About Libya and the Russian Federation

Actions in Libya steel adekvatnomyslyaschih people RF good lesson. We have seen the carnage in Tripoli, where blacks were killed just for the color of their skin, killed valiant "rebels". Saw the destroyed buildings, closed shops are dying due to lack of medicine people … litsezreem that people cook with wood, because the centralized gas supply is gone, there is no water supply. But there is a "carts" on the streets with anti-aircraft guns and machine guns mnogokalibernymi, there are a lot of armed people on the streets …

Let's remember how it all began? Libya was listed

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27.08.12.V Ukraine will soon not be larks


27.08.12.Kievsky Ecological and Cultural Center warns that because of the massive use of dangerous poisons of the twentieth century, zinc phosphide, Ukraine will soon be left without larks, reports UNN

Zinc phosphide is used against rodents, poisons and grain. And, in rodents, affects about 100 other species of birds and animals. Of these, 30 species are already in the Red Book.

In the Red Book were the fault of the usual venom recently in Ukraine squirrels, hamsters, steppe eagles and cranes. Eating poisoned rodents and birds are killed and predators, as well as local people who collect them. Poison

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Extraterrestrials: who are we looking for?




It is unlikely similarity of people and pilots flying saucers

Natalia Leskov

Scientists and science fiction writers warn that a meeting of different civilizations can bring unpleasant surprises, but the desire for contact is much stronger than the fear of frustration. Our nearest neighbor in the solar

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The roots of western russophobia

A more reasonable theory explains russophobia Western civilizations. The population of the earth is divided into a number of sustainable civilizations that compete in their development together. Thus, in the East there is a Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Islamic civilization, plus a number of mixed cultures, which retained much originality, like the Iranian culture.

Western (European) civilization is aggressive of, as the Russian civilization is different, alien, incomprehensible to them. Hence the "mysterious Russian soul." In almost all civilizations theory coincides with the gaze of Gumilev of "super-ethnos" — Western, Eurasian (Russian), Chinese, Muslim, etc. superethnos — is a historically

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About the spiritual and moral decay in Russia and ways to overcome it

At the threshold of the Victory day or involuntarily begin to think about the question: Hit the current generation of RF in that terrible era, it also failed to honorably defend the independence of the country and chine Wehrmacht war machine? Could they win, how could their fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers? "Of course, could"! — Answer some veterans. "Yes, would survive," — echo them some representatives of the young generation of today. Say, in the face of threats would merge, forgetting all the strife and helplessness, as did our forefathers. Well, if you understand the basics of public

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On the future of the Transfiguration of in the prophet, The kingdom of Truth

December 12, 2012, on the websites of the Restricted Party of the Russian Federation "For Our Country" and the National Assembly of the Russian Federation as a civilian initiative document appeared under the title "On the Transformation of in the future, the prophet," The kingdom of Truth. " We can say that it is — a political manifesto of the program, the proposed mechanism of moral transformation of the Russian Federation tough measures dekommertsializatsii electoral system, partization state power and cleaning the bureaucracy of the virus greed.

Read the full text of the document.

Good people, wake up —

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Because of the typhoon in Japan Roque evacuated 400,000 people


Photo from: itar-tass.com

TOKYO, Sept. 20. / Correspondent. Itar-Tass Belyaev /. Authorities Japanese prefecture of Aichi / southwest of the central island of Honshu / today ordered the emergency services to urgently evacuate more than 400 thousand people living near rivers Tenpaku and hay.

Approaching powerful typhoon Roque can cause in the region flooding and landslides. This was reported by local authorities.

Gust speed zone typhoon reaches 50 m / s. It is expected that the brunt of the disaster will fall on September 21.

Serious situation developing in the prefectures of Miyazaki / south-west of the island

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Flooding in Pakistan. Video

Flood people were killed and hundreds of thousands were evacuated, thousands of hectares of crops destroyed crops. Such damage, according to preliminary data, caused prolonged rains and the resulting floods in southern Pakistan.

The number of victims of flooding caused by torrential rains in Sindh province in southern Pakistan has exceeded 130 people. Also caused enormous damage to agriculture. This was September 5 reported by local authorities.

[Zafar Iqbal Qadir, the Office of Emergency Management] "It is assumed that the number of victims is, unfortunately, 132 people. According to rough estimates, the loss of cattle ranged from 60

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England struck unexpected flood


19.08.11.Za 30 minutes to the south of England had the two-week rainfall. In Bournemouth, Dorset, were unprecedented rains.

For half an hour at home, shops and streets were flooded two weeks osadkov.Navodnenie norm was so strong that the roads were formed deep cracks, which now gush of water flows. Powerful shower stones rise from the ground, shattering windows. Increased because of the rains on the beaches of the coastline. Flooded all the gardens.

Tens of thousands of people who came to the annual Bournemouth Air Festival, running for cover. Those who could not get out right away, turned into

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Chairman of the SEC Dawn Alexander Leyhtling — I am not a capitalist — just know how to work

About the SEC "Dawn" in Cherepanovsky district of Novosibirsk region today do not know except that lazy.

 Photo source:mk.ru

Everything about him is not, as is customary in Russia in the village: pay people to pay, home building, the money from his boss does not ask himself copes. Cope — not a word. Every year in his farm there is something new, a new shop, the new farm. Ideas — a grander another.

 Photo source:chslovo.com

Today the SEC "Dawn" — a diversified economy in which there is a field crop and livestock production, and, most importantly,

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