Edward Balanchuk: I believe in the Belarusian people

Listen: I know that our people sick, but I believe that this is temporary, it will pass, it’s not forever.Disease entitled horror and indifference depart from our people. They will end up afraid to hang on the phone. Neighbors, friends, acquaintances, will be honest and open to each other. Nobody will stop in mid-sentence, pressing a finger to his lips.I believe that those who sees the light posodeystvuyut others to find a way to come out of the captivity of darkness and heresy that enveloped many.I believe that those who have temporarily lost faith in God, or desperate, and certainly

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End quote: 14.04.2007 — 20.04.2007

"While Belarus is not free, the European mainland the mainland can not be called democracy."Guy Verhofstadt, Belgian Prime Minister "The level of conservation population fell from 20% in late 1990 to 4% in 2006. The Japanese economic miracle of their first savings rate was 30%, is generally considered the level of 10%. Belarusians are not willing to take care of the funds they want at the moment and currently live better, take the car, apartment, etc. "Leonid Zaika, managing research center "Strategy" — the transfer of the "Prague accent." "Sire van der Linden said to me that the step (referring

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Do I need the Belarusian society subbotniki?

Listen: Forthan in Belarus subbotniki held?Valery Karbalevich: "Belarus — the only post-Soviet country where so alternately saved and honored Russian tradition. One of these traditions — Saturday. In those days they were called Russian communist.Currently in Belarus every year, the authorities carried out Saturday. True, they are no longer referred to as communist, but the mechanism of their implementation remains the same. But at the moment not even disguised, that clean-power wires, usually takes a special decision of the Government. Initiative working as in Russian times, is hardly mentioned. How do you think the meaning of this event. Subbotniki make

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Affects whether the mass culture of violence in real life?

This question really interested scientists and appropriate studies were conducted. For example, here is what conclusions the doctor came Keyvin Brown, a forensic psychologist from the English Institute in Birmingham, who has studied the impact of violence in the media on young people. Violence trained since childhood?According to the scientist, then, as the impact of violent scenes from popular culture on young people is dependent on the experience that he got people in the first years of life. If a person grew up in a brutal environment, faced with different forms of violence in his own family, the scene of

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The approved draft resolution Chernobyl Way

Vice-chairman Joint civilian Party Alexander Dobrovolsky so commented the results of the round table:"Our Partisanship is irrelevant. We and other issues working together. And this is the whole society must have the consent. ‘Cause here now Nikitchenko academician, Dr. Lepine, Alexander Volchanin, which is developing the organization" liquidator. "I think we can assist somehow, that voice was heard. "Alexander Dobrovolsky: "The decision of Chernobyl problems we have agreed."Panellists had read about, that have actually been a law on the protection of victims of the Chernobyl disaster.In order to defend their rights, Liquidators do public company, Alexander says her favorite Volchanin"I

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Father L.Akalovicha: Only through the mother tongue can reach the soul

Misha Zabeyda Sumitsky "Guy pashanku smells":"In Zabeyda-Sumitsky we have seen a revival not only Belarusian songs, and consciousness"Znatkevich "Father Leonid, you are time contacted and met with Zabeyda-Sumitsky — what you have preserved more brightest memoirs about him? "Akalovich "It is very unforgettable memories, memoirs, it is our youth, our student, aspirantskiya year. We met Zabeyda at the station, he saw him, gave him flowers, he prypadnosili them at his concerts — with Ragoyshey, with the late Nikolai Pashkevich, Nadia Baturitskaya and other Belarusian young guys who Zabeyda-revival of the Belarusian Sumitsky beheld not only the songs, and a consciousness.

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Belarusian Foreign Ministry has expressed sympathy to the U.S. Embassy

Recall that on April 16 the 23-year-old student shot virzhynskaga Institute of Technology on the terrain of the institute of the city of 32 people and injured about 30 people. Whereupon he killed himself. Police identified the killer as a North Korean student Cho Hee Scion. U.S. President declared state of mourning until the end this week. • victims of the disaster in Virginia became citizens of many nations • Enhancing the protection of the university in Belarus — response to the tragedy in the U.S.

In Kiev, the action of solidarity with the repressed in Belarus

Half the 10-ka people put candles and portraits of missing and arrested Belarusians the Belarusian embassy. More than an hour they talked to passers-by, talking about the situation with the violation Human Rights in Belarus. End of the event a moment of silence.

U.S. police investigating the murder of 32 people in the student city

As a result, very few killed 32 people, including the attackers themselves. Who is he, the killer, and what his motives is not clear yet. Also there is no information, or he himself took the life of either the police shot him. But the picture of what happened, it is already possible in general to return. Silence college town somewhere in Blacksburg after 7 o’clock in the morning and broke the shots in a hostel where live about 900 students and staff of the institute. From 2 hours later, when the police were already searching for the attacker, shooting resumed

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Orsha activists removed the burial sites of victims of repression

By Igor Kazmercheka favorite youth, those few hundred people, innocent people shot here in the 30-50s of the last century, have now even their own graves, which could inspect relatives. That’s why in order to keep their final resting place should public town and district.About 2-10-s man pounding scavenge around the memorial stone, set on the site of mass executions, they laid flowers and a wreath with the inscription "From Democratic Forces Orsha Land. "

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