In Vilnius, expressed solidarity with Georgia

Cyril Atamanchyk official dealer "Maladago front" in Lithuania, held white-red-white flag symbol own organization:

One moment of silence protesters commemorated the victims of the military rage. In picket who spent Lithuanian political party assumed the role of about fifty people, as much about people picketed the Russian Embassy in Vilnius yesterday, demanding to withdraw its troops from the territory of Georgia.

Media War

Our homeland is fighting for 2-fronts. One — the military, the second — the ideological. Moscow uses its large media and advocacy force to justify military intervention in and present their version of events.Since the conflict began on August 7 Georgia represented as a brutal act of Moscow pressure on sovereign countries. But Russian bureaucrats and behold the media is different. According to them, Moscow conducts humanitarian operation in order to save the inhabitants of Ossetian civilians from destruction, which are Georgian forces.English Kremlin-controlled satellite channel Russia today, uses the coverage of events, words such as genocide, destruction. The same

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Games for the Chinese wall

The smallness of more than a month back, so prasliznuts past censors, Chinese bloggers reporting on the protests in Guizhou Province, began to write his texts backwards. Such as the last method complicated puzzle staff supervisors responsible for thought in the Chinese Web.China censors sverhtehnologichny machine (it is the huge barrier) can track the machine useless thoughts and their carriers. In late June, in the town of Nanjing in east China with 4 years bullpen sentenced EIA Lina — this man published their messages on dissident website guilty and was recognized that "the people gathered to trigger social unrest."According

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Evenk hydroelectric power station. Dream Russian hydropower.

Around the project Evenki (Turukhan) HPS broken a lot of copies. What is surprising — a large-scale project, the largest power plant in Russia, there are none and will no longer be a unique target. So, what is this project?

The bottom near the Tunguska alignment Evenkiyskaya HPP. Photos from here

Evenkiyskaya target plant is located on the Lower Tunguska River — a major tributary of the Yenisei. This river flows in the north of the Krasnoyarsk region, in the Evenki. With the strong average water (more than 3000 m3 / s), the

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More signatures gathered in Minsk and Profound

The greatest number of signatures collected one challenger — 4000. Were two favorites: Jaroslav Bernikovich of BPF and Vladimir Nistuk with the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hulk).Bernikovich intention to run for parliament in Glubokoe constituency. Now into his deepest arrived deputy chairman Alexei Yanukevich. It comes in the active group Yaroslav Bernikovich. Yanukevich explains the success of his own comrades as follows: "Of course, that there company goes perfectly largely due to the fact people has long been aware of Yaroslav. He is not the first time here stands out. Business, the Group operates very good. And a lot of

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Political outlook in the window of opportunity

On these topics in the program "Prague accent" talk Managing UCP youth organization "Young Democrats" Misha Pashkevich, created favorite party "Belarusian Christian Democracy" Paul Seviarynets and political scientist Alexei Pikulik.

Drakakhrust"Miracles," which began with segodnyaschy election campaign last. At the last parliamentary elections in all 110 district commissions was only one member of the opposition, this year — 42. At the last election the registration of groups was the sieves, filter through which was deselected many opposition candidates. This year again a surprise — almost all activities of the group registered opposition. As the saying goes, a trend but.Or not?

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Grodno — Paris

Orzeszkowa street, next to the exhibition hall is now suspended and people visiting the shooting on the huge windows. There’s photo exhibition "Grodno — Paris". Maybe someone saw himself. Week days are ordinary people in the streets or in any institutions: someone engaged in business, or someone just happened to be resting at the moment before the lens. Throughout the two shots: one of Grodno, second from Paris and can be seen on each person. Here Pani in Paris, but at the Augustow Canal Village Chertok. The creator does not make any conclusions not assess without qualifying, does not teach,

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Investigators in the case of explosion seek out family video

Number interrogated this case exceeded 1,000.

In Minsk and regions for questioning by the KGB and militia in the blast case as before the opposition cause. Now the last political prisoner Timofei Dranchuk answered questions KGB investigators in the criminal case of malicious hooliganism (so qualified power bomb blast that injured more than fifty people).Timofei Dranchuk said "Freedom" that investigators are interested more information related to the activities of an unregistered organization "Young Front"."A lot of questions, do not touch the explosion completely. Asks:" What are you doing? What is relevant to the "Young Front"? What actions are planned in

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Independent media became less dependent on opposition

Responses to these questions — monitoring data in the Belarusian Association of Journalists. Monitoring in surrounding from 21 to 31 July, presented a PhD Ales Antipenko. Sovereign Antipenko noted that media coverage of municipal elections in their own classical manner:"Despite the fact Belarusian authorities are paying today’s parliamentary elections essentially a huge political weight, if associated with the past, the time and space given at the moment the electoral process, noticeably (from time to time in two and even three times) less than the time that is given to the weather forecast and sports release. This means, that our country

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Witness the explosion on the sensor check heresy

As said Interfax senior Minsk police, a witness is currently in police custody, but the "objective circumstances for detention this man no. " After, as the test results will be ready on the sensor heresy, fingerprints, made a search on the place of residence will be decision, or detain him as a suspect.It was the only eyewitness, photographed at the scene, which over time dovngaga was not the police. During the interrogation, he palumachyv that occasionally looks telly and reading newspapers, and so did not know that it seek out.At night on July 4 in Minsk during the days of

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