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Yanukovych apparently willing to throw Yushchenko again and make the communist system

Man: "Pochetaemy Milinkevich you life talking about, what we will create life. But you serve America, not Belarusian people. Believe you me. You’re doing so that only great live. And poor people. Beggars and you did not remember the word. You bessumlenny man Milinkevich! "Lady: "Hi, pochetaemaya" Freedom! " I wish to tell how prazdnichek met. Smallness was unwell, and I all the same was gratifying. Easter and Christmas I always meet in joy. My family came and sat down at the table, uttered a prayer, crossed himself and began to eat the egg being sanctified. Ate, sat virtually all

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Easter one at all

Extraordinary rite. Crowds of people around with candles waiting to go down to the chapel of the patriarch, then her door sealed. Patriarch has not included any accessories for the extraction of fire. After the prayer, he is now coming to the people with a torch, lit from the beneficial fire. Sound of bells, the torch light their candles Christians in special containers were transported by fire Worldwide.Christians believe that the beneficial fire occurs on the third day after the death of Jesus for the sins of humanity vykuplennya, it means beginning of a new world, Christ’s salvation.Safety during the

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Soligorsk charge facilities for urban

So makarom city authorities want to equip Soligorsk its 50th anniversary, to be celebrated 2008. I tried to learn in the executive committee, how, voluntarily or forced people should give their money to the district budget. But vice-chairman on social issues and ideology Anatoly Kazakevitch refused to answer the questions:Reporter: "How acts this decision? Or it certainly for all company employees your town? "Kazakevitch: "How do I know that you represent this particular media? Such questions are not on the phone. Doskorogo goodbye."True deputy chief of the executive committee of the economy Soligorsky Serik Valentine said that the collection has,

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Orthodox and Catholics celebrate Vyalikaden

The survey on the streets of Minsk: What do you first Easter mean?Listen:

Minsk Church of the Holy Trinity and St. Roch, which is Golden Hill. Now in the morning there were young, and more than middle-aged people to pray, confess to prazdnichkom, sanctify festive food. I asked what for them is prazdnichek Easter:Believer: "It’s a tradition since youth. Always sanctify egg dishes, Passover loaf. This is mine, this is from the heart out. We celebrate with the whole family. Yesterday walked to church now. Pray, hold fast, go to confession."Believer: "For the third day of Easter … the Lord

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Anaphylactic shock (anaphylaxis)

What is it?

Anaphylactic shock — an acute allergic reaction common in humans, occurring in repeated contact with the allergen.

Anaphylaxis can be caused by any allergen, but often they are the insect venom, some products or drugs. Contact with the allergen into the body starts the discharge of substances responsible for the inflammatory reaction. So narrowed airways in the lungs wheezing occur, the blood vessels expand, blood pressure decreases, blood vessels begin to pass the blood plasma and there is swelling, the heart begins to malfunction and worse pumping blood.

How to recognize?

Symptoms develop very quickly.

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Aneurysm — a ticking time bomb

Aneurysm — is bulging artery wall (at least — a vein) or the heart due to its thinning or stretching. The result is called the aneurysmal sac, which may be located close to compress tissue. An aneurysm can be congenital. And, when a child into the world this flaw unnoticeable, and the baby is developing quite normally. Also lead to aneurysm disease thinner blood vessels: hypertension, atherosclerosis, syphilis (late stage). The risk of developing this insidious disease is increased by trauma or injury of a blood vessel in the formation of infected blood clots. He can live for

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Figure a day or: a year in Russia appeared 19 new billionaires

To systematize the method of enrichment until the Russians term coinedLuisa Kroll, who in the magazine "Forbes" this year was responsible for a list of billionaires from Europe, says that the Russian billionaire wealth hard to bring in one of the 2-conventional categories — "acquired a legacy" or "acquired by his own efforts.""Formally, none of them did not get their own wealth on heritage. But then almost all depends on how you arrange them the ability to find some of this property is very inexpensive. We have not yet invented terms to describe it."The richest of Russian billionaires produced their

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Press Review: We live in a state of violence against the human soul

Newspaper "Narodnaya Volya" printed on the front page interview with Olga Ipatovoj. Readers can read the views of Letters on the situation in the country. How writers, deprived of the ability of public appearances, ignored municipal publishers earn for themselves a living? Read the article entitled "We live in a state of violence against the human soul." "Narodnaya Volya" continues to open a discussion topic pensions in Belarus. In this room has its own newspaper correspondent in England Eugene SULYGA knows what rules are formed pension from the British. Tongued headline: "After retirement last husband bought a house for himself

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C. Obrazovsky: performing discipline PKB

But that reads Communist Obrozovsky the decision of the United Democratic Forces regarding future role in campaign. "I have this personal account eyes. Elections can no longer be considered valid because the authorities who use the opportunities provided to them by the people, the same people are humiliated. Can I negotiate with them? Some people already severed from the role in the elections, another separate soon. authorities have only one principle: Delhi, and dominion. "Sergei Obrazovskomu — 49 years. He graduated from the Minsk Polytechnic, and after — the Belarusian Polytechnic Institute. He worked in factories in Pukhovichi region and

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Film A Lesson of Belarusian special prize at the festival in Prague

A special prize for a movie that puts extraordinary contribution to the protection Human Rights, annual awards special jury under the control of the notable Vaclav Havel. In this this yeart prize from the hands of the former Czech President receives Polish director Miroslaw Dembinski for his band "White LessonRussian language. "In the movie Dembinski connects conversations with young people about current and future day Belarus and tongued frames with last year’s presidential campaign.

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