Chernobyl Way 2007: The peaceful march and detention

The organizers want to hold a march from Yakub Kolas to the State Library building, but the city authorities have allowed the collection Academy and the forthcoming procession through the streets to Surganova Chernobyl Chapel Street Karastayanava — there was commemorated the victims of the disaster.According to the organizers of the "Chernobyl Way" in action assumed the role of about 10 thousand people. Observers note that among the participants was dominated by young people. After the rally, police special forces soldiers cordoned off the mass of people at the "McDonald’s" in the street and Bogdanovich became brutally beat them and

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Chernobyl Way 2007: Live coverage

22:30 Now from the Central police station were 5 people who were detained after the "Chernobyl Way". Around bullpen stand another 60 protesters i expected to be released until other people. At the detainees were drawn up, but were fingerprinted, photographed, copied the names. Because most likely vessels after the stock will not. unclear why such a decision. Maybe authorities do not want to lure attention to the incident. middle of the detainees have minor, but their parents until they cause.22:00 Now 16 detained participants "Chernobyl Way" are in the Central police station.21:30 How is detention. Eyewitness:21:20 The names follow

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All detained participants Chernobyl Way shares released

The incident occurred on the street M.Bogdanovich. Group of young people surrounded the police and special forces soldiers began to beat all. People thrown into buses fitted. During the "Chernobyl Way" twice clashed with police.City officials two hours before the "Chernobyl Way" gave the order to close the cafes, shops, a pharmacy and Central Mall. Yakub Kolas was blocked by police commandos. People who this time going home or for the children in the kindergarten, resented the authorities’ actions. Participants of the "Chernobyl Way" believe that these measures are not affected by the number of participants. Here are some of

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Wreath Memory: Czeslaw S.

On Czeslaw S. recalls Hrodna journalist, official dealer Radio The radio in Belarus, the last member of the opposition Popular Front in the Supreme Soviet of the 12th convocation Markevich:"She was a Belarusian and Catholic, had a strong temper. Tsementavala It connects people around him. Soon her very distressed that the Belarusian Popular Front, which she gave a lot of effort, scrapes occur. Painful She worried, but did not depart from the activity . I know that this lady has always been in the heart of Belarus has always been faith, optimism, and a great desire happiness own people for

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UN Secretary-General — the resumption of activity in the dirty areas

The proclamation issued to the 21 th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster, it is emphasized afterdnie studies demonstrate the ability of a gradual return to normal life in the areas affected by radiation. Ban Ki-moon said. affected areas that need "new jobs, new investment and restore the people’s sense that they can host on their own land."Yesterday and Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko called for the resumption of activity in the area around Chernobyl. He expressed the belief that the area uniformly alive and that Ukraine will develop the ability of the neighborhood. "President said that" after the tragedy in the

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Ales Bialiatski — Vice President of the International Federation of Human Rights

Session of the organization held in Lisbon.The Human Rights Center "Viasna", which is a favorite A.Belyatsky, became a member of the International Federation for Human Rights in 2004.Recall, the Human Rights Center "Viasna" was deprived of official registration.

A.Volchanin All meetings — on the streets Zhodino

"I’ve got a meeting ever. Here and now go through the town and zatrymlivayusya about people.’s Give each its own phone number. This, my views, very badabout. And when you start to organize meetings in the housing and maintenance departments where else, it comes not a lot of people.So I now go through the town, and in the evening, edit all the information and propaganda tomorrow will deliver it to the printer in Borisov. "

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Liberty Poll: How do you assess personality Yeltsin?

Listen:Reporter became clear that Boris Yeltsin died. How do you rate this person? "Man: "the first president he is the first president who has with Belarus were very excellent case. As will now become clear in a week. "Woman: "Man, to some extent was outstanding, but because of him and a lot of misery in Russia work out."Guy: "Not that many know about it, not enough that I can say. Funny man was as president. "Woman: "It’s difficult, of course, read about this person, but I never called it a positive feeling."Man: "The war in Chechnya, of course, he’s not

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In Kurapaty — new vandalism +

Listen: Broken, fallen and tilted crosses saw Vladimir Juho, which is one of the organizers of the farm and in the tract now came first.U.Yuho "Feels that it was made knowingly""Today I came in and saw Kurapaty terrible things that happened a day or two in the past. I was there on Thursday and everything was normal. And now come, and saw the broken crosses — here on the avenue crosses four broken. Also on the side of the field, which put around Kurapaty. Some crosses cranky — want to break, but they were very. Felt that it was manufactured

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Edward Balanchuk: I believe in the Belarusian people

Listen:I know that our people sick, but I believe that this is temporary, it will pass, it’s not forever.Disease entitled horror and indifference depart from our people. They will end up afraid to hang on the phone. Neighbors, friends, acquaintances, will be honest and open to each other. Nobody will stop in mid-sentence, pressing a finger to his lips.I believe that those who sees the light posodeystvuyut others to find a way to come out of the captivity of darkness and heresy that enveloped many.I believe that those who have temporarily lost faith in God, or desperate, and certainly went

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