Kasparov: At this point we were between Belarus and Zymbabve

After a mass rally in Moscow and detained more than 150 people, including favorite movement "Other Our homeland" Garry Kasparov, the action and with the same requirements accomplished yesterday in St. Petersburg. Participants chanted, "We need another Our homeland". Authorities forbade holding "March of Dissent" on Nevsky praspektse. Police detained about 100 people, including favorite department Joint civilian Olga Kurnosov front. Nektoryya of the detainees were beaten. Garry Kasparov, who as a result of detention in Moscow failed to arrive at a demonstration in St. Petersburg, said that in terms of democracy and Human Rights Our homeland is rapidly approaching

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Amebiasis (amebic dysentery)

What is it?

Amebiasis (amebic dysentery) — a disease caused by a single-celled parasite tissue-dissolving amoeba (Entamoeba histolytica). Parasite affects the large intestine. It occurs everywhere, but more often in countries with a hot climate.

Amebamozhet exist in two forms:

trophozoite — active form, lives in the intestinal contents, are not viable outside the human body. cyst — inactive form, , with the help of cysts is the spread amebiasis.

Trophozoites may cause diarrhea (diarrhea) and thus output of the human body. If diarrhea develops, the trophozoites become hard cysts that are excreted in the feces.

Infection occurs through

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Until autumn Grandfathers Tulloch Kurapaty be held every Saturday

The other day, a day or memory Protz Radunitsa came to Kurapaty civilian activists. People were cleaning debris and burned winter around the memorial stone. Cleanup ran council secretary of the Conservative Christian Party BPF Ales Cheholsky:Cheholsky "Now day before Radunitsa. In today usually come to the cemetery, revered own Protz — grandfathers, fathers. Our party started Saturday classic Tullock. Arrived young people, members of the party supporters. After dinner, people will come, who are currently working. Note that we are in this place, how many years there are already removed and meanwhileand portions to which we have not yet,

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New procedure for acquiring currency while ordinary people will not touch

Official dealer of the State Bank Anatoly Drozdov states that abstract concerns only entrepreneurs who wished Belarus would buy the currency to take her abroad and already there to start a business."Take it to a currency exchange or on the interbank market for Belarusian rubles he had not allowed. In other words, we are in the interests of the country reduce pressure on the money market, so we wish, that investments were in the country rather than abroad. Because after the entry into force of this annotation to waste their money on the projects can be cash proceeds and after

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Wreath Memory: Valery set the

Valery set the born March 15, 1953 in Klecka in the Minsk region.After graduating from the Faculty of Journalism of BSU was a correspondent for the local rayonki, editor Novogrudskaya newspaper "New Life" Deputy Chairman TV and Radio Grodno.Says writer and our Grodno worker Sergei Ostrovtsov:"And TBM studio he had founded, and he invited people from different political parties, so that they could speak, so it was interesting. He felt here this democratization that began first 1990s, and he was trying to promote it on television.By the way, he always spoke in Belarusian and Belarusian-ethnographers and invited scholars to Byelorussian

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Creates a brand new public organization Liquidator

"Narodnaya Volya" reports, in Belarus created newcomer Non-Governmental Organization "Liquidator". The founders rely on the activity of almost 200 thousand liquidators of the Chernobyl disaster.Also, "Narodnaya Volya" now reflects on reasons for the resignation of Lieutenant-General Alexander Pavlovsky as chairman of the Municipal Committee of Border Troops of Belarus.What’s going on Andrei Klimov around? This is the question "Narodnaya Volya"Addressed the closest person prisoner — his wife Tatiana.Another topic of discussion in the "People’s Will" — for what reason in Geneva or New-york invite so called Travel ban: Minister of Justice Golovanov, deputy head Presidential Administration Pyatkevich, chairman of BTRC

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Young activists from the province of hard to get to study in Poland, Czech Republic ..

Lady: "ashamed to Alexander G. temple lie. Under the dictatorship will never developed economy, the people will never be light coming. "Anastas Semenovich: "Ladies and gentlemen, Radio Liberty! Good evening! Asked how the completed actions in Ukraine. I think they will finish in favor of democracy, in other words dear and beloved monarch of President Viktor Yushchenko. Governor All 23 support the president of Ukraine. Means they went out and brought to the polls. In this situation, the president of the people must be arrested Russian Bolshevik Yanukovych. And yes tribunal judges for gross violation of the presidential decree, also

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These people call themselves patriots, patriots, but this is not done by

"In the commune of Porzecki. Shymelun Rotnitse wants to recycle their own faithful sheep on Lithuanians, — reported in 1927 Grodno" Dziennik Kresowy ". — During his journey around the parish, he appeals to people only in Lithuanian, but when he hears protests parishioners that they This language does not realize he reads them in Belarusian, from time to time in Russian, while the Polish language has very badabout. This happens on the cross, where up roitstsa against various instigators who are struggling with the Polish statehood. Long even our government will look at it flegmantichno? "In 1937, "Vitebsk proletarians"

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In Historical workshops revealed Meeting House

Ceremony dedicated to the resurrection of Christ prazdnichkom, and therefore it will take the priests of various denominations. The main actors will be former prisoners of war, prisoners of the Minsk ghetto, guest workers — which is designed and project manager says Historical workshops Kuzma Kozak:"About 50 people will Historical meet in workshops, they will receive social assistance. And most of them will be visiting places of residence — this wash, and feed, and go to the store. "Social project called "provide a decent life witnesses of war." And for the first time in Belarus it will implement public organizations"History

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A day or figure: 1 million 500 thousand people

The greatest number of believers — more than 1 million 250 thousand — visited temples in the night of 7 to 8 April. On Sunday, April 8, at Easter service assumed the role of about 242 thousand people.Chap. photo essay, "Freedom": Christians celebrate the resurrection of Christ Belarus Orthodox and Catholics celebrate Easter Saturday Vyalikaden Easter Grodno Mogilev

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