Now — International day of the missing

He noted the initiative of the International Committee Reddish Cross, who addressed the public to pay attention to a more severe one of the more complex humanitarian problems that occur during armed conflicts.How many people in globally listed as missing — not exactly clear. Exclusively in Iraq, according to official, but the estimates in various conflicts since 1980 gone from 375 thousand to 1 million people, reported the press service of the International Committee Reddish Cross. During the wars of Yugoslavia’s disintegration after first 1990 lost 17 thousand people. In Africa, the lists of missing persons — 10’s of thousands,

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On Komarovka reklyamavali BelSat

About 10 ka BPF members handed out to traders and buyers packages with the logo "BelSat" and information about how to tune it.

Franak Vyachorka told "Freedom" that young people porazdavali more 2-a-half thousand packages. It struck him that many people know about the TV channel of funds mass disk imaging.

"This is a good step in moving beyond the control of the media in Belarusian society"- So appreciated share Franak Vyachorka.

When the watchmen tried to remove market distributors with its terrain, then people around Young people and do not miss the guards.


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How to commemorate the victims of political repression?

Lady: "You should definitely pochetat memory of these people. They suffered for nothing. Certainly, by my views, pochetat need their memory. " Lady: "Of course, people pastradali nothing. It’s like once states most hardworking people in the state paadsyakali hands. I am at the moment in their own age very well understand what it was a disaster. " Reporter: "But, for example, in your city, as could to pay tribute to these people?" Lady: "You could either cross ascertain what a commemorative plaque to do." Lady: "Of course, it is necessary that the monument was for people to remember and

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Do not go straight for Russia and Belarus?

He stated this in a yearly message to the Federal Assembly. Dmitry Medvedev said that "we are not talking about constitutional reform, and specifically on the adjustment of the Constitution." Recall the last time in Belarus reformats the Constitution in 2004, when it was removed wording that one and the same person can hold the presidency less than 2-times. In the Russian constitution that limit left. But now proposed increment term in office for two years. So can the official Minsk under the "union countries" to adopt this Russian initiative? CEC Secretary Nikolai Lozovik Pronunciation:

For me it is a

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Stoppard Rock sounds in Prague

"Underground" 30 years laterPrem» career began with non-long concert of The Plastic People of the Universe, which is also "live" part of making music to the play. More than 30 years ago, all the musicians of the group were arrested in communist Czechoslovakia after they tuned underground rock festival. Two of them, together with 2 other Czech rock musicians in September 1976 was sentenced to imprisonment "for the company public disorder."The trial of musicians drew protests Czech intellectuals and was involved in the creation of a human rights initiative "Charter 77." This tribunal and discussions around it in Czech society

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Construction of the temple cat Belarus Suvorov — tip mercantile haluizmu

Alexander, Smolevichy: "I wish to answer the question of the week: I think if I was European. Answer. Watching this circus, and in another life I can not call, looking at the head of the clown and the fact that it produces with his people, I do not consider myself a European and faster Venezuelans. So Venesuela lives! "Svyatoslav field crop, Maladziechna "Kobrin means to build a church in honor of the Russian leader Suvorov. This so angered and offended … I do not know how to express it. This cat Belarusian people that blood strangled Kosciuszko uprising. Pride No,

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Public activists demanding the release of Denisova

Denis Denisov was arrested "Based on the protocol of detention" in the evening on February 16 in Gomel, where he intended to go to Vitebsk. Young man was delivered in Homel temporary detention facility. He is accused of committing crimes under part 1 of Article 342 of the Criminal Code of Belarus (organization and preparation of group activities that breach public order). Siuchyk not exclude the possibility that, likely, refers to the action of the summer Vitebsk 2006, when lighting tower city stadium youth activist Christine Shatsikava posted white-red-white flag, and in the town appeared graffiti "Mutiny".According sovereign Siuchyk, Denisov

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How do you assess the possibility of dialogue between the government and the opposition?

Young Man: "Very well, if this dialogue will take place. Overall, I support Milinkevich virtually allm issues, but I doubt that this dialogue will take place. We have not supported the opposition power, but without opposition can not be a modern power, and therefore it is necessary to conduct this dialogue. "Man: "Dialogue should always be carried out to find any meaningful ways in solving any problems, or when there are conflicts with the large mass of people, or even with malehankih — in any case, this dilemma need to open a discussion and decision must. "Lady: "In general, I

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Insomnia, somnambulism

Most people at least once in their lives had difficulty getting to sleep or enough sleep duration and 35-40% suffer from insomnia (insomnia) regularly. Sleep problems are rarely the primary — usually they are a sign of a disease. Research, diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders has been somnology science.

Most often insomnia is treated with medication, although this approach requires great care — virtually all sleeping pills have various side effects, the most common of which — the ability to cause addiction and dependence. This contributes to the fact that many companies develop and manufacture a variety of

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Crown: I’m on my life, for sure, a smuggler

Karatkevich "Sp.Akudovich why you have chosen as the beloved song song about smugglers of" People’s album "?"Akudovich: "You see, I did a young man with Borderlands — Svislach where I was born, is located 7 kilometers from the modern border with Poland. Because, surely, the spirit smugglers close to me. And in general, I loaf that I’m on my life, for sure, a smuggler. A vpribavok — I love Catherine Kamotskii and her songs. ""Man is ready for love at all, and even the worst"Karatkevich: "As you said Valentine’s day — once your name is correlated with this prazdnichkom, in

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