcanoes in the region. The last eruption took place six years ago, when his victims were six people —

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In the southern states of the U.S. hurricane killed 9 people


6.04.11.Zhertvami hurricane passed through the southern states of the USA on Monday and Tuesday, were at least nine people, including a young child. Nine deaths during Hurricane confirmed in the state of Georgia: most were crushed by falling trees. It also reported that under similar circumstances, one person died in Mississippi and Tennessee. According to witnesses, the region were more than two dozen tornadoes.


Strong earthquake in Chile


12.02.11.V earthquake Friday in Chile violated electricity and telephone svyaz.Kak previously reported, in Chile there was a strong earthquake of magnitude six and eight tenths.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the tremors were felt in the central part of the country — almost in the same area, where at the beginning of 2010 there was a devastating earthquake and tsunami.

Thousands of people fled their homes out of fear of a tsunami. However, the authorities have calmed the people, saying that there is no threat of a tsunami.

No casualties and no injuries

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