V. Havel against Belarus’ membership in the Human Rights Council of the UN

"May 17th UN General Assembly will consider the nominations of new members to the UN Human Rights Council — the United Nations leading body to promote and protect Human Rights world. One of the states that seeks to become a member of the Council is Belarus.I’m looking for long-term development of the situation in Belarus, and the state of human rights in this country gives me a constant concern. There lasts prosecution democratic activists, media-independent and non-governmental organizations, and those of them who survived, literally fighting for survival. The situation has not improved, faster opposite. Belarusian government, among other, to

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In a broad sense, adaptation — it is an adaptation to environmental conditions. Human adaptation has two spectra: biological and psychological.

Biological level, common to man and animals, includes adjustment to permanent and changing environmental conditions: temperature, pressure, light, humidity, as well as to changes in the body: disease, changes in the body, control of any functions.

The psychological aspect of adaptation is the adaptation of the individual to the existence in accordance with the requirements of society and their own needs and interests. Social adaptation is done by learning the norms and values of the society

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Defenders: Belarus should not be included in the UN Council

According to human rights activists, including these states the Board "throws a shadow" on the reasonableness of the organization’s existence. As thesmiling in a joint statement, UN Watch and Freedom House, and only four countries out of 15 candidates worthy of a place in the Council — Denmark, Italy, the Netherlands and Slovenia. It has a presence in seven countries — Bolivia, India, Indonesia, Madagascar, Nicaragua, the Philippines and South Africa — "incomprehensible." UN Council Human Rights replaced Last year UN Commission on Human Rights at the suggestion of the then UN Secretary General Kofi Annan.

And I would argue that we have war?

French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who currently chairs the EU, discussed with President Dmitry Medvedev on conflict resolution in the Caucasus. Calls listeners: Galina, Mogilev: "It is very unpleasant to look at and listen to Medvedev as he defensively, trying to guilt attack on Georgia translate into her own shoulders, or rather — the president, trying to fool the 27 EU heads of state, are perfectly aware of the difference between the establishment of constitutional order on the territory of Georgia and an armed attack on the neighboring small government. So Medvedev answer for their actions still have. And so he

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Disabled person must be grateful, and God forbid that show nezdavalnenne

"In the Russian country (and our people are still in almost all Russian) disabled" was not "Tsigankov: "According to official figures, the number of disabled people in Belarus who are registered in the municipal structures exceeds 509 thousand people. From year to year the number of disabled people in Belarus grows. But, in contrast to Western countries, we do not litsezreem these people on the streets, in the workplace, in stores. Their problems do not seem to exist in the public consciousness. Who in this povinet — authority or society itself, and what should be done? " Drozdowski, "I think

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The fact that alcoholism is an illness — known to all. In the past, tried to treat alcoholics in all sorts of LTP (medical-labor dispensaries) were sent to live at the "one hundred and first kilometer," but this approach is, obviously, could not bring the expected results.

This was followed by anti-alcohol campaign at the state level, however, the authorities of various countries have repeatedly tried to fight the massive alcoholism its citizens restrictive methods. And in some countries (eg Finland) "prohibition" continues to this day.

However, almost all peoples have established traditions, "rituals" and the rules

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Ales Bialiatski: we will not be silent

Official Minsk wants to get into the Council of Eastern European States. In Last year, when Parliament was formed, it is composed of 47 members chosen from different regions.In May 14 is the deadline possibilities States elected for one year. Among them Czech Republic and Poland. At this point in their place claim Belarus and Slovenia. Election of new members of the Board to be held on May 17.Human rights activist Dmitry Markushevski said:"At the UN General Assembly resolution in which education uhvalyalasya UN Council on Human Rights, it was noted that the members of the Council should exercise the

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Chernobyl out of the clouds. Shooting photo contest

Alya VolkovaThere, above the clouds, where there is no mud and people from their Tipo nyabrudnay activities, always clean and bright. Even in a time when the 2 km below no longer life. (The picture is made above the village Kastsyukavka Gomel region the plane).Under the clouds everything is different: people cut into pieces land, build houses, town-country to change and adapt the environment to their advantage, destroy the living … but then later rasplochvayutstsa for their actions (one of the villages of the Gomel region).…and human dwelling birds seem similar: both where people live and where they have not.

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V.Hadasovski: You must make equal economic conditions for all media

Khodosovsky: "In primarily must be made equal for all economic conditions. And second, that very principle, guarantee access to disk imaging. And the third is to bring the legislation up to the usual adopted state. "Yarashuk: "In our conditions say very hard. In primarily need to change the government’s attitude toward the press, journalists. Authorities must realize that freedom of speech is, and it be. This is important. I think that our people are able to work. And many journalists, are presently work in official publications could also work in accordance with the Constitution, as it is necessary. "Chap. •

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Alcoholism can not be cured, but it can be managed

Alcoholism … Perhaps no single word is not related so much variety of problems as this. And what about rare disease occurs as myths, stereotypes, rumors, how about the addiction to alcohol. What is the nature of alcohol dependence, the person gets to the networks, can he get out of yourself and how you can help him? Is it possible to cure for alcoholism? On this and many other things we are talking with the General Director of the Clinic "AlkoMed" narcologists Maxim Borovkov Alexandrovich.

— What's the biggest misconception about alcoholism?

Rather, the attitude towards him as a

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