Parkinson’s disease

What is it?

Parkinson's disease — is disease, associated with progressive loss of motor nerve cells (neurons) producing neurotransmitter dopamine. Because of this movement, and impaired regulation of muscle tone, manifested the characteristic tremor (trembling), general stiffness and impaired posture and movements. For the first time the disease is described by the English physician James Parkinson in 1817 in his "Essay on the Shaking Palsy."

Disease Parkinson (Parkinson's) ill about one hundredth man, centenarians sixty-year mark, and it occurs in men more often than women. Interestingly, the smokers are almost not affected by this disease, and fans of milk,

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Sasha invites individual exhibition (photos)

Oil paintings, show the audience the fantasy — beaches, strange animals, extraordinary people. Kantseptualnasts, humor, light and satisfaction — that features the works of painter Alexei Khatskevich.Reporter: "Comrades Alexei Khatskevich always presentation playing hits of the 1980s — early 1990s. Several 10-s man … All funny, joyful … "A spokeswoman for the Museum of Modern Art Larisa Mihnevich:Mihnevich: "One of the best young artists today. Painter, owing not only prof school … It’s faster, our school in a new capacity. It is not like the Belarusian academic school. I think this is a good feature in that it has this

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Opened in Vilnius Belarusian Human Rights House

The founders of the Belarusian Human Rights House — private persons. Among them Belarusians Ales Bialiatski, Nyaklyayeu, Jeanne Litvin, Boris Zvoskov Alexander Tipsters Sergei Dubovets, chairman of the Foundation "Human Rights House in Norway" narvezhka Maria Dagla.Manages the human rights activist Ales Bialiatski:Bialiatski: "The activities of this House will apply to a very wide circle of stakeholders, who need knowledge, interested in knowledge of Human Rights. It’s like one of the educational projects that are present day already have outside Belarus (I mean European Institute for the Humanities). We wish that the work of this House has been focused primarily

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Hulak: Form foreign policy will become softer

Democratic candidate Barack Obama was elected the 44th president of the United States of America. Configurations should be expected in Belarus-US relations?Chairman of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee Hulak expresses their worldview: "Question Human Rights are equally interested in the American politicians — both Democrats and Republicans. After all, human rights is part of the reality of the modern world. And so he became particularly such a huge effort Attached America and its policies. Because I do not think which can be wait downgrade enthusiasm for human rights in principle. Another thing, that the very form of reference foreign policy now

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A.Meh: Ex-astronaut bidder to believe in God and the law

(Reporter 🙂 "You like to read? If" yes ", then the beloved book what?"(Fur: ) "Apart from technical literature, I love the classics. Last thing read, -" Long Way Home "Vasil Bykov.""Well, as with the music?""Pops is not listening. Rock — love. But more traditional. Especially Mozart.""What feeds your Belarusian?""When I studied at the Metropolitan Institute of Aviation, something suddenly drawn to the homeland. Though" the golden-domed "I was fortunate to meet with famous countryman — Peter Klimuk who offered a prestigious job already in the Star City …" So verbovanie Fatherland far greater than the space — it’s lurking

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Brand new situation in Belarus

EU welcomes release S.Parsyukevicha and A. Kim

The release of all political prisoners Commissioner for external relations and European Neighbourhood Policy Benita Ferrero-Waldner Named "sign encouraging." David Merkel met with opposition favorites August 22 David Merkel is scheduled to meet with the chairman of the BPF Party Lavon Barshcheuski, head of the Party of Communists of Belarus — Sergei Kalyakin and UCP — Anatoly Lebedko, with former presidential candidate Alexander Milinkevich and Alexander Kozulin, Lebedko said. U.S. State Department representative flying to Minsk "The release of these people, along with others gives us hope for the future positive steps,

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Amnesty International: release Kozulin — good news

Dasledchytsa "Amnesty International" in Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova Heather McGill said that Alyaksandr Kozulin — and it is a pleasant little sudden news. Let me remind you, this is a popular international organization declared sovereign Kozulin prisoner of conscience and fought for his immediate release.

, We hope that this positive attitude towards Human Rights will continuesmiling.

"We are here litsezreem very positive developments in the human rights situation in Belarus. Was previously released four more political prisoners. And, we hope that this positive attitude to human Rights will last. But we still have some trouble relating to human rights

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Mogilevsky newspaper writes about the treacherous anger Georgia

In the manifesto, posted under the heading "No — war", namely, reads: "Staff that we have seen on Russian television hit us deeply. When the nations of the planet utter unison" No — war, "it will help curb the politicians, presumptuous. Very high cost of their ill-considered actions … For such acts have to answer to Tribunal stories … Hands off the people of South Ossetia. "Mogilev public association "Georgian Community" Iberyya "shall be removed to comment on this publication. Entire asset associations, as noted there is in Georgia.According to the association, which was able to talk to the correspondent

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100 thousand refugees

According to the UN, this figure is based on disk imaging of the Georgian and Russian governments. How should this disk imaging of about 30 thousand people left South Ossetia and currently are in North Ossetia, which is part of the Russian Federation. More about 12 thousand refugees remain in South Ossetia itself. About 56 thousand people left areas around town Blaze in Georgia.In mon UN Agency for Refugees has allocated 2 million bucks to help people who have lost their housing as a result of today’s conflict.

Georgians and Russians in Belarus: various sights on war

Artist Tariel Maysuradze — Georgians, who was born in Abkhazia, the last 20 years living in Belarus. He and his family — still the first victims of the conflict in the local areas of Georgia first 1990s. Maysuradze miraculously saved from slaughter in Abkhazia and ancestors Taryela half the 10-ka years living in Tbilisi refugee status without having the ability to return to their homes. With the latest wave of escalating violence that prospect becomes almost mystical. My companion does not hide the despair:"I believe that we need to do to push people among themselves. My house in Minsk has

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