Devotes Milinkevich verse ..

Man: "With great pleasure I learned that eventually formed the Movement" For Freedom! "On this occasion, dedicate a favorite motion Milinkevich poem" Freedom is in Belarus ":To live with dignity, Live for Belarus. Rise against serfdom, forced. Down with the collective farm system, disparagingly contract Animal horror ignorant dictates! We — a free people, we Descendants Lithuanians! And we have a free spirit is not lost! Jarmo servant we still cast off! We’ll be free! We shed no language! We raised our flag Protz! "Pursuit" to inspire us, will call! We will win nasty horror! No enemy will destroy us!

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Young people want to protest on Independence Square

The House of Representatives has now see a 2-reading the draft law "On the municipal social benefits, rights and guarantees for certain categories of citizens." During the last week a number of young activists held pickets porazdavali students leaflets calling come to the square in front of the Government House, where MPs will adopt a law on the abolition of privileges. Activists hope that they will be joined hundreds of people. Coordinator of "New Way" Andrew said Sprynzhuk "Freedom" that the action activists join other youth organizations. The organizers believe that the square and students come from some institutions. Andrew

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Night Siege — 22 May

On forums portal discussions are news about ordering privileges — corresponding bill now took deputies House of Representatives. Comments:"Because it can take advantage of privileges unfairly exempts? Illogicality: If the exempt person, means he owns the benefits." "Run out of benefits for all. Remained benefits for the most-most.""Well, gentlemen, the elderly, razlyubeznaya invite with stability in reality. But it only flowers. If you remember, in the prosperous Turkmenistan pensions canceled altogether." "The whole world pays the price for the global energoelementy, but with all this in globally benefits for the students there. And we — special, naturally. " Political scientist

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J. Romanchuk: Inflation eats bank deposits

About it now reports disk imaging management of the State Bank of the country. In terms of national currency deposits exceeded 13 trillion rubles. Managing analytical center Mises Yaroslav Romanchuk commented for "Freedom" is the message: "In 1-x, these statistics do not have the required amount of new deposits. It may be the growth is due to the fact people long not withdraw their money from banks, and their number increases through interest. And second, our people economically poorly educated. They believe that the added interest, the total amount of the deposit increases. And it’s great. But Actually in soon

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Defenders fluctuate effectiveness of the UN Council on Human Rights

16 States claim 14 vacant seats in parliamentFor two seats on the Eastern European regional group fighting three countries — Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Slovenia. To be elected, a candidate country has to dial the majority (at least — 97) votes. Voting will be lurking. But human rights organizations and individual governments are increasingly put under oscillation efficiency of the new UN human rights body. Has the Human Rights Council more effective?UN Council on Human Rights was created last year to substitute the UN Human Rights Commission. This commission is so discredited that harsh criticism of its activities had even speak

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Liberty Poll: Have to live like everyone else, in accordance with all

Man: "I think so. I think, so be it. "Man: "Belarus needed long start this business. It would be great for everyone. "Lady: "Yes. I think we tormented freedom of speech, human rights are also not saved. Our country is a dictatorship. One person should not be so long in power. Must be progress. "Man: "If Belarus to perceive? I know that Canada opposed the adoption of Belarus. UN has a formal impact on the policies of other states. On freedom and democracy in Belarus entry currently has no effect."Reporter: "Belarus wants to become a member of the Committee on

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About St. Joseph’s Church in Minsk passed worship

Now, a day of Belarusian Solidarity, about church youth was especially a lot. Guy: What we have here at the moment — it is our position civilians. You can not, so we have time to break down the shrine. "Guy: "In churches worship is conducted in the Belarusian language, and because the wrong shrine — is a blow to the language. This is in the tradition of our government." Youth singing church songsDuring the Mass, young people are also collected signatures in support of the ancient monastery walls. Believers they say that these signatures are already 10’s of thousands."Signatures are

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Solidarity action about Bernardine monastery in Minsk

Group of young people holds the little letters that make up the motto "Give Temple believers."The best part of the Orthodox youth, but they express their solidarity with the faithful Catholics, also joins requirements change the law "On freedom of worship and religious organizations."On the scene — hundreds of people, too many people in the police and civil.Now in Minsk districts Uruchcha, Serebryanka Chizhovka also in different towns of Belarus on the walls of buildings appeared portraits of disappeared and political prisoners.

Figure a day or: 9705200 people

Since the beginning of this year, the population decreased by 9,300 people. According to the vice-premier Alexander Kosinets» career, while maintaining current levels of fertility and mortality numbers Belarusian population in 2020 will be 8.8 million people.

Members of the Central Committee of the PBC we once beat his cap …

Current conversation will start with a sheet of Baranovichi Ales Martinovic, who drew attention to the message nedavneshnih that in Belarus today has more than nine and a half thousand Baksova millionaires. Who are these people and their dealings with the authorities and the opposition?Oh, so answers to these questions Ales Martinovic:"These millionaires — with Spike tandemnay nomenclature and businessmen. I think hitretsky Lukashenko not to wake dashing and has a lurking concordat with this latest bourgeoisie that revolves around the vertical. These people not crawl out and tease ordinary people of their wealth as their counterparts in Russia and

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