About Ossetia and Abkhazia did not know too much …

Man: "Well, I know about South Ossetia and Abkhazia? Only geographically where they are. How they live there — I do not know. Well, that can give them joining this union — do not know." Man: "Many times I rested in those parts. Ordinary people live there, by the way I never could distinguish them, whoever Georgians, Abkhazians or asetyn. People like people. I think they currently seek out support and protection in the Russian Federation." Man: "I have no idea. Remember that they were part of the Union of Georgia. And at the moment everyone decides for himself." Reporter:

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A committee to protect the rights of prisoners

Timofei Dranchuk told the "freedom" that the idea of creation of public organizations came after he visited in prison remand center."Only after I myself visited in jail, I realized that such an organization even more needed in our country than those who do nothing paliznyavolenymi because the scale infringement ordinary prisoners even more, and they are specific categories of people, completely unprotected. Their no money for lawyers, they do not have the ability to distribute information to the media. Because specifically these people must be protected first. "Enira Branitskaya — One of the first youth activists who had to serve

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Repressed shared their experiences with youth

Reporter: "We go into the Grodno Company Belarusian schools, there will be a round table dedicated to the victims of political repression in Belarus. Already young people gathered, some senior people in the room just over forty people. Leads a meeting historian Edward Dmukhovskyy and starts a conversation roundtable Hist. Ales Smolenchuk.Smolenchuk "From time to time you can hear: killed in Byelorussia and Western Belarus Poles carried out repression and also repressed Belarusians. Indeed, the policy of the Polish country was a policy of oppression of the Belarusian, it certainly. But still equate impossible here of Belarusian activists were killed

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Head of the Swedish diplomatic mission Eriksson: We hope in the mind in the Young.

Eriksson: "Our attitude — it is not only the attitude of the Swedes, this attitude of the Europeans. We consider it unfair when people for what they are — as statedcamping, on behalf of an unregistered organization, — get in jail. They are trying to create, they are not allowed. It’s a bad situation. Together with the European staff, we will look over the situation, to maintain. Let us hope for a reason, because these people did nothing and did not must be convicted. We all cherish the hope that the case still close. "

Opposition candidates need emotional support

By Yaroslav Bernikovich of the deepest and Tatiana Seviarynets Vitebsk, these reviews are only positive: people offer help and opposition political support.

Ph.D. in Glubokoe constituency number 22, a member of BPF Jaroslav Bernikovich told that prepared for publication in local newspapers not only its program from, and special appeal to voters: Located contact numbers and Internet addresses so that people can access it from their wishes, suggestions or critical comments. The program was written in 3 local newspapers because of the selective neighborhood includes Glubokoe Glubokskiy, Usha and Dokšycy areas. Surprisingly sovereign Bernikovich nor 1st negative reviews from

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V. Stefanovic: expect our homeland to promote democratization in Belarus, wrong

Authorities went to the aggressive human rights violations Karatkevich: "Thursday was a report on human rights violations in Belarus over the last year. What was remarkable in the last year?Stefanovic: "The year 2006 was notable for the amount of» human rights violations and persecution. Initially this is due to the presidential elections in the Republic of Belarus and those events which we have followed in March 2006. Then thousands of people have been brought to administrative responsibility, 10 matches — criminal responsibility for political reasons. We followed here and new trends of criminal prosecution, which we did not previously beheld

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Can not itself be that Lukashenko snubbed elderly

Recently, the government of Belarus to be finished beneficiaries. A law passed in the House of Representatives last Wednesday immediately in 2-readings affect the interests of a few million Belarusian seniors, students and disabled people who hitherto had significant discounts on public transport, pharmaceuticals and utilities.Why society has not responded to such a step power? That’s what considerations in this regard is divided in its own electric letter from Nicholas Zenkevich Osipovichy area:"Conceived and then the whole country zagude and vosstenaete. And wrong. Everyone is silent, as if clams. Comes to fun. Explain their own neighbor-retirees that to get to

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For you, pochetaemy president, so hate the Belarusian people humble, patient and long-suffering?

Man: "It is better if the opposition made stickers with waves Radio Liberty Radio and Radio Station. "Vladimir, Polotsk, "Our House of Representatives (Not very clear who they represent) in primarily must take perks in themselves. And only later need to think well worth otymat funds from ordinary people, through which all of these parasites live. "Retired, Grodno region. "Soon the abolition of privileges. Fare will feel seniors and students, obviously, their ancestors. So. And MPs will lose this privilege. And before you beheld deputy House of Representatives at the bus station or stop? And yet, the Minister of Social

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Night Siege — May 24

The web site blogs "Living magazine" at the moment is a flash mob on the abolition of benefits a number of categories of people. Nick spread ad with a call transfer when leaving public transport knocked talenchyk own. Reviews Blog "eolonir:"I was at one point one so beautiful youth tried to convey. It was terribly nice J. But unfortunately I have (thankfully) was travel. The young man was upset. Now I’m not going to razbivats heart. Since a full travel I do not have enough money :))); ""Yesterday gave ticket people dumbfounded. Rassmyayalisya But later. Took;""What do you wish to

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Belarusian Catholics are turning to Father Benedict XVI for support

Public and cultural figures say that more August 7, 2001 year was registered parish church of St. Joseph, but violation believers temple was never passed a Catholic church.Under appeal signed national poet of Belarus Ryhor Baradulin, painter Alexei Marochkin, editor of the newspaper "Nasha Niva"Andrei Dynko, Dr. Yuri Khadika, Vice President of International Federation of Human Rights Ales Bialiatski, human rights activist Valentin Stefanovich, chairman of the Committee of the repressed "Solidarity" Inna Cooley yes others together 19 people.

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