In Angola, the flood victims were 25 people


06.03.2011, Luanda 18:05:43 In the south-west Angola victims of flooding caused to begin in January rainy season, were 25. About 70 thousand people have fled their homes, reports Associated Press. According to local experts, the main reasons for the large number of victims — poor infrastructure in most cities and illegal construction of buildings in areas not designated for development.

According to the UN last year in southern Africa fell to a record amount of rainfall. The floods have affected about 200 thousand people of Angola.



In Honduras, a private plane crashed


14.02.11.V Honduras, near the capital of Tegucigalpa private plane crashed, according to Agence France-Presse. On board were 20 passengers and crew. According to preliminary data, the crash killed at least ten people. Information on the state of the other passengers do not. Associated Press said that 13 people were killed.

We know that among the dead was a former economy minister Carlos Chahin Honduras and the head of a local trade union Israel Salinas, reports "Interfax". Also killed both pilots airplane.

The plane took off from the city of San Pedro Sula in the morning of Monday, February 14,

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Six people killed in Fiji because of flooding caused by rainfall

Element caused heavy rains, with flooding accompanied by landslides. The newspaper said all six victims, including a family of four people killed on the country's largest island of Viti Levu.

Six people were killed in floods in the Fiji Islands, New Zealand said on Thursday the New Zealand Herald newspaper citing rescue workers and volunteers.

As Mark James told the newspaper involved in the rescue operation difficult situation at the moment on the island of Denerau. Local residents were cut off from basic life support in their home water penetrates.According to forecasters, tropical storms are expected in Fiji for at

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Floods in southern Philippines


JAKARTA, Feb 1 — RIA Novosti, Mikhail Tsyganov. Two people were killed and one was missing, and about 5,000 have been forced to flee their homes because of the floods in the north-eastern part of the large island of Mindanao in the southern Philippines, said Tuesday the national news agency PNA. The disaster affected provinces of North and South of Surigao and Dinagat Islands that are part of the administrative district of Karaga.

City government and the province of Surigao Surigao North had to resort to forced evacuation, which has touched 4.8 thousand people, officials said local civil defense.

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Tornado late winter-early spring can be deadly

Winter this year has stood out in the south of the United States rich in strong winds, so many Americans are relaxed, believing that the tornado season is over. However, meteorologist Julie Gaddy through online appealed to the people of the south with caution. According to Gaddy, the peak season of the year is still to come, and the devastating tornadoes to fear until the beginning of April. Despite the fact that the spring tornado generally weaker winter, they are distinguished by their perfidy.

First, they can be expected at any time, including at night, when they are

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Brazil. Video


In 43 cities in southern Brazil because of heavy rains declared emergency mode

25.01.11.Kolichestvo cities in southern Brazil, where the regime of emergency declared due to rains, increased to 43, reports the local office of the Civil Service GO oborony.Po information southern Brazilian state of Santa Catarina, more than 23 thousand people were forced to leave their homes, submerged by floods. Five people were killed.

Strong rains in the region for two weeks. Rains caused the rise of the water level in rivers and partially flooded the residential quarters. According to local authorities, caused material damage

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Vietnam: Landslides threaten the inhabitants of the island of Phu Quoc

Residents of the island of Phu Quoc, Kien Giang province pearls, suffer from a lack of drinking water due to the extremely high sea levels and erosion.

Numerous rock falls on the coast caused the mass migration of people to safer areas. Many people prefer to stay in their homes, but the population of remote villages experiencing irregular supply of products, as large sections of roads were buried under the rubble of the breed.

Island authorities have refused to give the exact number of landslides that have occurred over the past few weeks, but the provincial government hopes that after

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The fault element 3.5 thousand islands of Fiji residents left homeless

About 3.5 thousand inhabitants of the Fiji Islands in the southern Pacific Ocean, were left homeless by the floods and landslides caused by heavy rains this week, said on Thursday night by the Associated Press referring to the permanent secretary of information Sharon Fiji Smith-Jones (Sharon Smith-Johns).

According to her, several hundred people were given temporary accommodation, many people have lost all their possessions. As a result of landslides in the rubble of their homes were killed, a total of six people, including two children. Most affected by the disaster western regions of

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Gamalama volcano again threatened. Video


29.12.11.Indoneziyskaya Mount Gamalama again threatens residents of nearby communities. Cold lava flows have already claimed the lives of three people. The cause of her descent were heavy rains that hit the region a few days ago.

Vulcan, a height of about two kilometers, broke earlier this month. Thousands of people were forced to leave their homes. Indonesia is part of the so-called Pacific ring of fire and volcanic eruptions are not uncommon.

Source: Channel PIC

Consequences of tornadoes in the United States, Alabama

January 24. According to the latest data, the revelry of elements two people were killed and over 100 injured. According to rescuers, the numbers are not final, because under the rubble of collapsed buildings may be people. Disasters can be estimated from these frames. Completely destroyed dozens of buildings. State governor declared a state of emergency.

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