“You should feel the heat in five or ten seconds,” said Paul B o s l a n d, his blue eyes boring into mine while I chewed my Past bite of chile r e l l e n o at La P o s t a, an old-time T e x-M e x restaurant in the dusty desert town of M e s i l l a, New Mexico. As a botany professor at nearby New Mexico State University, and the worlds leading chile pepper expert, researcher and all-around car¬nival barker, B o s l a n d has

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On board with Virgin Galactic.

We spoke to the President of Virgin Galactic, Steve Isakowitz, about the work this pioneering private space company is doing and what we can expect in the future.

Why are space planes like Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo so important for the exploration of space?

Well I think it’s going after one of the toughest problems in space exploration, which is that if you’re ultimately going to reduce the cost of getting people into space, one needs to demonstrate a routine ability to reuse hardware and to fly things over and over. [Space travel is] really the only transportation mode, whether it’s

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What, for you, are the most significant and exciting implications for Cape Town as a World Design Capital? The design world is coming! It is an opportunity for our local design talent to create new markets for the services. And for the country as a whole? South Africa can participate by creating its own spectacular programmes — Cape Town is just the backdrop but we hope that it will generate a country-wide showcase. CTD is responsible for the official programme — the unofficial exhibitions and events don’t need our approval (they just cannot use the ICSID brand). What kind of

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Mark Harriso

First commissioned by seminal 1980s magazine Blitz, our f2 Profile this issue, commercial and editorial freelance Mark Harrison shoots celebrities for clients including The Times Magazine and The Observer.

While a student at Farnham he was advised by Nick Knight to develop a distinctive style, «But these days», he tells f2, «rather than worrying about my style being unique, I’m more interested in producing natural photographs, and trying to get a performance out of the subject. For me, a successful photograph is about showing emotion and the connection between the subject and myself.»

This shift is reflected in his subjects,

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Lifes Work

Lorne Michaels created Saturday Night Live in

1975 and has spent nearly four decades at its helm, launching the careers of comedians from Eddie Murphy to Kristen Wiig.

He says there’s an “unbelievable pressure” that comes with

“going from blank page to on the air in six days” each week, but that he’ll never retire, because “no other work is ever going to mean as much.” Interviewed by Alison Beard

HBR: How do you motivate your team?

Michaels: You lead by example. If people sense how committed you are, what the standard is, what you believe in, what you expect,

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Heavy Burden

Ginger Baker about his anger at all …

His brilliant play on the double barrel of the installation group Cream Ginger Baker turned into a superstar rock on drums. His game in Cream also considered to be the benchmark for heavy metal. You will think that this 73-year-old musician, who still tours regularly with his group Jazz Confusion, many reasons to smile. Not really. His great claim to numerous countries on which he had the opportunity to tour and occasionally live. He hates heavy metal and its presumable role in its origin. When we interviewed him, it seemed that he

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In 2005, Eric Schwartz, 64, a Colorado/Los Angeles-based photographer and first-time director of the documentary Tattoo Nation, was sitting in a diner waiting for his meal when a tattoo caught his attention. “I was having breakfast at one of my usual haunts when the manager noted that I was not getting the service a customer should. She asked, ‘Is there something I can help you with?’ I noticed she had a small amount of tattoo peeking out of her sleeveless blouse and I asked her to tell me about it,” recalled Schwartz. “She said, ‘I decided to dedicate my body




Everyone was more than happy to have their portraits shot and I had my first sample shots to show other potential “tattoo models” here in Pokhara. Before leaving, Hari gave me the address of Master Mohan, a tattoo artist extraordinaire who had the oldest shop in Kathmandu.

The next day I hailed a cab, handed the driver Mohan’s address and not ten minutes later found myself outside Mohan’s tattoo parlor. Mohan was ready to meet with me and could not be more friendly. Mohan prides himself as much a teacher of the art

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I did it my way…

A career like Terry O’Neill’s is the stuff of legend, and a new book of his life’s work demonstrates why. Jon Stapley talks to the man behind hundreds of famous faces.

THE NEW book Terry O’Neill, published by ACC Editions, is pretty light on text.

It doesn’t even bother with a real title.

None of it is really necessary. Terry O’Neill needs no introduction. He’s spent decades photographing the most instantly recognisable faces that have graced the planet, and his iconic pictures say more than a biography ever could.

It’s hard to pin anything down about Terry’s style of portraiture.

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Working with the prospect.

At Milan Design Week Lexus showed a prototype of the future of the city and presented the winners of the competition of their own design.

We sought to build a structure that would allow visitors to experience nature. It is important that the people involved in the creation of motion «, — commented on the work of its designers Toyo Ito and Akihisa Hirata. Such a task to renowned Japanese architects have put the organizers of the special exhibition Lexus Based on the Milan Design Week, held in April this year. 72-year-old Ito, winner of two «Golden Lion» of the

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